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"Home is Where the Heat Is" by Amelia James - Blog Tour & Giveaway will run from September 15 - October 10, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blog Tour - Home is Where the Heat Is by Amelia James | Spreading the Word & Novel/Candy Bar/Bookmark Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Amelia James author of "Home is Where the Heat Is," which is a hot spinoff to her The Twisted Mosaic Series.

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"Home is Where the Heat Is"
by Amelia James

Author's Book Description :
    The Twisted Mosaic's reader favorite, Claire, has some twisted fun of her own.

    Dependable paralegal Claire O'Connor knows the man of her dreams is out there waiting for her, and she's ready for him. Imagine her surprise—and delight—when she discovers not one but two men who lust for her. One adores her; the other challenges her. One makes sense; the other is a gamble.

    Despite the family tragedy that shaped his past, JT Luck has only known professional success. His personal life, however, is a failure. He doesn't want a relationship, and while his 'let it ride' attitude keeps most women at a distance, Claire is eager to roll with him.

    But when she finds out Kurt Langston, the office's resident computer geek, harbors a secret crush for her, she wonders if he's the safer bet. Kurt doesn't get close to people, and his feelings for Claire make no sense in his carefully ordered life. His unexpected bond with JT pushes him to take chances he never imagined.

    Go all-in or go home? Either way, the heat could be more than they can handle.

This book is available to order on : | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

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About the Author :

I got hooked on trashy romance novels in junior high, but my mom took them away from me, But she couldn’t stop me from daydreaming. After I got married, I wrote some of my naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published. I kept daydreaming and writing stories until my dirty stories turned into trashy books.

I live in Colorado, but I’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When I’m not lusting after my next bad boy hero, I’m looking for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, morally ambiguous lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.

You can find me on Facebook, and on Twitter I’m known as Trashy Writer. I call myself a trashy writer because I want my readers to know that I enjoy mindless escapism as much as they do. I’m not out to win a Pulitzer Prize. (But I'm an award-winning finalist in erotica, USA Book News 2012.) I just want to help someone relax and get away from it all for a little while. I write romance, erotica and trash for fun and pleasure.

Book Excerpt :

Kurt clenched his fist to still his shaking limbs. He nodded then gazed at the woman beside him. Her flushed cheeks and breathless words highlighted her excitement, but her eyes held a whisper of fear.

"Do you really want to do this?" he asked.

"Yes." She wiggled closer to him.

"I know you want him." Kurt nodded toward JT as he tipped the waiter and closed the door behind him. "And I understand your craving for two guys, but are sure you want me?"

"Why not you?"

"In all the time we've known each other, you've never once shown any interest in me."

The pink in her cheeks turned red as she stroked the back of his hand. "I'm sorry. I've always thought of you as the yummy IT guy. I should've let you know, but I didn't know how."

Yummy IT guy? Hell yeah, I would've loved to know that. Kurt laced his fingers with hers.

She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and presented soft, red lips. His heart stopped and he stared at her perfect face: thick eyelashes fringed on her cheeks, faint freckles dotting her nose, and a mouth made for kissing.

"You're beautiful."

One eye opened and glared at him. "You're clueless." She slid her arm around his neck and pulled him down until his lips touched hers.

The room spun and reality disappeared, leaving only his longed-for fantasy in his arms, kissing him, slipping her warm tongue into his mouth. He held her tight and savored that kiss, hoping it might be the first of many.

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Blog Tour - The Warrior by R. T. Lucas & L. J. Halkett | Spreading the Word

Today I'm turning my blog over to R. T. Lucas & L. J. Halkett authors of "The Warrior," which is the 2nd novel in their Tainted Blood Series. [Blog Tour will run on September 16, 2014]

"The Warrior"
[Tainted Blood Series, Book 2] by R. T. Lucas & L. J. Halkett

Authors' Book Description :
    There is a reason for everything and all actions have consequences.

    All Commander Xavier Raige wanted to do from the minute his world collided with Alicia Carberletti’s was to protect her. Now, the biggest battle he has ever faced has just begun. He needs to find a way back to Alicia and save her from the dark forces that are gathering against her and he won’t let the inconvenience of being dead keep him from her.

