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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feasted On: Eloisa's Fairy Tales Series, Book 4

Format: Paperback | Pages: 384 | Release Date: August 2012 | Publisher: Avon Books | Obtained: My Mom (previously read it and gave it to me saying I had to read it)

"The Ugly Duchess" [Eloisa's Fairy Tales Series, Book 4] by Eloisa James

My Book Summary : Throughout her life, Theodora (Theo/Daisy) has known that she isn't as pretty as the other girls/women of the ton are. The only ones who have never agreed with everyone else's assessment of her is her mother and James (her best friend--who's 2 years older then her). Therefore, when her season begins--when she is 17-years-old--Theo has to deal with a lot of fortune hunters but she is committed to want to marry for love.

At 19/20-years-old, James isn't ready for marriage. However, when his father informs him of the poor state that their estate is in (because of his father's gambling debts) and that all James is able to do is either convince Theo to marry him or loose everything but his title, James feels pinned to the wall no matter what he chooses.

Nevertheless, after thinking about Theo in more of a relationship kind-of-way he falls into his father's plan only because she is his best friend and he doesn't want to loose her to another man. Yet not long after their marriage, Theo finds out about James father's scheme. Believing that James doesn't love her and everything was a lie, she kicks James and his father out.

Only instead of sticking around and trying to win Theo's good graces back, James--full of heartache and thinking he has lost her forever--takes their ship and sails away for seven years. Once he arrives back home will Theo have forgiven him? Can they repair the longtime friendship and love they once had? Or will old hurts make Theo want to create a new life for herself once again?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! Two people find that love grows where you least expect it and that it'll never go away no matter what life throws at you. I was thoroughly entranced by this novel! Even though the plots had very little similarities it reminded me of a mix between Elizabeth Essex's "Almost a Scandal" and Julia Quinn's "Ten Things I Love About You," mostly because they have both very strong female lead character's just like "The Ugly Duchess" and I couldn't get enough of those novels just like this one!

It was intriguing to read about Theo and James' separation because it seemed to let them both grow into who they were truly meant to be. I mean they both loved each other in the beginning of the novel. Without a doubt, but I think if they had the chance to stay together instead of separating they would still have had a wonderful marriage yet I think neither of them would have grown as much as they did if they stayed together during that time because of how young they both were. Yet with that being said, I do wish James came back to Theo sooner then he had. Nevertheless, I'm glad with how everything turned out. It kept me laughing throughout while leaving me sentimental and chocked up at times too.

Definitely a keeper! I recommend this novel to anyone who likes fairy tales with a twist and/or historical romances!!

- On a side note -
I'm curious as to what will happen between Sir Griffin Barry (James' cousin) and his wife in "Seduced by a Pirate," the latest novella and book 4.5 in this series.

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Book Teaser(s) :
Teaser #1 ~ within Chapter 6
He reached into his breast pocket and withdrew a small flannel pouch, which he proceeded to open.
It held a locket.
And inside the locket . . . a curl of hair whose color ranged from bronze to brandy.
“I fail to see the significance of that object you hold,” Cecil said, leaning back with a wave of his hand. “A tarnished locket with a piece of hair—” He looked sideways at Theo and broke off.
“It is my hair,” Theo said, her lips moving with difficulty. “James cut it on our wedding night. Actually,the following morning.” She reached out her hand. “May I have it, please?”
Mr. Badger handed it over. The locket was, as Cecil said, a tarnished and not particularly valuable one. Yet there was no mistaking her own hair. She’d spent too many years deploring its odd streaks to mistake it.
“That need not be your hair,” Cecil said, peering down at her hand. “I agree that there is some similarity,but your color is much lighter than that, my dear.”
“James cut it from underneath so that no one could see. The hair is darker, but you see it has all the oddness of my hair. Like a yellow zebra, James always said.” To her distress, she heard her voice quaver. ~ within Chapter 21
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