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Monday, July 15, 2013

Feasted On: The Sultan's Bride by Ariadne Wayne

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 345 KB | Release Date: February 3, 2013 | Publisher: Northnet Limited | Obtained: Smashwords

"The Sultan's Bride" by Ariadne Wayne

My Book Summary : This novel follows the life of Catherine from her birth to her early 20's. It shows how she was a delight to her parents as a little girl then on a family "trip" to the middle east how she was kidnapped and brought to a Sultan to be his son's playmate and her life completely changed...

Within a few years, once she matured and turned 18-years-old, the Sultan decided to turn her into one of his many wives and bring her his harem. At first, Catherine is resistant but soon she accepts her new life and the Sultan, even though she still sneaks to have a monthly rendezvous with the Sultan's son--Arif--as he was her childhood love. Almost a year later, she finds some happy and terrifying news; from then on, her life drastically changes from one extreme to the next. Will she be able to handle all of the changes without getting her heart broken or is there a new love right around the corner?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars, a girl finds herself living in a Sultan's palace in a world completely different then the one she grew up in and over the years in living there she makes many friends and a few loves. However, has she already met her true love or is he still in her future?

About the Characters:
• Catherine: Born in England, only child of loving parents. Goes on a trip to the Middle East with her family when she's eight and by the end she is kidnapped by a Sultan her family met. Becomes a best friend and falls into a childhood love with the Sultan's only son, Arif. On her 18th Birthday the Sultan informs her that she'll become his wife and apart of the harem. She takes it all in stride and becomes one of the Sultan's most precious wives. Takes Arif as a lover even though she's married. When she's about 20-years-old her life changes again by something unexpected and being returned to England where she falls in love again.

• Peter: Catherine's father, who loves his wife and daughter more than anything. Wants to provide more for his family then he already is, so he takes a trip to the middle east (with them) to find better things to trade in England.

• Sarah: Catherine's mother, who loves her daughter more than anything and appreciates Peter (her husband) for everything he's done for them. Isn't happy about the trip. While on the trip she meets Omar who entices her more then anyone she's ever met.

• The Sultan: An arrogant, attractive, charming man (when he wants to be), and manipulative. Liked Catherine when she was a little girl and once she matured, he was intrigued with her enough to marry her. Cared for Catherine in his own way. Has a harem. Doesn't appreciate his Sultana--Irina--anymore. Arif's father.

• Irina: The Sultana, the Sultan's first wife. Arif's mother. After Catherine is kidnapped and comes to live with them, she takes her under her wing and protects her as much as she can.

• Arif: Spoiled. The never-ending child. Handsome. Believes he loves Catherine, and is going to make her his Sultana one day.

• Omar: Works for the Sultan. Falls for Sarah not long after meeting her. Makes a vow to protect Catherine after she is taken back to the palace. Finds a way to get Catherine back to England.

• Richard: Meets Catherine once back in England and instantly falls in love with her.

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes historical erotic romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
When Arif began to act strange around her, Catherine couldn’t guess why and decided to ask him about it. ‘Why are you behaving differently around me now?’ she asked one day as they sat in the garden, hidden from view of anyone else. It was their favourite spot to get some time alone even as children but now being alone with Arif was different.
‘You are nearly a woman,’ he said, ‘Soon you will be my wife and I will be able to bed you.’ She flushed with colour. ‘You are very beautiful,’ he continued, ‘I would like very much to kiss you.’
Catherine nodded. Arif was growing into a most handsome young man as well as being her best friend. Over the last few years he had also caught up to her in height and now was a head taller than her. He leaned over and softly, gently touched his lips to hers. It only lasted a few seconds but when he pulled away from her his cheeks were flushed too and his eyes were wide. She giggled. ‘I liked it too,’ she said and he leaned in for another.
It did not take much longer for the Sultan to notice too. ‘You’re looking lovely today,’ he would say to her whenever he saw her and watch for the blush to spread across her white skin, grinning at the affect he could have on a teenage girl.
He would laugh to himself, she was far too young for him to be interested in but as the years passed his attentions became more focussed and she would catch him sometimes gazing at her, his eyes roaming her body that made her as uncomfortable as she was
flattered. ~ within Chapter 9
He looked at her. ‘You are thinking that I am behaving oddly are you not?’ he asked.
She nodded. ‘I have not seen you so quiet and introspective.’
Laughing he kissed her again. ‘You know me to be authoritative and demanding, I know what I am. I also know that the women who come to my bed are not always willing bed partners as you were not the first night we were together, you had no choice.’
She said nothing, so he continued. ‘When you came to my bed the night Alena was here for the first time I felt your sincerity at wanting to be there. It made me love you all the more. For the first time in my life Catherine, I feel like I’m in love.’ ~ within Chapter 18
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Ariadne, then please check out her website.

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