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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The world's flying by our window outside, But hey baby that's okay, This feels so right, it can't be wrong so far as I can see

Pages: 377 | Release Date: January 2008

"Accidentally Yours" by Susan Mallery

It's a novel about the lengths mothers will go to too be able to save their children at all costs.

Kerri is the widowed mother of Cody (nine yrs old and has Gilliar's Disease), and she has lived her life for him and plans to do anything to save him. Even if that means stalking Nathan King and getting him to put fifteen million dollars towards a cure for this disease. The only problem is that she's been having a hard time getting an audience with Mr. King and when she finally does he acts like he could care less. However, Nathan's problem is more then him not caring about her, it's that his own son has already died from the same disease Cody has and after his son died he promised to not care about anyone or anything other then himself. So how in the world did Kerri suddenly get under Nathan's skin? Furthermore, how will Kerri keep her miracles coming when things suddenly stop going her way?

3.5 out of 5 stars! It's a funny, touching, sweet, and romantic book that I couldn't put down! Definitely one of my favorites by Susan!

For more information on this book or any of Susan's other books, then please check out her website.

** Title is from the song Stay Here Forever by Jewel **

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