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Books Through the Season

Okay, along with sorting books by their listed time periods I felt compelled to sort them by their seasons. More for the ones that don't list their time periods more than anything else. Also, there are some books that are listed in different seasons because snow, warm weather, or fall leaves were mentioned a lot throughout those novels. So, here you go...

The 2017-2018 Books Through the Season Promo Photo ::

Books Through the Season Official List ::
-- It's Jessica's Seasonal Book List! They are books that are obviously written during a specific holiday or season.
Than the books are listed by their season and then alphabetically by the novel's title --

~ Winter (that's typically around December 21 to March 19 for the USA) ~

~ Spring (that's typically around March 20 to June 20 for the USA) ~

~ Summer (that's typically around June 21 to September 21 for the USA) ~

~ Fall (that's typically around September 22 to December 20 for the USA) ~
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