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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feasted On: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 450 KB | Release Date: 2011 | Publisher: ???

"Flat-Out Love" by Jessica Park

My Book Summary : Julie has just left Ohio and moved to Boston to start college and found out that the apartment that she was planning on moving into turns out to be a Burrito Restaurant, so much for agreeing to the place through craigslist. Well, now with nowhere to go, she calls her mom in a panic, knowing she can’t live on the side of the road. Thankfully her mother’s old college roommate lives in Massachusetts too and said Julie could move into her house while she beings college and looks for another place to live. So, now Julie moves into a house of near strangers ... there is:
  • Erin – the mother. very smart. a professor at Harvard. really likes to discuss things. doesn’t drive. nice.
  • Roger – the father. equally as smart as his wife. a researcher. quiet. sweet. travels a lot for his job.
  • Finn – the oldest child and son. adventurist. traveling the world. hot. smart. sweet. cares about his sister and family.
  • Matt – the middle child and youngest son. smart. a junior at MIT. takes care of his sister. doesn’t have many/if any friends. is on his computer a lot. cares a LOT about his family.
  • Celeste – the youngest child and the daughter. misses Finn, so has a “Flat Finn” to cope. sweet. very smart. doesn’t fit in with the other high school students her age. very creative.

Even though this family is unique, Julie finds that she does fit in with these strangers. Soon she becomes friends with each of them, even with Finn through their Facebook accounts, and when she doesn’t seem to be able to find another place to live she is told that they have no problem with her staying there for the year. However, it quickly becomes apparent, especially with Flat Finn usually always with Celeste, that something isn’t quite right and Julie takes it on herself to try to help this family that has been so good to her. But nothing stays a secret long so what will happen when it finally comes out and stirs up everything she thought was true?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! This was a novel about what a family does for those they love, and a girl who falls right into the middle of their lives who helps them in a way she never expects. What would you do to cope/survive something that looks hopeless to survive? What would you do to pull the ones you love back to what they once were? This is all from Julie’s POV so you don’t know what’s happening until she finds out, but in some ways it easy to guess at, just the reasoning behind what happened to the family is a little shocking. Some also may think what Matt does to Julie is a little mean, but you also have to remember Matt is the one at home still trying to hold his family together while Finn is off, so he does what he thinks is right but then can’t seem to find a way out of his lies. I really liked the relationship Julie finds herself in and the Facebook chats do get really steamy! I really like Matt and his quirky ways. Plus, getting to read about Celeste and how she goes from a recluse to a “typical” teenager is just a bonus!

Book Teaser(s) :
A dark car slowed and pulled to a stop, double-parking in front of Julie. "Mom, I have to go. I think this Matt character is here."
"Are you sure it's him?"
Julie peered into the car as the window lowered. "I see a maniacal-looking guy with brightly-colored candy in one hand, and he's waving a bloody sickle with the other. Oh! He's beckoning me to the car. This must be my ride."
"Julie, stop it!" her mother ordered. "You have no idea how I feel, knowing that my only child is stranded in Boston. I wish I were there with you. Make sure it's Matthew. Ask to see his license." ~ within Chapter 1
Matthew Watkins At the first Thanksgiving, one of the bloodiest battles ensued when it was discovered that the deliveryman forgot to bring extra duck sauce.
Finn is God is, on this enchanting evening, in love with a wonderful guy.
Julie Seagle Going to write a book called, "Binge, Screw, Loathe." It will be about a hateful woman who travels across the U.S. visiting all-you-can-eat brothels. ~ within Chapter 15
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Jessica, then please check out her website, or her other websites: Flat-Out Love or What the Kid Says (And Sometimes What I Say)


  1. From one Jess to another: What an awesome review. Lots of blushing going on. Thank you!

  2. I really loved how unique this story was and how captivating the characters where. It was easy to be pulled in and truly care about each character and start to speculate what the hidden truth is, but NOTHING could prepare you for the twist that was thrown in, even if you start to think you know. It was such a great read!


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