Sunday, August 5, 2018

Disappointmentville: Merry Christmas Baby by Marie Cole | #BookReview #MarieCole

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon: Paperback - Pages: 98 | Release Date: December 10, 2016 | Publisher: Self-Published | ISBN: 9781541049840 | ISBN-10: 1541049845 | Language: English | Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance, Quick Read | Jess Obtained Book Through: NetGalley

"Merry Christmas Baby" by Marie Cole

Author's Book Description : A ROCKSTAR IS GOING TO GET THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT THIS YEAR... The last person Carrie thought she’d see this Christmas was her high school sweetheart and famous rockstar, Shawn Jeffries. Just seeing him again brings all the memories of their youthful, fun love flooding back. When it appears he feels it too she starts to worry. How will Shawn react when he finds out that she’s been keeping a big secret from him for the past six years? "Merry Christmas Baby" is a short, sweet romance with just the tiniest bit of spice mixed in. Cuddle up on your couch and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while you devour this Christmas love story.

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars, when Shawn, a rock star, unexpectedly meets up with his high school sweetheart, Carrie, he realizes that when he went after his dreams he shouldn't have given her up too. But when Carrie's secrets come out Shawn learns that he has more to make up for than originally planned.

Let me get straight to the point ... it was cuter than cute but I wasn't a fan of how the plot was laid out. It just didn't mesh, which is sad because the characters seemed great! Plus, it didn't hurt that the "surprise" ending put a smile on my face.

I'd recommend this only to those looking for a sticky sweet contemporary holiday romance that is a quick read too.

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Book Teaser(s) :
I'm not going to give up this time. Shawn+Carrie=4EvA ~ within Chapter 14
She glanced up and frowned as a flower delivery man stood in her doorway, his arms full of roses. She pointed to the filing cabinet in the corner. "Over there, please." She stood up and signed and then grabbed her cellphone. She slammed her door and leaned against it as she dialed Shawn's number.
"Hello, beautiful."
"Shawn, stop sending me flowers."
"You don't like them?"
"They were nice the first day. Maybe even the second day, but I'm starting to have a severe dislike for them." ~ within Chapter 15

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