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Friday, October 23, 2015

Made the Grade: O'Connor Family Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 247 KB | Expected Release Date: July 14, 2015 | Publisher: Evernight Publishing | Obtained: NetGalley

"King Stud" [O'Connor Family Series, Book 1] by Liv Rancourt

Author's Book Description : Danielle’s got three months to make her grandmother’s rundown Craftsman house livable. Her game plan is to get in, get grubby, and get back home to L.A. She needs a carpenter, and her best friend’s younger brother is a good one. It’s hard to ignore the buffed body under Ryan’s paint-splattered sweatshirts, but her friend declares he’s off-limits so Danielle reluctantly agrees.

Ryan doesn’t have the cleanest record, anyway. His recently ex-ed girlfriend wants him back, and he has a reputation for brawling. He’s also had a crush on Danielle since he was a kid. Despite their nine-year age difference, he knows she’s worth pursuing.

Soon the paint under Danielle’s fingernails starts feeling more natural than the L.A. sunshine. She’ll have to navigate plumbing disasters, money problems, and one seriously cranky best friend to find something she hasn’t had before: a real home, and a man who loves her.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Not long after an unexpected breakup Danielle (Dani) is informed that her grandmother left her childhood home to her in the will so, with hopes to get some space, she takes off a couple of months from work and goes home. Dani’s plans are to upgrade the house and put it on the market during the time that she’s there but that is before she realizes that the house is in need of a whole lot more TLC than she can give on her own. Therefore, she enlists the help of her “best friend,” Maeve’s, younger brother Ryan to help. During their time together, their relationship goes from platonic to friends to lovers very quickly. Yet with the cards fate has stacked against them, will they be able to work through their issues so they can have something good together? Or will it be only a brief affair for them after all?

This compelling novel reels you in with all of its drama. It was hard not to be hooked! Dani is a sweet 33-year-old, who is dealing with a lot of issues and not sure how to fit back into the town she grew up. Though Ryan is nine years younger than Dani, he has had a crush on since he was a little boy and their time together has just matured those feelings. Yet, both are dealing with recent breakups from people who have emotionally scarred them, so they both have a hard time coming to terms with trusting one another throughout this novel. It was interesting how they dealt with all of the chaos in their lives while they leaned on each other for support. And it was because of that support that made this novel and their relationship so sweet to read. Add in a few sex scenes and this novel definitely keeps a reader entertained in many ways.

Simply, I liked Dani and Ryan together. Even though this novel throws many curveballs their way I’m glad it all works out for them.

In truth, what made me not give this novel a higher rating was because I didn’t like some of the secondary characters and I thought some of the storylines (like the one about Dani’s mother and her job) was left a bit incomplete.

Nevertheless, I definitely recommend this novel for those looking for a dramatically erotic contemporary romance.

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Kobo (e-Book) : King Stud (Book 1)

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Author's Novel Extras : Hot for Friday: First Kiss | KING STUD LIVES! | Coming Soon: King Stud! | King Stud | Because it's a LABOR OF LOVE #LOLHop #Prizes | Evernight's 5th Anniversary!! (#giveaway - @evernightpub)

This will likely...most my last promo post today...(Props to Irene, btw, for the tagline. ;) )
Posted by Liv Rancourt on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quote of the day...
Posted by Liv Rancourt on Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quote of the day...happy Friday!
Posted by Liv Rancourt on Friday, July 31, 2015

Author's Series Extras : Beefcake: Then and Now

Book Teaser(s) :
She hated being the grown-up. ~ within Chapter 6

KING STUD by Liv Rancourt -- Read my #bookreview here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Friday, October 23, 2015
She couldn't have screwed things up any more if she'd belly-flopped naked into the Christmas tree, taking a herd of angels with her. ~ within Chapter 12

KING STUD by Liv Rancourt -- Read my #bookreview here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Friday, October 23, 2015
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Liv, then please check out her website.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Made the Grade: Bite Harder by Jenika Snow

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 1210 KB | Release Date: February 9, 2017 | Publisher: Evernight Publishing | Obtained: Amazon

"Bite Harder" by Jenika Snow (Note: "Bite Harder" is another name for "All Bite, No Growl.")

Author's Book Description : Forget the foreplay. For the truly committed, it's all bite.

Willow has loved Devon and Case for as long as she can remember, but as lion shifters they will eventually find their mates. When she allows herself to be with her two lions after a drunken party, she fears she's ruined a lifelong friendship and flees before morning.

Devon and Case have been inseparable since they could walk, but they can't tell anyone that they are mates. The pride of shifters they belong to won't accept a same-sex mating. But it's not just their lives they have to worry about. They've also just realized they've become a triad with Willow--three shifters mated.

