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Made the Grade: A Mother for His Children by Jan Drexler

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 396 KB | Release Date: August 1, 2014 | Publisher: Harlequin : Love Inspired Historical | Obtained: Harlequin

"A Mother for His Children" by Jan Drexler

Author's Book Description : FROM AMISH NANNY TO BRIDE?

After her sweetheart's betrayal, Ruthy Mummert leaves behind the small-town gossip of her Amish community for the first opportunity she can find: a housekeeper position in faraway LaGrange County, Indiana. Ruthy didn't realize the job meant caring for ten children—and for their handsome widowed father.

To Levi Zook's mind, Ruthy is too young and too pretty to be anyone's housekeeper. A marriage of convenience will protect her reputation and give his children the security they dearly need. But it could also give them the courage to grasp a new chance at happiness—if Ruthy is willing to risk her wounded heart once more.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. It's a sweet historical Amish romance about two lost souls finding one another.

What got me interested in this novel was actually a review by Kav R. from Harlequin's website which says, "This book tickled me so much I'm still grinning. I kept thinking of the song I Have Confidence from Sound of Music. The line -- "A captain with seven children, what's so fearsome about that?" -- readily transformed into "A farmer with ten children, what's so fearsome about that?" in my mind and I found myself humming as I read." And after reading this novel I have to agree that the plot did remind me of The Sound of Music because of how Ruthy moves into Levi's home and becomes the caretaker of everyone. I found myself intrigued by these two very stubborn characters, how their lives come together, and how they find that love can come in all shapes and sizes. Levi and Ruthy make a wonderful-gut couple.

Only at times, I wish they could have gotten over their stubborn issues quicker then they did. Since I found that even though I liked the plot the novel doesn't really pick up it's pace until around 70%, which is when Levi and Ruthy really work on their relationship. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this novel and it's captivating characters.

I recommend it to those who like historical Amish romances!

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Author's Novel Extras : Amish Tidbits

Book Teaser(s) :
Jesse stuck his fork into his cherry pie. "You can marry Ruthy, Dat, as long as she makes pie for us."
Even Nathan laughed at this. ~ within Chapter 12
What possessed that man? Ruthy glanced down at her leather shoes, fine for wet grass or a gravel drive, but they would be ruined if she went in the pen.
"You know very well I can't come in there, Levi Zook. You bring that sheet over here this minute." Frustration made her voice squeak at the end, and she heard a giggle from the clothesline behind her. Waneta was enjoying this standoff.
"What will you give me if I do?" Levi stepped closer to the fence, holding the muddy sheet away from her.
"I'll have you know, Levi Zook, if you don't give that to me, I'll feed your dinner to the pigs."
Levi came a step closer and stopped, inches away from where she still stood on the fence. His eyes twinkled, be he dropped his voice so it wouldn't carry to Waneta. "You wouldn't feed my dinner to the pigs. You would never waste good food that way."
"You don't think so?" ~ within Chapter 17
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