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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Made the Grade: The Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees

- This is an ARC book - Format: Paperback | Pages: 261 | Release Date: September 27, 2011 | Publisher: HarlequinTEEN

"The Juliet Spell" by Douglas Rees

My Book Summary : Miranda (Miri) loves the theatre! She takes after her mother that way, who used to be an actress before she became a nurse. However, the one part her mother never got to play, but wanted to, was Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. So, when her high school's community theatre group decides on that play to perform, Miranda wants desperately to get the part of Juliet. So much so, does she want that part, that she take a 'become famous' spell and changes it into wanting to become Juliet. As she's performed these type of spells before, and not finding or getting anything out of them, she assumes this will be just like her other tries .... until it's not. Instead of what she is asking for it brings William Shakespeare's younger brother Edmund to her.

Once the confusion has been settled, he is curious about life in the reality that she is living in now, and more then will to help her out in getting the part. However, it doesn't take long for Miranda to get lost in Edmund's charm and wish for something more with him ....

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! I was pleasantly surprised with this novel!! At first it started off slow and the characters were very predictable, leaving me thinking I knew exactly where the author was going to take this book, then all of the plot twists took off. As soon as one plot twist ended a new one began and the story gets all the more intriguing! I will say I'm not completely happy with the ending but it works out well with the plot. Plus, I really like that he took real people (the Shakespeare brothers) and put them into an unusual, and unreal, setting. At the very end of the novel I was happy to see a write up of what history has on Edmund Shakespeare/Shakeshaft, making it seem like this could have actually happened. Very Clever!!

Book Teaser(s) :
"An interesting rehearsal, I thought," Drew said.
Bobby shrugged and fluttered one hand. "Just a read-through. Not a rehearsal. The real work starts now."
"Edmund certainly was impressive," Drew continued. "Has he played much Shakespeare?"
"I think so," I said.
"I heard a rumor that he played Juliet," Bobby said. "Is he gay?"
"Not hardly."
"Just asking," Bobby said.
"My good friend, I think you are feeling the gnawing bite of jealousy," Drew said.
"You know what you can bite," Bobby replied.
"Temper, temper. I'm here for you," Drew said and gave him a fake hug.
"I'm here for coffee," Bobby said, and ordered a mocha.
"Bobby has always harbored a strange affection for Vivian," Drew said. "Well, maybe not strange. But affection, nonetheless. Or maybe not so much affection as unbridled lust." ~ within Chapter 9
"And ye, Miri. What would ye have me know?"
He looked as arrogant as Tybalt.
And I realized that I couldn't say anything. Because what I wanted to say was unsayable, especially in front of my mom. A lot of things about Wrong Girl Versus Right Girl.
"Well?" he said. "What do ye wish me to know?"
And like magic I knew what I could say.
"I've got just two words for you," I said. "Anne Hathaway." ~ within Chapter 16
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Douglas, then please check out his website.

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