When a shocking revelation brings Willow's world crashing down, she knows she can't hide behind her fears any longer. Being with Case and Devon is the only thing that makes sense, and she doesn't care if it ends up ruining their friendship.

*Previously published as "All Bite, No Growl," this title has been re-edited. No new content has been added.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Willow, Devin, and Case are all lion shifters who’ve been best friends ever since they were little. However, now that they just finished their senior year of high school everything is changing around them. They’ve always been close but over the past year Devin and Chase have found that they’re mates with one another and even though Willow has feelings for them, which they reciprocate, they are all scared about messing up their relationships. Will fate change for the better for them all or will their chances be taking away from them all by their closed-minded shifter community?

This paranormal ménage romance surprised me with its unexpected twists while keeping my attention because of its sweet main characters. Even though it is a quick read, I was given enough background information that I felt really entertained, and it would be great still if I could read more about them.

I found the relationship that Willow, Devin, and Case was really sweet yet intense in the way that they protected one another. I was really charmed because of their intensity as it helped me want to root for them no matter what got thrown their way. Though they weren’t sure what they all truly meant to one another for most of their novella it was how they care for each other that made me smile and what I appreciated the most. In addition, the epilogue wrapped up everything nicely too.

I recommend this to those who are looking for an intense paranormal ménage romance to read and don’t mind that the characters are in the “New Adult” era of their lives.

Purchase This Book Here :

Amazon (Kindle) USD : Bite Harder
Bite Harder
Barnes & Noble (NOOK Book) USD : Bite Harder

Author's Novel Extras : Bite Harder - Overview

Book Preview(s) :

For more information on this book and/or any other books by Jenika, then please check out her Amazon Acct.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feasted On: With the Boys in the Band by Marie Medina

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 308 KB | Release Date: November 2012 | Publisher: Evernight Publishing | Obtained:

"With the Boys in the Band" by Marie Medina

My Book Summary : A few months ago, Alicia began her dream job by becoming an assistant for the metal band Serration. In doing so, she has gotten to know the guys in the band really well but when she finds out that Emerson, the bands keyboardist, is interested in her and has been for a while now she is very interested in getting to know him better. Therefore, when Emerson invites her to his best friend and fellow band member, Vince's, house as a special guest Alicia immediately agrees.

However, when spending one-on-one time with the band and Emerson, Alicia finds her suspicions about Emerson's relationship with Vince confirmed, they are in love with each other but don't know how to acknowledge it to each other more than just friendship. Now Alicia feels like it's her responsibility to bring these two together for good. Yet in doing so will she ruin her own growing relationships with them or will they all be thrown by the new opportunities that now present themselves to them?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! Two best friends learn the depth of their friendship and love while opening up their hearts to someone else and something new. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel with its hot hard rock male leads to its unexpected paranormal twists. In addition, it keeps you on your toes with its hot, spicy, and erotic sex scenes! I loved reading about how the relationship between these three bloomed into something special for all three of them.

I just wish there was more to read about! I recommend this novel to anyone who likes ménage, M/M/F and/or M/M romances. Especially ménage romances involving werewolves.

Author's Novel Extras : Cover Reveal: With the Boys in the Band | New Release: With the Boys in the Band (MMF) | Excerpt: With the Boys in the Band (NC-17) | Excerpt: With the Boys in the Band (MMF)

Book Teaser(s) :
Gesturing toward the door, Vince said, “Go eat. Talk with Alicia. Take a walk or something.”
Incredulous, Emerson could do nothing but gape at Vince. “She seems like a good listener, but these topics might be a bit too hefty.”
Vince linked his hands behind his neck. “Do you wish I hadn’t told you?”
“No. In both cases.” He sighed in frustration as dread settled in his stomach. “I’m not sure how to put one foot in front of the other right now, let alone tell the girl I just slept with about the two big revelations that came my way a few moments ago.”
“I think she’ll be a better listener than you think.” Vince zipped his jeans and grabbed a shirt from the dresser. “Go find out.”
Emerson watched him walk away and out the door. He wanted to stop him, yet once he was gone he managed to breathe a little easier. “Go find out?” he muttered. “It’s a fucking mad tea party around here.”
But he knew she was upstairs waiting for him, so he turned his steps that way. All of her potential reactions swirled in his head as he forced himself up the stairs and back to his bedroom. ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Marie, then please check out her website.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Made the Grade: Pack Seduction Series, Book 2

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 153 KB | Release Date: June 2011 | Publisher: Evernight Publishing

