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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feasted On: Pushing the Limits Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Hardcover - Pages: 462; Paperback - Pages: 462; Kindle Edition - File Size: 605 KB | Expected Release Date: May 28, 2013 | Publisher: Harlequin TEEN | Obtained: NetGalley

"Dare You To" [Pushing the Limits Series, Book 2] by Katie McGarry

My Book Summary : Everyone seems to call Ryan and his life perfect. Yet they hardly know what goes on behind the closed doors of his home---his parents seem to hate each other but won't divorce, his brother abandoned him after informing his family he was gay, and he just recently lost a dare to his best friends---being a baseball pitcher, his friends, and making sure he wins any dare that comes his way are the only things that keep him sane as of late...

That is until Beth--the girl that got him to lose his most recent dare--comes into his life and stays. His plan is to use his charm and find a way to win his original dare by getting to know Beth better. What Ryan doesn't realize is that Beth has plenty of secrets and does not intend to be friendly or getting close to him.

Nevertheless, they'll find that what they expect out of their futures is desperately going to change throughout the time that they spend together. Will they find that they like the changes that were made or will they be able to stick to who they used to be?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! Two supposedly opposites find that they are drawn to each other in a way neither can explain yet both can't help but want to explore...

About the Characters:
• Elisabeth (Beth): Likes dying her blonde hair black after a bad experience when she was younger. Believes there isn't any other way to get her mom and herself out of their run down lives other than running away to a new future/another life. Has a hard time trusting anyone after everything she's been through. Doesn't understand love. Feels like she needs to protect and take care of her mother because of what her mother gave up for her. She's very protective of those she considers her friends. She has an immediate crush on Ryan when she meets him but tries to push and keep him away because she believes that no guy like him would ever go for a girl like her.

• Ryan: A baseball jock. Likes taking dares from his friends. Has a great writing talent. Has the ability to play pro baseball after high school. Starts getting to know Beth because of a dare. Is attracted to Beth when they first meet but when he really gets to know her he becomes even more hooked. Wishes his family wasn't falling apart around him. His parents try to make him appear to be the perfect son, so they'll appear to be the perfect family. Misses his brother.

• Isaiah: Beth's best friend ever since she moved to Louisville. Wants to help Beth escape her mother's influence. Believes he loves her more than as just a friend.

• Lacy: Beth's childhood best friend, who becomes her friend again once Beth moved back to Groveton. Chris' girlfriend.

• Scott: Beth's rich uncle. An ex-baseball player from the New York Yankees. Recently moved back to Groveton with his wife, Allison. When he heard that Beth was in trouble he "bribes" her to move in with him in hopes of giving her a better life, much to his wife's disappointment.

• Allison: Beth's aunt. Scott's wife. Ever since Scott and her moved to Groveton she has been trying to fit in with the "high society" of the town. Isn't happy about Beth moving into her house, especially after she meets the unruly teen. Doesn't get along with Beth.

• Chris: Ryan's best friend. Plays baseball and is a big baseball fan. Lacy's boyfriend. Enjoys beating Ryan in their dares.

• Logan: Ryan's close friend. Is the catcher on Ryan's baseball team. Is very smart. His friends believe he is fearless when it comes to almost anything.

• Sky: Beth's alcoholic mother.

• Noah: Beth's close friend who is like her brother. Echo's boyfriend. A main character in "Pushing the Limits."

• Echo: Noah's girlfriend. A main character in "Pushing the Limits." Beth finds her freaky and blames her for being the one to disrupt what was her life before Noah & Echo first got together.

• Miriam: Ryan's mother. Tries to make everyone believe everything is fine with her family. Isn't happy with her marriage to Andrew. Misses her oldest son, Mark. Wants her husband to run for Mayor.

• Andrew: Ryan's father. Isn't happy with his marriage to Miriam. Kicked his oldest son, Mark, out of his house during his summer home from college and doesn't want him coming back or to have any contact with anyone in the family once Mark informed them of his secret. Doesn't want anyone in Groveton to know about Mark's secret.

• Mark: Ryan's older brother. Andrew and Miriam's oldest son. His secret is that he's gay and isn't accepted by his family. Is/was very close to Ryan before his secret came out, mostly Mark's choice not why they weren't close anymore.

• Gwen: Ryan's ex-girlfriend. Plays games with Ryan's feelings and uses her knowledge about Beth's past to try to drive a wedge between Ryan and Beth. Aka a bitch!

• Trent: Sky’s “boyfriend.” When he gets mad, he beats up Sky and Beth. A druggie and a drug dealer. The police are after him but need more evidence to arrest him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, from reading about Ryan & Beth's blooming romance to Beth coming into her own when finding out that her life doesn't need to revolve around taking care of her mother. A touching romance makes you root for these unique characters from the beginning. I only wish there was more!

Yet I cannot wait to read Isaiah's story, "Crash Into You."

I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys reading YA romances, especially ones that involve what seem to be an opposites attract type of situation.

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Author's Book Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
"Where are you taking her Friday?"
"Not far. Actually, it'll border your property and my dad's. My best friend lives on the other side of you and we invite friends over to hang out."
Scott fights amusement and tenses at the same time. "You're taking my niece to a field party."
I swallow.
"I grew up fifteen miles from Groveton," says Scott. "I know what a field party is, having attended more than a few myself."
Busted. "I thought it would be a good opportunity for her to spend time with my friends."
Scott rubs his jawline. "I don't know."
I have to give him more. Lots more. "I like Beth. She's pretty." Yeah, she is. "She's more than pretty. She's not like any girl I've met before. Beth keeps me on the edge. With her, I have no idea what's coming next and I find that..." Amazing. Thrilling. "Fun."
Scott says nothing back and I'm glad. Until I said the words---words I thought I was creating to impress him---I had no idea they were true. ~ within a chapter titled 'Ryan'
Ryan has that smile again. The genuine one that makes my stomach flip. He had it at Taco Bell. He had it when Scott introduced us. He does it with such ease and for a second I believe his smile is for me.
"You're smiling," he says.
I absently touch my face as if I'm surprised by the news.
"You should do that more. It's pretty." He pauses. "You're pretty."
My heart does this strange fluttering. Like it's stopping and starting at the same time. Heat creeps up my neck and flushes my face. What the hell? I'm blushing again?
"I'm sorry." Ryan keeps his endearing smile, but it turns a little repentant and his eyes cast down in a shy way.
"No, it was fun." The most fun I've had in weeks. The most fun I've had sober mind ticks back and I come up empty-handed. ~ within a chapter titled 'Beth'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Katie, then please check out her website.

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