    Lieutenant “Shuggie” MacAndrew, Ancient Scottish warrior vampire. Mystery surrounds his past and puts his future in jeopardy. Can he win the battle between his heart and head, or will he be defeated in his pursuit of the One?

    Dr Teodora Valdez, skilled Surgeon/Scientist. She almost has it all until a dark secret resurfaces. Can she heal the wounds or will she discover there is no cure for a broken heart?

    The consequences of recent events unravel and battle for dominance in the mafia underworld intensifies.

    All become as tainted as the blood that ties them together.

This book is available to order on : | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Dark Hollows Press

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About the Authors :

Both Scottish Authors are best friends and for years they have been developing these amazing and complex Characters. Having suffered Strokes at a young age, within months of each other, they decided that life was too short and now was the time for Xavier and Alicia to be unleashed onto the waiting public. That was when the world of Tainted Blood and #XAli was born!

L. J. Halkett is 35 years of age, Mother, Wife and Housing Officer for Local Government. She is a smart, sassy and superbly imaginative woman who devours books - especially in the paranormal genre! She is the master at multi-tasking and she is always thinking ten steps ahead. With her passion for creativity, she brings to life her imagination with vivid detail. Family is the cornerstone of L. J.’s life, and her greatest achievement is her wonderful son.

Left Partially sighted after her Stroke, L. J. has to write in what the Authors call ‘Nasa’ font and can only detect the colour red, which can be difficult when reading print on a daily basis - her determination is testament to her personality - as she says.... "Where's there's a will? There's a way!"

Rhonda T. Lucas is 41 years of age, soon to be Divorced [Hurrah!] and had a very successful career in Recruitment and Business Development until it was cut short through illness. Having worked in the Health Sector, Human Resources and Ministry of Defence, she has a myriad of experiences to draw from - and says that sometimes life can be stranger than Fiction! Rhonda is an avid reader of the paranormal/romance genres but her first love will always be Science Fiction. She says that she has far superior music taste to that of her Best Friend and Co-Author - and uses every available opportunity to tell her so! Rhonda lives alone with her #XavCat who faithfully lies by her computer whenever she wanders into the world of Tainted Blood.

Book Excerpt :

Shuggie stood in front of the doors to the medical bay barring Teodora from entering.

“Ye cannae go in there Doc – it’s no safe fur any of us.” His voice was grim and his face set in stone. He was still trying to process what he had just witnessed, and was glad for once that the youngling had taken off on her own. To see with her own eyes what he had seen may very well have broken her mentally. As it was, he wasn’t sure if he was losing his marbles. “What dae ye huv in yer hands, Doc?” nodding to indicate the file that she was holding tightly.

Teodora tried to peek around Shuggie but his sheer size was blocking her from doing so. “I ran off to do some tests, but from the way you are all acting I believe my findings have already happened yes? The wolf is in the bay, I presume Lieutenant?” Teodora always addressed Shuggie professionally when her staff or the Commander's unit were present.

“No jist any wolf, Doc...” His granite features fixed on Teodora, and the ink on his body was glowing like oil on water. “...he’s a fucking monster.” Shuggie stood to one side, but his arm was still outstretched preventing Teodora being able to move any further.

“Super Hybrid is the term you are looking for Lieutenant, his ‘lazy wolf syndrome’ mixed with Alicia’s blood has created something not even I have ever seen. Where is Alicia now?” The scientist part of Teodora’s brain was starting to pique and she wanted inside that bay to assess this ‘super wolf’. This was ground-breaking research for her and she wasn’t wanting to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

From inside the bay, Shuggie heard the loudest wolf-howl he had experienced in his thousands of years, and it made the whole area shake like a mini-earthquake. “Jesus fucking Christ!” Turning his head in slow motion, he made eye contact with the ‘Beast’ for the first time, but he was still talking to Teodora. “Super hybrid ye say? So with yer sayin’ is that the youngling’s blood has mutated the Commander’s DNA?” Both watched as the enormous wolf started towards them.

