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Friday, January 15, 2016

Feasted On: The Witch’s Champions by Honoria Ravena

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon: Kindle Edition - File Size: ??? KB | Expected Release Date: July 2015 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Secret Cravings Publishing

"The Witch’s Champions" by Honoria Ravena

Author's Book Description : 4 Flames | 23483 words

When Gianna's car breaks down on a remote road in Idaho and a truck rolls up behind her, she knows it's not a Good Samaritan who's stopped to help her. Witch hunters have been after her since she was sixteen and this one has been more dogged than most. When he chases her into the woods with a crossbow she has no idea how she's going to get out of this mess.
Cris and Mordecai have been living without a third mate for a hundred and fifty years and Cris is sick of it. Mordecai is afraid he will get another lover killed, and has been trying to chase Cris away since Amelia was murdered by witch hunters. When Cris finds an attractive woman in trouble, he takes advantage of the situation to bring Mordecai out of his funk.
Both Mordecai and Gianna are resistant to the idea, but when their lives are threatened they'll have to come together to fight the people that would see them all dead.

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! One witch’s determination to survive is tested when two men drag her into their lives with plans to save her and keep her for good.

This surprising fast-paced drama had more twists than I expected and enough lust-turned-romance to read about to enjoy being on your toes. Gianna (Gia / Georgianna) is scared about letting anyone get close to her for fear that they’ll be put into harms way, so even though she is immediately attracted to Cris (Cristobal) & Cai (Mordecai) when they all first meet she tries her best to keep her feelings for them at bay. However, Cris quickly wears down both Cai & Gianna’s fears by seducing them enough to make them not worry so much. *hahaa* While I enjoyed the seriousness and eroticness of this plot, I found it very quirky too much to my enjoyment. I would love to read more about this entertaining trio.

I do recommend this novel to those looking for a unique paranormal erotic romance!

-- On a side note --
Okay ... I received this novel through Secret Cravings Publishing in exchange for an honest review in July 2015, which was before they announced they were shutting down. Because of my overgrown TBR list it took me a long while to read/review it and even though this novel isn't around for purchasing at this time I liked it enough that I felt I still needed to tell you all about it. =0)

Book Teaser(s) :
“Hi.” His voice was so deep it made my bones ache. He had just a hint of an English accent, as if he hadn’t been there in a long time. A little chill went down my spine, and not the bad kind. He was hot. I loved a man with a deep, accented voice.
His scent hit me as the breeze brushed past. He smelled faintly of pine trees and perspiration.
I realized I’d been silent for a long time while I’d ogled him. His pleased, knowing grin exposed lots of white teeth.
I cleared my throat. “Hello. Thanks for not eating me.”
His smile turned sinful as he eyed me. “We’ll get to that.”
I flushed from my forehead to my toes and had to clear my throat to speak. “The point was thanks for saving me.” ~ within Chapter 1
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Honoria, then please check out her Amazon Acct.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feasted On: The Vampire King Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 1089 KB | Release Date: December 2, 2012 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Kenya Wright

"Escape" [The Vampire King Series, Book 1] by Kenya Wright

My Book Summary : Brie is a Domina, which is a human woman with special blood that can also give birth to vampire children (some of those children can turn out to be very powerful). However, even though so volunteered to be a Domina to The Quiet King (a vampire king who is ruthless, blind, deaf, and very spiteful) so her family and village would survive; after two years of living in the castle and seeing vampire "prince" babies being unmercifully slaughtered she's decides to escape back to her home to be with her daughters and husband again.

Therefore, to escape, she enlists the help of Samuel a Pathfinder (someone who assists others to escape the King's kingdom) and a full powerful vampire with secrets of his own. However, Samuel doesn't agree with helping Dominas escape for personal reasons so Brie is forced to lie to him when they first meet and hope that her secret won't be found out.

Soon they find that there is an instant bond and attract between them that gets stronger with every touch they share. It leaves Brie second-guessing her commitment to the husband that let her go and her heart. Will she be willing to leave Samuel's side when the time comes? Can she go back to a life that has probably moved on without her? Will she be able to make it on her own now that she's escaped the King and he will be out hunting for her soon?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars, this dynamic novella keeps you on your toes with its captivating writing and intense scenes! I was not expecting to like this novel as much as I did! Also, I am soo pleasantly surprised with the growth that Brie & Samuel go through throughout this story. Right now, this story isn't about a love match, it's about a woman wanting to get herself out of a bad situation and back home to the ones she chose to leave, and in the process finding a man (vampire) who sparks something inside of her that takes hold and doesn't let go. I was intrigued with the passion between Brie & Samuel as well as how they come to learn to trust and like each other throughout this story.

In addition, I will admit that I am more of a fan of reading from both of the main characters POVs. So, when this novella was (and is) mostly from Brie's perspective I was a little disappointed, that is until I got to the very end of it and read the epilogue, which is from Samuel's perspective! It was nice to read because it let you know that they were both on the same page, i.e. they both were excited and scared about this growing attraction between them and not sure what to do about it, which made me like this novella that much more!!

