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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Feasted On: Gargoyles Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 320; Kindle Edition - File Size: 734 KB; Audiobook - Unabridged | Expected Release Date: December 31, 2013 | Publisher: St. Martin's Press | Obtained: NetGalley

"Heart of Stone" [Gargoyles Series, Book 1] by Christine Warren

My Book Summary : Ella has had a hard life. Her parents died when she was 12-years-old leaving her to be raised in the foster care system and because of the magic inside of herself she has always felt different and alone. Now, at 27-years-old, she is working in a place she loves--at a historical museum as it's docent and gift-shop manager--and has carved out a pretty normal life for herself.

Yet, that normal life is about to change when Kees--a gargoyle from her museum--suddenly comes to life. He's a guardian, meant to help defeat evil when it pops up every so often and to sleep during the rest of the time. Kees wakes up when he witnesses Ella being attacked. From that moment on they are thrown together in trying to find out--why he's awaken, how Ella was able to awaken him, where the Warden's are (a magical group of people who work with the guardians), and if there is demon's about find out what the battle plans are--how they can help save the world. However, during the process of learning the why's of it all they loose their hearts to each other. That is if gargoyles even have hearts and if Kees is willing to admit it...

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! One hot know-it-all gargoyle and one reluctant magical woman team up to save the world while they fall in love along the way!

I thoroughly adored the novel! From the ways Kees learned of the world around him, to Ella learning about her abilities, to their growing relationship, to the antics the two of them kept falling into....I couldn't get enough of it! Kees and Ella are one of those couples whose banter made their love story that much better! Plus, the sex scenes were a bonus too! =0)

In addition, I really enjoyed how this novel wraps up and leads you onto the next in its series. Which just happens to be "Stone Cold Lover" coming out in the Fall of 2014.

I recommend this novel and it's series to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances!!

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Author's Novel Extras : Heart of Stone - Overview & Excerpt

Book Teaser(s) :
“I don’t know what you think I have to do with anything. I mean, clearly if I didn’t know you existed until after you, er, woke up, then I’m not the one who woke you up. If you Guardians are big defenders of evil, then maybe you woke up just to defend me from that nocturnal guy. I did scream pretty loud when I saw him.”
“No, it is impossible. The Guardians slumber until one of the demons of the Darkness stirs. If I am awake, there must be something very grave afoot. I cannot sense a demon directly, but perhaps my earlier theory is partially correct.” He eyed her with speculation. “Perhaps the nocturnis are working toward summoning one of them, and they think to use you and others like you to feed the creature and restore its strength once it has reappeared.”
Oh, this just kept getting better and better.
“Maybe you should just go ask this Warden of yours. I’m sure he’ll be more helpful than I am, and you don’t need me for that.”
Kees made no move to leave, not by the door and not by the window to the fire escape where he’d come in. In fact, he didn’t stir from the sofa. The only movement he made was a slow shake of his head.
“No. Of course, I will find Gregory and ask him many questions, but I have no intention of letting you out of my sight. You clearly had something to do with my awakening, and the Guild will want to know what that was. They will want to meet you.”
“Um, no offense or anything, but I don’t particularly want to meet them.”
He watched her so intently that she squirmed—literally—under his gaze.
“Look, I had nothing to do with you waking up. Just because I was there, doesn’t mean I had any effect on you whatsoever. And frankly, this is all a little much for me to deal with. I’d be a lot happier if you just went off to find your buddies and save the world, or whatever, and forgot all about me. That’s what I’m going to try to do.”
Kees frowned, and she tried to ignore the way that made her want to squirm some more.
“I do not believe you have that option, little human,” he said. “What you have learned cannot be unlearned, and having met you, I must inform the Guild of your existence. I’ve never met a human who needed training more than you.”
She glared at him. “I’m not a dog. ‘Training’ can go screw itself.” ~ within Chapter 3
She promptly kicked him in the shin.
Once again, he felt no pain, but his female’s growing penchant for violence was something he thought they should maybe discuss. “What was that for?”
“Excuse me?” Her glare could have flayed the flesh from his bones. “What was that for? I don’t know, do you think it could maybe have had something to do with the fact that you don’t make decisions for me, you giant bat-winged jerk? Or how about that I just got finished saying no to something, and the last time I checked, I was the only person allowed to change that to a yes? Which there is no way I’m doing, by the way. You think I want to be bound to an arrogant, high-handed, dictatorial asshole who can’t even admit when something makes him feel good? Fat frickin’ chance, big guy. You can just bite me.” ~ within Chapter 10
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Christine, then please check out her website.

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