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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Made the Grade: Bump in the Night by Dakota Rebel

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon: Kindle Edition - File Size: 347 KB | Expected Release Date: October 21, 2014 | Publisher: Resplendence Publishing | Obtained: Dakota Rebel

"Bump in the Night" by Dakota Rebel

Author's Book Description : Ainsley Tennant has a secret. By day, she is the quintessential girl next door, a mild-mannered, small-town librarian with a 401k and no social life. But when the sun sets, she turns into a preternatural magnet. Every ghost, vampire and demon in a fifty-mile radius is drawn to her. Since she was a child, all she has ever wanted was to find someplace safe, far away from murder and mayhem so that these lost souls would no longer be drawn to her.

She believes she has finally found such a place in Logan, Ohio and has planted her roots firmly in the small, happy town. Still, not one to tempt fate, she does her best to be safely ensconced in her home before night fully takes hold of her peaceful village.

Unfortunately, her house may not be the safe haven she believed it. On Halloween, she finds herself walking the two blocks from work to her house well after midnight and realizes she is no longer alone on her journey. Turning to confront her pursuer, she comes face to face with one of the sexiest vampires she has ever encountered. Though her head tells her to run, her body begs to find out if anything good ever goes bump in the night.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars!

Okay this review is a bit different because my original review, which was well thought out if I do say so myself, got accidently deleted by my Kindle. I’m still not happy about that happening but there isn’t a way to get it back. So … here you go from what I recall about this novel …

It’s about Ainsley a woman who has the powers to see and unintentionally draw paranormal creatures to her. However, she is sick of her power so she finds a “out of the area” place to live where she has created a home she enjoys. But as Halloween is a few days away, she finds that something very evil is after her and her strongest protections won’t save her. Therefore, when unlikely help from a handsome vampire comes along Ainsley finds him and his help impossible to resist. Quickly a crossroads in her life comes to pass, will she take the course that will lead her to a new future (one she never expected) or will she try to protect herself from the upcoming events so she can try to keep her life as normal as possible?

I really enjoyed how this novel was laid out; it’s intensely written with a surprise romance wrapped in a fast-paced adventure that keeps you interested from the beginning. In addition, I LOVED Ainsley’s relationship with both Zane and Kate! Zane seemed like Ainsley’s perfect half, plus he’s described as a handsome vampire who was also sweet and charming, while Kate was just a sweet girl who Ainsley and Zane unintentionally grew to love and wanted the best for her future.

Though this novel was not written as I had expected, its main and secondary characters won me over. I am also curious to know if Ainsley’s witch and angel/guardian friends ended up together too.

I recommend it to those looking for a unique first person paranormal romance.

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :
Kobo (e-Book) USD : Bump in the Night

Amazon (Kindle) USD : Bump in the Night
Bump in the Night (Paranormal Vampire Erotic Romance) by Dakota Rebel
Barnes & Noble (NOOK Book) USD : Bump in the Night

Book Teaser(s) :
“You’re a strange one,” I said, before trying to stifle a yawn. “Why do you want to hang out with me?”
“You smell like a Christmas cookie.”
“Excuse me?” I asked with a giggle.
“You do.” He shrugged, and the motion moved my head forward. He shifted in the swing, turning us both so he was almost reclining and I could rest fully against his chest. His arms wrapped around me, and though I knew I should move or protest or something, I couldn’t. It felt so good to be held by a man, especially this one, that I just allowed it to happen. I don’t know why I felt safe with him, but somehow, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.
“Christmas cookies,” I repeated with another yawn. “I’ve never heard that before.”
“You smell like butter and sugar and fresh pine needles,” he murmured into my hair.
“That’s not pine,” I said. “That’s wine.”
“Oh,” he whispered. “Well, it certainly is intoxicating.”
“I didn’t need any cheese to go with that.” ~ within Chapter 5
Could my life get any more messed up? ~ within Chapter 11

Book Preview(s) :
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Dakota, then please check out her Amazon Acct.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Made the Grade: Three Ways to Wicked by Melinda Barron

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 201 KB | Release Date: May 3, 2011 | Publisher: Resplendence Publishing | Obtained:

"Three Ways to Wicked" by Melinda Barron (aka Maura McMann)

Author's Book Description : Bestselling Author Krisily Carmichael needs a break from her life. Her horrid ex-boyfriend sold naked photos of her, and now she’s plastered all over the nation’s largest skin magazine. So when an advertisement for a rental cottage near Bath appears in her mailbox, she snatches up the offer.

When she arrives at the remote English cottage, she finds a charming country home with a huge botanical garden…complete with four magical beings trapped inside.

Victim of a wayward spell, the Sorcerer Uriel and his alchemist cousins, Bythos and Acolius, have spent centuries trapped inside their garden with an evil witch who wants their secrets. Krisily’s arrival sets off a string of events foretold to bring about the witch’s end. Unfortunately, they have to contend with the witch’s curse, which took one sense from each of the men.

But the four of them find a way to communicate, and they come together in a blaze of passion that helps them to destroy the witch and meet their destiny.

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. It's a cute erotic novel. It's about a present day woman who rents out a cottage in England in hopes of relaxing for a while. Instead finds herself in the middle of a magical war with three hot guys wanting to help her, in more ways then one.

As I said it was cute, yet I just wish I liked the relationship between the four of them better and the ending more.

I recommend it ONLY to those looking for a quick erotic paranormal romantic read!

Purchase This Book Here :

Book Teaser(s) :
Cauldrons that turn into bitches, oh my...cauldrons that turn into bitches, oh my...cauldrons that turn into... What the hell am I doing!” ~ within Chapter 6
Uriel put his elbows on the table. “What are credit cards?”
“They’re little plastic things you give people instead of money. He used them to purchase some things when we were together.”
“Extraordinary,” Bythos said. “A moneyless society.”
“No.” She waved her hands to dispel the notion. “It’s...I’ll explain it all later, okay.”
One more book she needed to buy, obviously. Maybe the children’s section would have tomes that could explain it all to them easily.
“Did he use these things to purchase you clothing?” Uriel’s gaze was harsh.
“We’re not going into that again. This is the way people dress nowadays. Deal with it.” There had been a huge discussion before they’d left the cottage about her sundress, which, they’d all agreed, was “attire for under the dress”.
The conversation had been heated, but, in the interest of getting into Bath, they’d finally agreed they’d table the discussion for later. ~ within the Epilogue
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Melinda, then please check her out on the Goodreads' website.
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