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Friday, September 16, 2016

Made the Grade: A Widow's Heart: Mail Order Bride by Christian Michael

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: ??? KB | Release Date: 2016 | Publisher: Purely Publishing | Obtained: Amazon

"A Widow's Heart: Mail Order Bride" by Christian Michael

Author's Book Description : Carolina Hendricks thought she had her life figured out...

Boy was she ever wrong. She is hanging on by a thread in the ride of her life. Three months ago, she was happily married to her first love and best friend, now she is a widow in Boston with a baby on the way. The life that she had envisioned for herself is filled with nothing more than broken pieces. To top it all off, the man she loathes is determined to marry her and will not take no for an answer – he will stop at nothing to get her, even if he has to destroy her first.

Will she take a leap of faith into the unknown and trust God to keep her standing? Will a handsome stranger and his daughter be her salvation? She just met Matthew Jones; does she dare trust him? Can she afford not to? Will love be in store for both of them?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, a woman who recently lost her husband has her life upended again when a creepy man keeps trying to pursue her, she's informed that she's a couple months pregnant, and told she is running low on funds. A friend of her late husband's comes to her rescue in more ways than one, but will she be able to agree to all he is asking of her...

It’s a sweet short story about overcoming loss, finding a possible new love, and putting your faith in God. What originally hooked me was the novella's cover, as it seemed fitting. What I found when reading this was a woman set up for bad circumstances but she still finds her own way through it all. I liked it, even though it seemed a little preachy at times. I think I'd have liked it more if it included Matthew's POV too. Nevertheless, it's a good quick read.

I know that this short story isn’t on Amazon at this moment (at least not the same way I purchased it) but I do recommend it to those looking for a very quick Christian romance if you can find it somewhere else.

Purchase This Book Here (where it's available either under a different name or with a few more from Mr. Michael) :

Amazon (Kindle) : The Pregnant Widow

Amazon (Kindle) : MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Widow's Head West Box Set

Book Teaser(s) :
Matthew offered her a ride back to the house and she agreed. He helped her clamber up in front of him. As she settled in more comfortably, she became very aware of the muscular chest against her back, the strong arms around her and the masculine scent now surrounding her.
Suddenly she felt a warm breath against her ear as he whispered, "I feel it too."
Carolina blushed, wishing she wasn't so easy to read. ~ within the story as there are no listed Chapters

Book Preview(s) :

For more information on books by Christian, then please check out his Amazon Acct.

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