I recommend this novella to anyone who enjoys paranormal vampire romance, especially in unique settings!

My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Incubus Hunter

Author's Novel Extras : Blood! Vampires! Fangs! Oh My!! | Escape Cover Reveal by Kenya Wright

Author's Series Extras : About the World and the Two Main Characters | Vampire King Series Sneak Previews

Book Teaser(s) :
The door opened. Light seeped in from the hallway. Samuel stumbled in, closed the door, and ambled to the other side of the bed. He collapsed behind me, making the mattress bounce a little. My body tensed. I kept my back to him.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have come in the shower. Ambi knows I shouldn’t even be lying in this bed next to you.”
Not knowing how to respond, I remained stiff, pretending to be asleep.
“I know you’re awake. I hear your heart beating fast,” he warned. “And I know how it sounds when you’re asleep. I listened to it the whole time I carried you in the sewer.”
I gritted my teeth. “Fine. I’m awake.”
“Do you mind me sleeping in bed with you?”
“I don’t mind as long as you don’t touch me.”
His laughter filled the space. “A vampire lies next to you and all you’re worried about is him touching you?”
“I’m used to sleeping with a vampire,” I confessed. “Once a month, The Quiet King slept in my bed to help me adjust to him.”
“He never touched you, right?” Samuel’s voice came out in a low growl. ~ within Chapter 6
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Kenya, then please check out her website.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Disappointmentville: Flower Fae Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 973 KB | Expected Release Date: March 14, 2015 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Secret Cravings Publishing

"Awakening Power and Passion" [Flower Fae Series, Book 2] by Nicole Campbell

Author's Book Description : Jasmine Moonflower is an Earth Fae only interested in exploring her talents and developing her gifts. Upon reaching adulthood, she comes into her power and is urged to start looking for a mate. The Elders have said her heart would tell her who her mate is, but none of the males in her village speak to her heart.

Duke Halton Steel knows all about the Fae. Many of his people in Essex are at least part Fae, and he protects them from a dark sorcerer. He is pleasantly shocked when Jasmine literally falls into his arms one day in the woods. She and the Fae she saved from the dark sorcerer return to his keep for safety.

Can the duke, an ally in the form of a Sorcerer of Light, and Jasmine keep them all safe? Will their love be enough to boost Jasmine’s power enough to help the Sorcerer of Light destroy the Dark One?

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. Just as Jasmine gets into what is considered the Fae adulthood, she gets herself into a bind by being caught by a powerful dark sorcerer called Tristen the Dark One. Tristen plans to force her to willingly marry him so he can then take her power as his own. However, Jasmine is stronger than even Tristen could have imagined and finds a way (along with others who were captured) to escape. Once escaped she meets Halton (Duke Roger Halton Steel the Second) who brings out a side of herself she never knew. Will she be able to really escape from Tristen and move on with her life for good?

This fast-paced fantasy romance brings new ideas to what the “typical fae life” could be while throwing the readers right into the nitty-gritty of it all. For me this novel was a little too fast-paced to be as enjoyable as I had liked. In addition, although I found Jasmine to be an entertaining character, and I enjoyed learning about her ways of doing things, by the time she meets Halton I found their relationship a bit forced. Also, while I admit that they have some enchanting chemistry and it was quite cool what her power does when they are together, I never got a chance to really appreciate them as a couple because of how the plot plays out.

Nevertheless, I WOULD still recommend to those looking for an intensely quick fantasy romance and/or to fans of this series!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here : Smashwords (e-Book) : Warriors of the Veil (Book 1) | (e-Book) : Warriors of the Veil (Book 1) | Kobo (e-Book) : Warriors of the Veil (Book 1)

Author's Novel Extras :

Book Teaser(s) :

AWAKENING POWER AND PASSION by Nicole Campbell -- Read my #bookreview here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Friday, July 31, 2015
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Nicole, then please check out her Twitter Acct.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Feasted On: Netherworld Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 1002 KB | Expected Release Date: April 28, 2015 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Secret Cravings Publishing

"Up In Flames" [Netherworld Series, Book 2] by Olivia Hutchinson

Authors' Book Description : Feared dragon, Liam McIntyre, is resolved to stay out of the conflict between his neighbors, the fae of Péine and the shifters of New Freedom. That changes as soon as he sees the helpless woman tied to a stake in the middle of the fae village. The mysterious woman leaves him wanting and he is determined to keep her.

