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Friday, November 4, 2016

Made the Grade: Secrets of Cherry Lake Series / The Jackson Family Legacy, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon: Kindle Edition - File Size: 548 KB | Expected Release Date: August 24, 2015 | Publisher: Tule Publishing : Montana Born Books | Obtained: NetGalley

"The Secret Son" [Secrets of Cherry Lake Series / The Jackson Family Legacy, Book 2] by Joan Kilby (Note: "The Secret Son" is another name for "The Montana Son.")

Author's Book Description : A birthday card out of the blue from his estranged father sends successful Seattle marketing man Alex Chernoff on a detour to Cherry Lake in search of answers about his past. A day, maybe two, to tie up loose strings and he’ll be out of there, heading for Mexico, margaritas and blondes in bikinis.

Emma Stanhope is all too familiar with hot, rich, entitled guys like Alex. They never hang around for long, especially not for a Plain Jane like herself. No problem. She’s smart and logical, like any good scientist, and knows better than to lose her heart.

What Emma doesn’t count on is chemistry—of the romantic kind. What Alex doesn’t count on is meeting the girl who’ll make him want to change his ways. But when he learns that he’s a secret from his father’s real family, he can’t stay in Cherry Lake… even if he wants to.

Will love be enough to convince Alex to stay… for good?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Around his thirtieth birthday, Alex, receives a birthday card from his "long lost" father. On a whim, he decides on confronting his father instead of going on planned vacation. But what he learns just might be more then he can handle...

Though I grew up knowing that I (myself) was a secret child of my birth father's, while Alex only knew that his father left him, I felt a certain kindred spirit to Alex and this novel. As I completely get it. I get Alex's need for validation. I get why Robert did what he did, though he might be a great guy to everyone else what he did to Alex (not acknowledging him as his son) was sucky and shitty. It hurt a bit to read those parts, I'm not gonna lie. However, I feel Ms. Kilby handled the delicacy of the plot quite well, even though some parts of the ending wrapped up a little too nicely for me.

Nevertheless, I feel that the romance plot held this novel together. Giving it a sweetness and hilarity that it required so everyone could process the rest of the novel with a lightness that would not have been there otherwise.

I recommend this novel to those looking for a serious contemporary romance.

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Kobo (e-Book) USD : The Montana Son / The Secret Son (Book 2)

Amazon (Kindle) USD : The Montana Son / The Secret Son (Book 2)
The Montana Son
Barnes & Noble (NOOK Book) USD : The Montana Son / The Secret Son (Book 2)

Amazon (Kindle) USD : Secrets of Cherry Lake Series / The Jackson Family Legacy

Author's Novel Extras : Behind the Cherry Lake series with Joan Kilby

Book Teaser(s) :
"I accept your apology."
"Sorry, did I miss something?" Distracted, he couldn't take his eyes off her sugar-coated lips. Sweet.
"For tail-gaiting me yesterday."
"Oh, that." He grinned knowingly. "That was just foreplay."
Her eyes widened and she stopped chewing as a bright flush spread across her cheeks. Had he embarrassed her? He was considering apologizing when she swallowed and took a sip of coffee. Just as nonchalant as could be, she said, "So that's what passes for sex in the big city."
He laughed out loud. "Touché."
She wasn't finished. "If a man's car is a metaphor for his penis what does it mean that you drive a tiny sports car? Your Beemer could fit in the back of Will's HiLux."
"Okay, enough." Still chuckling, he reached down to pat the retriever who was sniffing at his shoes. ~ within Chapter 3
He would be an affair to remember, romantic but doomed. ~ within Chapter 9

Book Preview(s) :

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