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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fangirling Ms. Stephanie "Number 1" | What's in a genre?? Let's Talk #Romance by @Stef_uncensored

Okay this is becoming a habit ... two for Fangirl Musings so far and now this one for Steph's Rom Book Talk ... who knows it might becoming a constant feature ... any who ...

Right now I'm fangirling over Ms. Stephanie and her video where she discusses what romance means to her and more. While I'll admit I am the type that says give me a HEA (Happily Ever After) or a HFN (Happily For Now) for every book (please), I am definitely willing to read a novel that has just enough romance to keep my interest while not ending the way I want it too. Especially since I agree with what Ms. Stephanie says in that yes the author may want to write an HEA but is that truly where the characters were suppose to end up? Don't force the story because if it doesn't work for the characters ... the readers will feel it too.

One novel that I've read out of my comfort zone but has a little romance was for Amanda McNeil's "Waiting For Daybreak." And I am so happy I did because I it was better than I expected!

You just never know what "romance" novel you'll find and like ... unless you try. =0)

NOW ... check out Ms. Stephanie's video to hear her thoughts too!

Steph's Rom Book Talk :

Don't see the video then click here.

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