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Monday, July 1, 2013

Idolizing In: Twilight of the Gods Series, Book 2

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 391 KB | Release Date: June 24, 2013 | Publisher: Carina Press | Obtained:

"Witch Bound" [Twilight of the Gods Series, Book 2] by Eleri Stone

Author's Series Summary : Ragnarök is the apocalypse foretold in Norse prophecy. There’s a great battle where most of the gods die followed by a series of natural disasters. The world burns, the sun turns black and the land sinks into the sea. The premise of The Twilight of the Gods series is that Ragnarök actually happened centuries ago...for Asgard. Earth (Midgard), connected to Asgard by the bridge Asbrú, managed to survive relatively untouched. Before Odin died, he cast a spell over his remaining people endowing them with many of his attributes—wisdom, magical skill, the ability to shapeshift. The surviving Æsir then fled Asgard and settled on earth in areas where the wall between worlds is the thinnest. This allows them to maintain a connection to the magic of their home and also to guard the connection points between worlds to prevent Surtr’s host from invading earth. There are many of these small clans of Norse demigods scattered around the planet, but The Twilight of the Gods series focuses on one particular clan living in Iowa.

My Book Summary : At twenty-five-years-old, Raquel (Rocky) may be one of the strongest witches to come along in a very long time. However, life has never been simple for her, especially as of late. In three weeks time she will marry the man (Christian) her parents chose for her, and when she meets Christian's clan she finds that she doesn't feel very welcome by some (the important ones especially). Also, Rocky still doesn't have control of her full potential as a witch--which makes it harder for Christian's clan because they had hopes of using her powers to help prevent their fault from rupturing more then it already has so they'll be able to keep the demons at bay better. To top all of that off, the beginnings of her relationship with Christian (the getting to know you stage before the wedding) isn't going as well as she had dreamed, especially when she keeps finding herself wanting to confide and be around in Christian's best friend Fen more then her groom. What is a girl to do?

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! This is a romance about a girl who is still coming into her own while being thrown into situation after situation she never expected to be in, especially when one of those situations happens to be falling for her groom's best man!

I could not get enough of this story, mostly because of how Rocky and Fen's relationship comes together! Fen & Rocky have this instant attraction that neither (at first) wants to mess with--because of what it would do to Rocky's family, the groom/Fen's best friend, and Fen & Christian's clan--but as everything grows between them, once they start up a friendship, by the end of the book it's hard for them to stay apart no matter what their original plans were. =0) RO-MAN-TIC in a very sweet non-classy way. *hehee*

However, I did love this novels plot, how it worked into the previous novel (even though I haven't read it and don't plan too) and gives you a bigger idea as to how this little town really works with the politics of it all. Definitely keeps you on your toes, especially when you have Rocky who just can't help herself when it comes to being in the middle of all of the trouble. =0)

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who likes to read suspenseful paranormal romances that have a little erotica to them.

- On a side note -
I know Fen said he never wants to have kids, and I understand the reasons why, but I am curious to know how they'll pull that one off. And if they'll adopt.

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Book Teaser(s) :
"Grace was a runner?"
"Her parents were. I can see you two becoming friends. You'll get along well, I think."
"Maybe you can set us up on a playdate." ~ within Chapter 4
Aiden walked into the kitchen just as she was wrapping her arms around his wife. He paused in the doorway before stepping forward.
"Your husband looks jealous," she whispered into Grace's hair. "He's not going to drag me outside for this, is he?"
"I'll protect you if he does."
"Maybe between the two of us we can take him."
Aiden grunted. "I might risk it, but I'm pretty sure both Christian and Fen would take your side." ~ within Chapter 19
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Eleri, then please check out her website.

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