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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feasted On: Fools Gold Series, Book 4

- This is an ARC book - Format: Paperback | Pages: 379 | Release Date: July 2011 | Publisher: HQN Books

"Only Mine" [Fools Gold Series, Book 4] by Susan Mallery

My Book Summary : Dakota has had some upsets in her life recently, and that isn't including her boss, Raoul, loaning her to work on this new reality show (located in Fools Gold) so the executives won't ruin the town. But when Finn walks into her life ... things between them go from casual to scorching quickly. Even though Finn is originally in Fool Gold to get his younger twin brother off of this new reality show and back into college in Alaska, where they are all from and (in Finn's view point) they need to be, he can't regret getting to know Dakota. She's fun, easy to talk to, and calms him and his worries down more than once. However, they both know this is just a casual relationship they have together and as soon as his brothers get kicked off the show and either shape up and do what they should be doing or he kicks them into shape himself, he definitely not planning on staying in Fools Gold any longer then he needs to be.

So, when Dakota's life goes from being single and carefree to one with a whole lot more responsibilities will Finn decide to end what they have and move on or will he realize that what he really needs just happens to be right in front of him??

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! So far in this series I have read the first and third books and even though I loved the characters, the plots fell a little short for me ..... but this book definitely topped them both for me .... from the main characters to the secondary characters, I couldn't get enough and was rooting for them all!! Ever since I finished the third book I have wanted to read the stories about the triplets, and I was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events in this novel! Dakota turned out to be a great main character, from her relationship with her sisters to what she wanted in her future to the relationship she had with Finn ... as I said I couldn't get enough!

Then to just add to it ... Sasha and Stephen!! Oh, my ... I SO hope they'll have a book of their own since I really want Stephen and Aurelia together, and I want to see what happens to Sasha and his dream of fame .. will he make it and will he find anyone for himself?? Very addicting!

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Author Book Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
"I'm not a cougar," she said, speaking very quickly. "I'm actually allergic to cats. I'm not a man magnet." She could feel herself blushing. The man magnet statement was ridiculous. Geoff could tell what she was and wasn't simply by looking at her. ~ within Chapter 4
He raised his eyebrows. "I don't want to watch people falling in love."
She smiled. "Okay, okay. It's a girl thing. A while ago on Biggest Loser two of the contestants fell in love. It was just the best. My sisters and I couldn't stop calling each other about it."
"But you don't know them. Why does it matter if they get involved?"
"It just does. It's fun to watch people fall in love. Which should make the show more interesting. I guess that's the problem. No one is falling in love." ~ within Chapter 17
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Susan, then please check out her website. To find out more about the town of Fools Gold then click here.

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