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Monday, May 12, 2014

Feasted On: Baby, Oh Baby! by Robin Wells

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 468 KB | Release Date: November 4, 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained:

"Baby, Oh Baby!" by Robin Wells

Author's Book Description : This time its all mixed up...

Cynical, jaded, practical-minded attorney Jake Chastaine is still grieving his late wife two years after her death when he discovers that due to a mistake at a fertility center where she received treatment, a woman he's never met has had his baby. Jake is determined to play a role in his child's life. He's chagrined to discover, however, that the mother of his child is as appealing as she is impractical. A gorgeous redhead, Annie is a free spirit who raises llamas, reads tea leaves and believes her dead grandfather talks to her through highway billboards. Worst of all, she makes his body temperature soar in a most illogical manner.

When his law partner and former father-in-law threatens to ruin Annie in a misguided attempt to help him acquire custody of the child, Jake decides that the best way to handle the situation is to enter into a short-term marriage of convenience. They both get far more than they bargained for, and learn a life-changing lesson about the power of love.

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! SO SWEET!!! A man and woman's lives join when their baby is born but even more so for Jake and Annie, two people who conceived a child because of a sperm bank mix-up, who are complete opposites yet plan to do everything in their power to make a good life/family for their child. Even if that means accidentally falling in love!

Together they balance each other out. While Jake proves to Annie he's the big-hearted man she's been hoping for, Annie shows Jake what it's like to be your true self and that love isn't black and white.

I really think they made a great pair! Plus, Madeline was so cute!

Along with reading about Jake dealing with his grief over his wife's passing, you read about her parent's -- who Jake is still close to -- dealing with their grief too. I thought it was a unique take that was both funny, sweet, and sad at times but brought a lot of heart to this novel.

I especially enjoyed how this novel was wrapped up at the end. Yet I was hopping their would be an epilogue with Annie being pregnant or having another baby to bring them together even more. I mostly wished this because how Jake keeps talking about how much he missed and how you can tell even though the timing would have been bad he wanted to have been there.

I recommend this novel to anyone to likes contemporary romances!

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Author's Novel Extras : Baby, Oh Baby! - Overview & Excerpt | Baby, Oh Baby!

Book Teaser(s) :
Her voice broke off. “Oh, my! Your baby’s gotten ahold of something.”
Jake whipped his head around to see Madeline sitting under a chair, merrily sucking on a shiny object. He sprang to his feet, bolted across the room, and hauled the baby out into the open floor. The lower part of her face was smeared black, and her lips seemed to have disappeared. Jake yanked the object out of her mouth. It was a large felt-tip marker.
“Oh, hell.” Jake grabbed his shirttail again, and once more tried to swab out the baby’s mouth: As before, the child screamed at an eardrum-piercing volume.
For all of his efforts, Jake wasn’t making any progress. His shirt was gaining additional grime, but he didn’t see any lessening of the blackness in the baby’s mouth. It was black as pitch, and the blackness stretched all the way to the back of her tonsils—which she was showing to advantage as she yelped at full volume.
Alarm raced through Jake. “Hey—does anyone know if ink is poisonous?”
The pink-haired teenager squatted beside him and picked up the marker. “It says right here it’s nontoxic.”
Relief gushed through Jake. “Thank God.”
Yanking away from Jake, Madeline threw herself at the teenager as if he were a life raft on a storm-tossed sea. Her crying stopped as she crawled onto his lap. She grinned up engagingly, her mouth looking like a coal mine at night.
The boy’s eyes grew wide with alarm. “Hey! What’s she doin’?”
“Sitting on your lap. She likes you,” Lilly proclaimed.
The baby continued to grin. Despite himself, the boy smiled back. “Ya know, she looks kinda cool,” he said. “She’s kinda got a Goth look goin’.”
“She’s a sight, that’s for sure,” Lilly agreed. ~ within Chapter 6
She turned toward him. She wasn’t angry, he realized with relief. She was cracking up with laughter. She leaned against him, laughing until tears ran down her face.
She finally drew a breath and wiped her eyes. “Well, you get points for coming clean about it.”
He looked at her accusingly. “You knew.”
The remark set off a fresh round of giggles. Annie looked at Madeline, who was holding the stubs of two snack cakes in her fists, her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk’s. “Madeline gave it away. She went nuts when I found the Twinkie boxes in the pantry.”
Jake rubbed his head, feeling like an idiot. “I should have told you,” he admitted. “It was just such a stupid thing to do....”
Annie’s eyes danced. “It would have been stupider if you’d sat there and actually eaten six of them to keep me from finding out.”
Jake grinned back. “You would have let me do that, too, wouldn’t you?”
“I would have. But I don’t think Madeline would.”
He laughed and gazed into her eyes—into her laughing, impish, blue eyes— and felt an almost overwhelming surge of attraction.
‘So she thinks your name is Twinkie.” Annie cocked her head as she said the word, as if she were testing it on her tongue. “That’s kind of cute. I think I’ll start calling you that, too.”
“Don’t you dare.”
“I just might, just to see what you’ll do.” ~ within Chapter 15
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Robin, then please check out her website.

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