"Freya's Mates" [Pack Seduction Series, Book 2] by Stacey Espino

My Book Summary : This story takes up right where, "Claiming Their Mate", left off. Freya has just left her sister, Carna, not wanting to be a burden to her sister and her sister's new mates, and now she's at Club Frenzy into a world of trouble of her own. Or at least this is what she thinks after she tries to skip out on a meal, and gets dragged to the owner's office, who just happens to be a hot and sexy lion shifter, named Gideon. Soon she finds herself with two hot shifters saying that she is their mate and a piece of her heart pining for a human she seems forbidden to love. Will she be able to have all three of her men or will her heart be broken forever?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, this story really complemented the first book in this series. Plus, it was steamy and hot just enough for you to get addicted to this sexy trio of men and their sweet little wolf. From the talk about the third sister in this story, I'm definitely curious as to what the next book will hold.

My Previous Interview with this Author : August 2011

My Previous Review(s) for this Series : Book 1

Book Teaser(s) :
"Gideon! Shit." Vincent climbed off the bed, tossing a blanket over the princess before facing him. "It's not what it looks like."
"You were about to fuck her."
He shrugged. "Maybe. But I have a good reason. Actually I need to talk with you about it."
"Tell me now, Vincent. My patience is wearing thin."
"She's my mate. At least I think she is."
Freya sat up in the bed, a scowl marring her delicate features. "You think? That doesn't inspire much confidence in me, especially when you were ready to mark me for life."
"You, my little wolf, should keep quiet. In one day you've managed to take hold of my two best men, yet you fight me at every turn." ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Stacey, then please check out her website.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Giveaway - Claiming Their Mate by Stacey Espino

Today I was able post my interview with Stacey Espino!! Also ... Stacey has offered up an e-copy of "Claiming Their Mate" [Pack Seduction Series, Book 1] by Stacey Espino for one lucky commenter!!

"Claiming Their Mate" [Pack Seduction Series, Book 1]

Format: E-copy | File Size: 141 KB | Release Date: April 2011 | Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Author's Book Description :
    [Menage a Cinq Paranormal Romance]

    Carna and her sisters carry the last of the royal blood. Every male shifter in the world craves to mate with one of the elusive princesses to secure their place in history. Only royal blood will ensure the continuation of all shifter species.

    Although she may be the heir to future generations, Carna wants no part in a forced seduction. She's independent and wants to make her own choices, and mate for love, not out of necessity. Carna and her sisters split up and go into hiding, but not for long...

    When a rogue group of shifters captures Carna and insists she choose one of them as her mate, she puts up the fight of her life, escaping into the forest. Once on the run again, she quickly learns that running and hiding are taking their toll on her. She needs to settle down and why not with one or more of the sexy men begging for her affections? But can she find love amongst all the chaos?

  1. This contest ends on August 31st and the winners will be selected using
  2. You must be at least 18 years-old and must comment on my blog (somewhere and no later then a month ago) to enter.
  3. Name and email must be provided and counts as 1 entry. Additional entries are possible but links must be provided.
  4. The form below must be filled out to enter.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Made the Grade: Pack Seduction Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 141 KB | Release Date: April 2011 | Publisher: Evernight Publishing

"Claiming Their Mate" [Pack Seduction Series, Book 1] by Stacey Espino

My Book Summary : Carna and her sisters are all royalty amongst their kind. And by being royalty, their blood helps make sure that the breeds of whoever they mate won't die out. Because of that responsibility and because of the fact that when she became of mature age all male shifter thought they could just have her and she'd be theirs, her sisters and her ran away, split up, and went into hiding so they could possibly find lives and men of their own.

Since then Carna's life hasn't been so great but it has been hers.

However, one night four men (friends) find and kidnap her with plans of seducing and mating her. But Carna will have none of their games. She'll never mate a kidnapper or someone who only want her for her heritage. And that's all they want ... right?

The guys will go to great lengths just to prove how wrong she is!!

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars! HOT, SWEET, and SEXY!! This book pulls you in and doesn't let go! Who wouldn't want to read about four alpha males who will do anything in their power for their mate!

My only complaints it was too short and rushed through everything. Plus, the ending could of had more.

Book Teaser(s) :
The natural desire to mate, to bond, pulled her under its spell, but she had to resist the call.
"Touch me. Please." The need in her voice surprised her. Close to the point of no return, her control snapped back to attention when a new male voice replied.
"You don't have to beg, darlin'."
"Back already?" asked Blue, not shifting his position, only turning his head to the entrance of the cave. "Your timing is impeccable."
"Good thing, too. I don't want you starting without me." ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Stacey, then please check out her website.
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