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Monday, February 3, 2014

Disappointmentville: Decoy Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 2113 KB | Release Date: January 13, 2014 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Smashwords | Originally Found Out About @ IMR Promotions

"Rockstar Daddy" [Decoy Series, Book 1] by K. T. Fisher

Author's Book Description : Kendal Moore and Jax Parker have been together for two years but when Kendal finds out she's pregnant at twenty she has to make the right choice. Her boyfriend Jax is in the up and coming rockband Decoy and if she keeps this baby she knows Jax will quit and support her and the baby, but does she want that? She loves him so much and she doesn't want him to give up his dream of getting his band Decoy signed. So Kendal makes the hard choice of leaving Jax and not telling him that she is pregnant.

Rockstar Daddy takes place four years after Kendal leaves Jax. Kendal is a hard working single mum to Finley and Jax is a huge rockstar. Read Rockstar Daddy to follow Kendal and Jax's journey, will Jax find out that he has a son?

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. The saying goes 'if you love them, set them free.' Well, Kendal does just that to Jax. The only problem is he didn't want to be set free, and when they see each other four years later it'll take everything Jax has to prove to her that she is everything he wants/needs!

This clever novel had some twists I didn't see coming. Nevertheless, how much I enjoyed this novel equaled how much this novel annoyed me because of it's editing and some of the characters' antics. In addition, at times it seemed that this novel just didn't flow right, by rushing through some scenes in the beginning and middle then being overly slow at the end, making it very hard to enjoy in that sense.

In regards to Kendal & Jax, I like the idea of them as a couple because it's obvious they both care about each other a lot. Yet, they didn't execute their relationship well in this novel. I found Kendal to be a coward in how she handles her reunion with Jax, especially in the way that she allowed the situation to control her instead of stepping up and dealing with everything. In the end, her behavior makes the novel drag out in a way that, even though you feel sympathetic to Kendal's plait, it's hard to enjoy because you keep hoping she would finally fess up to Jax about their son.

Overall, because I liked the characters, I would recommend this series to anyone who like rock star contemporary romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
Tomorrow I leave for Sophie’s hen trip but I'm so sad to leave Finley. My mum is trying to cheer me up because I'm at my parent's to drop Finley off before I leave.
"Honey, just have fun. You deserve a girl’s holiday, so you better enjoy yourself."
"I just feel guilty for leaving him. I'm going to miss him so much."
My mum rubs my back soothingly as we both stand at the back door watching Finley and my dad running around.
"Why? You never have time away. You deserve this. Two nights away is nothing."
Before I change my mind, I kiss and hug my parents goodbye. They give me their own little advice whilst hugging me.
"Stay away from those creeps Kendal. Keep safe. No sex and don't go anywhere on your own"
Thanks a lot dad, how old am I again? He couldn't even look me in the face after he said the word sex. Where as my mum was the opposite as always,
"Enjoy yourself, show them what us real English women are like. Use protection baby."
I don't know whose advice was worse. My dad must have heard my mum’s because I saw him giving her an angry glare from across the room. ~ within Chapter 13 - titled '~Kendal~'
The phone only rings twice before Finley screams down the line.
"Hi mummy!"
"Hey are you OK?"
"Yeah, I had pizza!"
"Are you being a good boy?"
"Cake mummy! Get the cake!"
I laugh and grimace at his panicked screeching down the phone.
"Yes, I'll remember the cake Finley."
"Me and granddad watching Cars."
"Oh. I bet granddad’s just loving that."
I laugh, my dad hates Disney films.
"Granddad went night nights so I smacked his face to wake him up."
I hear my mum laughing in the background and I can't help but laugh as well.
"Finley, you shouldn't smack granddad."
"Sorry mummy but granddad was naughty. He has to watch it all."
"Okay, well I'm going now so night night and I'll see you tomorrow OK?"
"Okay, is the wedding boring?"
"Yeah really boring. Everybody is kissing and dancing."
"Errrrrrr. Night mummy."
"Night Finley, love you." ~ within Chapter 26 - titled '~Kendal~'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by K. T., then please check out her website.

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