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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blog Tour - Made the Grade: Resisting the Musician by Ally Blake | Review & Novels/Guitar Pick Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Ally Blake, with a review of her latest novel "Resisting the Musician," which is the 1st book in the Head Over Heels Series!!

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- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 762 KB | Expected Release Date: July 28, 2014 | Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Indulgence | Obtained: Sizzling PR

"Resisting the Musician" [Head Over Heels Series, Book 1] by Ally Blake

Author's Book Description : A secret. A song. A seductive blonde.

Bridal shoe company owner Lori Hanover is in way over her head. First, her designer sister has fallen head over heels for the rock star fiancĂ© of a client – talk about bad PR! Now her business is falling apart. Lori’s only hope in saving her company is making the world believe it was true love, even if she’s not so sure herself. Her best bet? A song. For this she turns to the most frustrating musical recluse in America, Dash Mills, a man who could pass for Thor’s sexier brother. And even though this former rock superstar agrees to help, it comes at a price...

When Lori agrees to Dash’s terms, he thinks she’s the one in for a challenge. But the more time he spends with this spitfire bombshell, the more tempted he is to play her—in more ways than one. But Dash left behind the rock and roll life for a reason. And seductive as Lori may be, if she drags him back into that world, this time he won’t forgive himself...or her.

Coming Soon!

Look for more in the Head Over Heels series from Christine Bell and Robin Covington

From the outside, the guys in the rock band The Rift seem have it all; hit records, loads of cash, and mad sex appeal.

But one thing none of them has is a good woman to come home to. That is until a song, a recipe, and a camera send the bad boys of rock falling head over heels.

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars! This is a novel full of misconception! As both Dash and Lori are stilling dealing with major issues from their pasts, when they meet they place the misconceptions they have on each other. Yet, as they get to know one another throughout their "music lessons," they work through those misconceptions and loose their hearts to each other in the process.

A very intense novel because of how Dash and Lori are portrayed as being, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them as characters. Apart they've found lives and passions that they have grown accustomed too, and love. While being together they learn that no matter how much they've achieved thus far in their lives, there was something always missing and until their lives were thrown together, they weren't aware of what or whom they were missing.

However, I will say that at times I found this novel to be a struggle to get through. Yet, I'm not really sure of why it was a struggle just that I felt the dialog dragging here and there.

Nevertheless, I did like how this novel starts out for this series. I know it could have gone in many directions with its serious storylines but I liked how Ms. Blake worked through its intensity and quick twists with a sarcastic humor and spicy romance that was hard to ignore.

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who enjoys intense contemporary romances!!

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Authors' Series Extras : Head Over Heels Series Facebook Page

Book Teaser(s) :
She frowned down at her skirt, flicking frantic fingers at the smears of slobber. “Those dogs of yours are brats.”
“Nah,” he drawled. “They’re adorable. Ask ’em.”
“Jagger and Bowie, though, seriously?” she said, walking backward along the porch in the hopes he’d hurry up.
“You’ve got something against my mates Mick and Dave?” he asked, his long slow strides still catching up quick enough.
“You actually know them?” Okay, so she didn’t get time to listen to music nowadays unless Mack played some song in the car his daughters liked, but come on, the Stones? Paint It Black had practically been her theme song in high school.
“Never met ’em.” His smile started in his eyes and ended in her toes.
Hating the fact that her cheeks warmed at having fallen for his pretense, she said, “Then why not Sonny and Cher? The Captain and Tennille? Kenny and Dolly?”
“The dogs are both male for one thing,” he said, then shut her up with a press of his hands at her waist as he spun her about and gave her a little shove toward the front door, leaving palm-shaped burns through the diaphanous layers of her frilly top when he let her go. ~ within Chapter 3
She pursed her lips and took a long deep breath in and out. Her version of chilling, he expected. While he felt anything but chilled by the glossy pink pout, the light gleaming off the curves of her long legs, the way her dress kept threatening to fall from over the rise of her shoulder.
Little Dash came to the party. “Down boy,” Big Dash muttered.
Lori’s gaze searched for his huskies, who were once again off somewhere else and of no help to him at all.
“Coming?” he asked, voice like he’d taken a hit to the windpipe. ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Ally, then please check out her website.

Book Excerpt :

His rumpled T-shirt lifted at his belly to reveal a happy trail and the fact that the top two buttons of his jeans had been left undone, as if he’d rolled out of bed, tugged them on, and headed off into the wilderness.
Also leaving her with the pretty sound impression that he wore nothing underneath.
When Callie had mentioned meeting Jake’s illusive reclusive ex-band-mate a few weeks before, Lori had briefly imagined an overweight, overly-tattooed guy who reeked of bourbon and past glory.
Instead, she’d found Thor.

About the Author :

Australian writer Ally Blake is a redhead, a footy fan, a devotee of the language of Aaron Sorkin; she is addicted to stationery and M&Ms and weak in the face of Italians and fire-fighters and a firm believer in love, luck, and fairies. She is also a best-selling author with more than twenty-five fun, flirty romance novels under her belt with over three million copies of her books sold worldwide. For Ally's take on life, writing, and other fancy stuff, head to

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