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Friday, June 15, 2012

Feasted On: Portals of Destiny Tales, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 481 KB | Release Date: April 2012 | Publisher: Digital Crystal Press | Obtained: Book Lovers’ Buffet &

"Dragon Rider's Gift" [Portals of Destiny Tales, Book 1] by K. H. LeMoyne

My Book Summary : Roark was a solider for a long time until he heard rumors of the possibility of an attack to their kingdom. He goes on a quest in search of an ancient red dragon (Kraz) he heard of being captured, so he can free him in hopes they'll bond and the dragon will help in protecting everything in the kingdom. However, convincing Kraz that bonding together and getting involved in Roark's plans are harder than he originally thought. Yet in the end, they head toward the King and the castle to share their knowledge and become a part of the King's dragon guard.

Everything seems to fall into place for them when it comes to protecting the kingdom. However, Roark never expected on losing his heart in the process to Princess Nira. Three souls. Two hearts. And a bond that links them all. Can they find a way to protect each other and the kingdom before an evil mage comes for them all?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars. "Three souls. Two hearts. And a bond that links them all." is how this novel is best described! I LOVED the characters!! Kraz is an egotistical dragon who put humor throughout this novel! While Roark & Nira have chemistry that flies off the page and wouldn't slow down! Then to top it off the plot was fast-paced and made me not want to put it down!! Wonderful!

I hope that there will be a story about Lord Joach since he went from being the most hated character to one of my favorite characters in the novel! Plus, there were quite a few other secondary characters that were enticing too (like Nira's bodyguard, Aegon).

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who likes paranormal romances that have a lot of action and a bit of erotica in them!!

Book Teaser(s) :
One large spin presented him a view of land in place of air, his eardrums thrumming as gravity pulled at his head instead of his feet. He didn’t bother to hold in his whoop and laughed as Kraz roared and released a fire plume as they cut along the currents.
A good day to fly with the gods, Rider.
Aye, my friend. A good day indeed.
Friend. Don’t mistake me for friend, Rider.
If I am to trust you with my life, beast, then you will be either friend or foe. I have few of either, so consider yourself precious as a friend.
Hmm...yes. Precious I am. ~ within Chapter 2
Roark stood, watching his pitiful path up the cavern stairway and his retreat into the tunnel. He is not my favorite, by any means. But it takes strength to realize one’s failings and make reparation. He’s at an impasse. If he chooses wisely, he’ll be a man worthy of respect.
He handled our princess in a manner unworthy of a rider. You should have ground him to dust.
Her wish was to grant him a chance to make amends. She is our liege. However, Roark had wanted to crush Joach after his cruel assault on Nira’s innocent nature. She did not want him humiliated and sees worth where others might not.
Hmm, dragons do not juggle these needless emotions. We don’t debate right and wrong. We protect our hoard and annihilate threats.
That is what makes you a warrior and my lady a future queen, Roark countered. Our lady.
Roark bent his head with a chuckle. Our queen—my lady. ~ within Chapter 13
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