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Monday, April 1, 2013

Made the Grade: Oh, Canada!/Alien Abductions/Moonbeam Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 181 KB | Release Date: October 2011 | Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing | Obtained: | Originally Found Out About @ Ellora's Cave

"Lust by Moonbeam" [Oh, Canada!/Alien Abductions/Moonbeam Series, Book 1] by Cynthia Sax

My Book Summary : Catherine (Cathy) has always felt alone, ever since her parents died when she was a little girl she has felt out-of-place and never fit in with anyone even when she tried. Now she's visiting Moonbeam to prove that the dead tree o-rings they have are either naturally occurring or a hoax thereby to disprove the small town's alien landing reports, which won't win her any friends in Moonbeam either. Yet when she first arrives she meets Veterellec (Rellec), who the towns people call Frank, the owner of the property that she'll be studying and a man who turns her on like no other...

Now if she only can trust her heart not to fall for him before she is ready too she might be fine. That is if she can get over his beliefs about being an alien and all...

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars! One woman is about to learn the meaning of love at first touch.

Cathy and Rellec's story is sweet and erotic! His world is seems a bit confusing to me in the explanation, and I'd love to see a drawing of what he really looks like (since his ridges vibrating is hard to imagine sometimes), but I liked how these two came together and fight for each other. Also, this novella does have quite a few funny spots, mostly because Rellec still learning Cathy's slang words of the English language. =0)

The only reason I didn't give this novella a higher rating is that the two of them are too much of exhibitionists for my taste. Which I know might seem weird because it is a book and I can't see them, it's still the truth of the matter.

Nevertheless, I do recommend this novella and series to anyone who likes sci-fi erotic romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
“The thrusters obliterated the trees.” Although Rellec slowed his pace, Cathy’s heartbeat remained joyfully erratic, her pulse jumping each time his broad shoulders brushed against her smaller form. “The thrusters are too powerful or the trees are too delicate. I will adjust the thrusters first.”
“That’s all you can adjust.” She narrowed her eyes. The Ministry wouldn’t appreciate him mucking around with genetics. “And the thrusters are used for?”
“Our transport vessels, my Cathy. The thrusters enable the transport vessels to leave the surface of your blue and white planet. The gravitational pull is very strong.”
Cathy stared straight ahead, keeping her face carefully blank. Damn it. He was hunky and hot for her, so, of course, he was also batshit crazy. ~ within Chapter 1
“He thinks of me as some sort of breeding...cow?” He wouldn’t ever love her, not in the way she loved him, and when he found out she didn’t know how to be a mother or a daughter-in-law or a wife, he’d hate her. Cathy rubbed her hand over her face. This was her biggest disaster yet in a life filled with disasters.
“That comparison is unlikely, as large domesticated ungulates are not native to Sila.” Vern waved a beeping wand over Cathy’s head and frowned, the ridges on his forehead condensing. “Hmmm... Your thought processes are not logical, yet you do not have damage.”
Cathy narrowed her eyes at the young alien. “I’ll give you a tip, Vern. When you meet your own prospective breeding cow, do not tell her she’s illogical. We don’t like hearing that.” ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Cynthia, then please check out her website.

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