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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Made the Grade: The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 7

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 581 KB | Release Date: June 2011 | Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca | Obtained:

"Virgin" [The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 7] by Cheryl Brooks

My Book Summary : Daxtronian (Dax) was two-years-old when his planet--Zetith--was destroyed, since then he's lived on a refugee ship until a few years ago, now he's the captain of an elaborate ship traveling the galaxy and taking passengers wherever they'd like to go. His navigator, Waroun, has nicknamed Dax the 'Great Virgin' because of how Dax is a virgin, which is so surprising to his species. Yet when Dax meets Ava, he is more than willing to quit his virgin status immediately. If only he could get her to agree, but he has no idea how to charm a woman let alone seduce one.

Nevertheless, just when everything looks to be working in Dax's favor when it comes to him claiming Ava's heart, a prophesy that holds Ava in the middle of it all has Dax scrambling to be able to keep them together forever, no matter what he has to do...

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Find out who the perfect woman is to hook the Great Virgin...

Ever since I read book 8 in this series I was intrigued to find out about Dax, especially with his bad boy looks along with his virgin status. Therefore, I was very happy that I did read this novel. Yet even though I wish it didn't drag on as much as it did, it was still a very sweet, funny, and charming story that I lives up to the series reputation!

I recommend this novel to anyone who is a fan of the series and likes sci-fi romances!!

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Book Teaser(s) :
Dax wanted to cry or scream or at least hit something. He’d just saved Ava from that scuzzy Cylopean—which had to count for something in the mating game—and now that she finally had her arm around him, he was about to lose his balls.
Not that he was giving them up without a fight. He’d never hit a woman in his life, but he would defend himself if necessary—or do what he’d done the last time and make a run for it.
“A deal’s a deal,” the blonde snarled. “We let that creepy Norludian do us both, so now you owe us each a fuck—or a nut.”
“Yeah,” the brunette agreed. “A fuck or a nut.”
They were both planted squarely in front of him with hands on hips and fire in their deep blue Davordian eyes. While Dax cast about for a graceful way to escape the situation, he attempted to push Ava behind him and out of the path of danger. But Ava apparently had other ideas.
Ducking out from under his arm, she got right up in the brunette’s face. “He’s not fucking either of you! His balls belong to me, so back off, bitch!”
Dax was stunned. The very last thing he ever expected was to have Ava stand up and claim any part of him, let alone his balls. ~ within Chapter 10
“Must be all that red hair,” Ava suggested. “It’s very sexy.”
“You think so?” Diokut combed his fingers through his bushy mane. “Too bad the Kitnock girls don’t like it.”
“You could change the color, couldn’t you?”
“Hmph,” Teke said. “If hair coloring worked on us, do you honestly think I’d let mine be gray?”
“Gray hair isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” Ava said. “I mean, I’m sure Dax would be amazingly sexy, no matter what color his hair was.”
“Possibly,” Teke conceded. “But then, he has other things going for him.”
“Yeah,” Diokut said with a nod. “He’s tall, dark, and handsome, plus he’s the captain of his own starship. Chick magnet material for sure.”
“And hung like a bull—”
Dax was in the process of sipping his wine and nearly choked.
“—moose,” Waroun finished with an impish grin. “Knew I could sneak that in somewhere.”
“Come on, Waroun,” Ava chided. “When was the last time you saw a bull moose?”
“In holographic nature documentaries,” Waroun said promptly. “I just love the parts about the mating season. They’ve got some seriously big—”
“We have got to get him laid,” Threldigan observed. ~ within Chapter 16
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Cheryl, then please check out her website.

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