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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feasted On: Dark Kings Series, Book 0.3

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 309 KB | Release Date: September 25, 2012 | Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks | Obtained:

"Dawn’s Desire" [Dark Kings Series, Book 0.3] by Donna Grant

My Book Summary : After watching his friends and fellow Dragon Kings give in to their emotions and fall in love Banan makes a pact with himself that, what happened to his friends will never happen to him. However, once he lays eyes on Jane that pact gets harder to hold to by the second.

Jane knows she isn't any unique beauty that would hold any guys interest, at least not for long. So, when she meets Banan, she feels like she's the most beautiful girl in the world. Their connection is instantaneous and burns hotter than ever. Nevertheless, will Banan allow his growing feelings for Jane get in the way of his duty to his fellow dragons, even if that means putting Jane's life on the line?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Follow Banan, as he finds a way to protect his "people" while falling in love for the first time. I could not get enough of Jane & Banan!! Jane seems to be the type of person who everyone could easily forget, that is except for Banan who cannot seem to get her off his mind! Plus, I enjoyed the intensity between Banan and Jane that happened throughout this novella while the plot flowed effortlessly around them!

It's a very suspenseful and spicy novella that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances! Especially ones with HOT dragon shifters in them!!

- On a side note -
I'm curious if Jane's half-sister is going to be more involved throughout this series then her just being mentioned in this one. Since I really enjoyed getting to know Jane & Banan I hope to read more about them!

Also -- I'm curious as to who Con & Rhys will end up with. =0)

And --- I LOVED this novella's cover!!!

Author's Novel Extras : Book Excerpt | Book Awards | Learn More About Banan! | NYT & USA Today Bestseller

Book Teaser(s) :
Banan met her gaze. “What’s that?”
“This is about more than stealing a recipe for scotch, isn’t it? I need to know, because I’ve this feeling that this isn’t just my job on the line.”
“You’re no’ wrong,” Banan said.
“Damn. Have you gathered any information on who could be in it with Richard?”
Banan leaned forward so that his forearms rested on his thighs. “Nay. Elena is making her way through those closest to Arnold. So far, she’s found nothing.”
“If I’m going to do this, how do I contact you if I find anything?”
“I’ll give you my, Rhys’s, and Elena’s mobile numbers. And wherever you are, I’ll be close by. I can reach you quickly if you’re in danger.”
Jane grabbed for her wine and drained it in three swallows. It burned as it slid down her throat, but she needed something to steady her after all she’d learned.
“The fact you just said that, Banan, tells me how dangerous this is going to be. Richard is connected to influential families. Money, politics, and God only knows what else. He’s not a man to be messed with.”
“Let us worry about that,” Banan said with a smile that promised Richard would suffer.
Jane just wished she knew what was so important that Banan, Rhys, and Elena would risk their lives to protect Dreagan for it.
Rhys touched her shoulder, and she turned, startled, because she hadn’t heard him move.
“You are doing a brave thing, Jane,” Rhys said.
Jane swallowed, wishing she had more wine in her glass. “Stop talking now or I might chicken out of this whole thing.”
Just as she was about to get up, Banan leaned over and placed his hand atop her. “Thank you.”
Her heart skipped a beat at his husky timbre. It hurt that he wasn’t attracted to her, but the letdown wasn’t anything she wasn’t accustomed to. She was Plain Jane after all. ~ within Chapter 6
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Donna, then please check out her website.

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