The sounds of screams and people fleeing for their lives echoed around the compound as Teo and Shuggie stood conversing about the findings of the blood work. Xavier was heading towards them, but the Doctor was transfixed at what she was seeing. He was enormous! The howling and barking noises he was making triggered a thought in her head as she spoke to Shuggie. “He’s trying to communicate with us.”

“Nae shit, Sherlock,” Shuggie muttered under his breath.

“What the fuck are they looking at? I know I’m fuck handsome, but take a goddamn picture and be done with it, yeah?” Xavier was grumpy. Not that he wanted parades and statues in his honour – but still, his best friend was standing having a heart to heart with the Doc as his employees stood around gawking. “And where the fuck is Sweetcheeks?” The least she could have done was be here to welcome him back to terra firma.


What if she had been injured or killed and that was what Shuggie and the Doc were arguing about? “Get fucking in here Lieutenant!” He barked the order.

He didn’t realise that he had literally ‘barked’ the order.

Find R. T. Lucas & L. J. Halkett :

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Feasted On: Order of the Wolf Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 499 KB | Expected Release Date: October 14, 2014 | Publisher: Samhain Publishing | Obtained: NetGalley

"Wolf Slayer" [Order of the Wolf Series, Book 2] by Angela Addams

Author's Book Description : She would have made his next breath his last, if he hadn’t stolen hers.

Aubrey Devlin thought she had a destiny—to become a Huntress, be mated to a Hunter, and spend her life in everlasting, werewolf ass-kicking bliss. But after years of honing her wolf-slaying skills, it’s her twin sister who’s chosen for the coveted honor.

Swallowing her disappointment, she takes a job as head of security for the band Riot. Staying professional is tough when it comes to the band’s sex-god bassist, an alpha bad-boy to the extreme. She will keep her mind on her work—as soon as she figures out how to stop drooling over the man.

Jaylon isn’t good with women—especially those with the ability to kill him—yet he knows without a doubt Aubrey is his mate. Now if only he can get the stubborn woman to fall for him.

One argument too many, and instead of clawing each other’s eyes out, they wind up clawing each other’s clothes off. It’s then that Jaylon realizes the truth: Aubrey is a true Huntress. He’d better find a way to claim his mate before a Hunter claims her first...

Product Warnings
Sexually explicit (like ripping-clothes-off, sex-in-public-places explicit) language. Rock-star bad-ass with long hair and a wicked bite. A take-no-crap huntress who bites back. You are encouraged to lick, suck, and devour your way through this tasty treat in one sitting—just be aware you might be hungry for more.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! A unique paranormal romance about a woman who gets to choose her mate between two opposing enemies, yet when her sister has already been chosen for the "Huntress" side will she be able to loose her heart to a werewolf or is her love for her sister stronger then anything else?

This intriguing novel definitely got me interested into this series! I enjoyed the aspect of Aubrey knowing she has the option of two mates which she needs to choose between for herself, it made this novel even more interesting that since she already had "chosen" a side so her enemy mate had to try to win her over. It was sweet.

Yet, it also made me curious to see if the author would make a mash up where both sides decide on not kill one another and become a threesome instead. *shrug* But back to the novel ....

I really liked Aubrey and Jaylon together; they evened out each other's rough edges. At the beginning, I felt bad for Aubrey because to her it felt like she was loosing her family. So once Jaylon realizes that other then just proving how much he wants her he needs to show her how much she's welcome in his "family" as well, it really makes him open up to her in such sweet ways that I wish I could have kept reading about.

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who enjoys paranormal erotic romances!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Series Extras : Presenting....CURSED...Cover Reveal! | Some Great News!! | Cover Reveal: Wolf Slayer Book 2 of The Order of the Wolf | Cover Reveal! Feast your eyes... | Cover Reveal...I'm truly spoiled...seriously | Birthing a manuscript...sounds gross, I know | Let the Blog Tour Begin!!

Book Teaser(s) :
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Angela, then please check out her website.


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