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Friday, September 24, 2010

Guest Post :: 10 Ways the ‘Bic’ Pen Has Been Re-invented

10 Ways the ‘Bic’ Pen Has Been Re-invented

This guest post was contributed by the artsy and contemporary writing equipment supplier Pen Company

Bic pens are not just for writing anymore! Now these writing utensils can double as silverware with these handy plastic fork, knife and spoon caps, dubbed "Din-ink" by their creators, Andrea Cingoli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini and Francesca Fontana. Bring them along to work with you and simply interchange the caps. Instant eating aid!

This unusual vase by Jim Termeer and Jess Giffin is designed so that the stem of the daisy interlocks with the larger part of the pen in a lengthy glass tube, while the back portion of the pen plugs up a smaller tube so that no water escapes. A very clever vase suitable for a desk or other small surface.

Paolo Ulian's anemone lamp is composed of 400 red Bic pens linked together, extending outward to resemble the sea creature for which the lamp is named. A trendy and slightly spooky design.

The 301 chandelier by Studio Empieza is a masterpiece of utilitarianism. Made with both Bic pens and paperclips, it features four layers of pens dangling around a circular structure, suspended by paper clips. The overall effect is quite striking, and looking at it from a distance, it comes across as a normal chandelier.

This Studio Empieza table lamp is similar to the chandelier but much smaller. Made with blue Bic pens dangling from a hoop atop a black stand, the light from the lamp's bulb hits the blue coloration in a dazzling manner, creating an illuminating effect.

The Bic bow and arrow is purely for fun. This device is made from just one red Bic pen, disassembled into all its component parts, and a rubber band. The tip of the pen makes a formidable projectile when it is launched at annoying office mates.

Similarly, the blow gun uses Bic parts to create tiny weapons, but instead of using a rubber band, you need to blow on the funnel in order to launch the pen tips. Another great way to kill time and irritate fellow employees at the office.

The "Suck My Bic" candy caps, which were created by Clement Eloy, come in five flavors, with each cap designed so that the nervous tic of sucking on a pen cap becomes alluring rather than unattractive. The cap becomes like a lollipop, so while you're taking a break from writing, you can have a quick lick.

The "Object (All Around)" is a circular creation made from Bic pens of different colors, creating the appearance of an impressive sphere akin to the ball that drops in New York City on New Year's Eve. Blue, black and red caps are scattered throughout this unusual artwork by Herbert Hinteregger.

Finally, Herbert Hinteregger's "All Over Store" is a fascinating display of Bic pens covering every conceivable surface, creating a chaotic but simultaneously calming effect. The most extensive of the projects, it mostly makes use of blue Bic pens.

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