For Heidi Corrigan, the mountain getaway with her friend to New Freedom is her first vacation. It may also be her last when she's kidnapped by a group of fae warriors determined to burn her as a witch. Rescued by a sexy dragon, Heidi must find her way back to New Freedom, but her new dragon protector has other ideas in mind.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Find out more about the Netherworld in this intense fast-paced novel. Heidi (a human) wants to get away from everything for a bit so she decides to go on a "wilderness vacation" with her best friend, Maggie. However, one misstep while running away from a bee has her captured by an angry group of fae, tied to a stake, and is set to be burned alive in the morning. All because the fae believe, Heidi's a witch even though she's not one. Liam (a dragon shifter) is in the fae realm so he can gather info on what they're up to, but once he sees Heidi all his plans change. Yet after he rescues her, will he be able to convince her to stay with him or will their differences force them to stay apart?

While I read "Up In Flames" (BOOK 2) in this series, hadn’t read "Once Bitten" (BOOK 1) yet, and didn't feel lost in the plot, I would still recommend reading this series in order so you'll understand its backstory a bit more. I liked how the plot transitioned and how Liam and Heidi's relationship grew. From the first time they see each other you can't deny that they have a remarkable connection. The more they interact with one another the stronger their connection grows; it was intriguing to read about. I really liked them together. In addition, it was interesting to read about "mates" in this series. I'm curious to see what will happen next.

I recommend this novel and series to those looking for a new take on the paranormal romance!!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here : Smashwords (e-Book) : Once Bitten (Book 1) | Smashwords (e-Book) : Up in Flames (Book 2)

Author's Novel Extras : UP IN FLAMES COVER REVEAL!

Authors' Series Extras : Once Bitten Cover Reveal | Release Day! | Once Bitten in Paperback

Book Teaser(s) :
An evil, horrid buzzing that made her heart stop in pure, unrestrained fear.
She jerked her head toward the noise but didn’t see anything at first. It wasn’t until the honey bee landed on the tip of her nose that she saw it.
Creature of Satan.
A blood-curdling scream escaped her lips and she slapped at the insect, missing it. It lifted off her nose and buzzed around her head. Heidi waved her arms and stepped away from the stupid bee.
The thing was pursuing her. One step and the bee followed. Then another step and the bee began diving at her, trying to murder her with its stinger. The buzzing was loud, no doubt calling all of its bee friends to join in a large swarm, or two.
Maggie sounded far away when she screamed her name but Heidi had no choice except to ignore her. She had a bigger problem to deal with at the moment. Heidi stepped away from the bee again, but this time there was no ground under her feet. There was only air.
The damn bee had killed her after all. ~ within Chapter 1
The waiting was slowly driving her insane. What she wouldn’t give for them to be free of the place. If she never saw fairies again, it would be too soon. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to see Peter Pan again without having nightmares. She wanted to scream I don’t believe in fairies over and over again until all of the fae dropped dead. But somehow she didn’t think it would be that easy. ~ within Chapter 4

UP IN FLAMES by Olivia Hutchinson -- Read my review here: #teaser #meme #bookreview #paranormal #romance #books
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Sunday, May 17, 2015
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Olivia, then please check out her website.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Idolizing In: Human Interaction Series, Book 4

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 1088 KB | Expected Release Date: April 2, 2015 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Secret Cravings Publishing

"Interaction with a Dragon" [Human Interaction Series, Book 4] by Cheyenne Meadows

Authors' Book Description : Alex is desperate. Her cupboards are bare, her bank account empty, and she’s days away from homelessness. Then, her luck changes in the form of a position as a personal assistant to the baddest, scariest Enforcer around—Cannibal. The man cloaked in mystery, who carries a huge sword, and has scowling down to an art.

Not ready to give up her first job opportunity in months, Alex sucks it up, determined to earn Cannibal’s respect in the process. Hard to do when he threatens to cut off her toes for a snack and she breaks one of his cardinal rules her first day. Yet, she senses something special in Cannibal.

She can’t ignore the powerful attraction as she finds herself playing the part of his girlfriend for his dragon brethren and standing with him as the only ones capable of destroying an evil wizard determined to end the world.

Deep feelings forged in crisis tend to be fleeting. Alex understands the odds, but knows one thing—Cannibal and her heart are both worth fighting for.

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars! Alex finally lands a job after desperately searching! Yet, since she's now working as a "gofer" for a "man" called Cannibal who is known for his strong personality and determined ways, is it really a good thing? Well, she needs the money and plans to stick with her new job no matter the risk. However, is she willing to risk her heart? Even if her feelings might not be returned?

From the witty banter between Alex & Cannibal (Byron) to reading about their growing relationship, it all helped me fall in love with this novel! I especially loved the scenes when they were at the Dragon Keep, mostly because they show off Cannibal's sweet side. In addition, I was relieved to learn that Ms. Meadows didn't stretch out their romance within its series, as she did between Shy & Meat. YAY! I really enjoyed how this novel and their love story wraps up, while leaving the storyline open enough for this series to continue if Ms. Meadows wanted to.

I HIGHLY recommend this novel and series to those who want a unique paranormal romance to read!

-- On a side note --
I would have loved to read a bit from Cannibal's POV, mostly to read him arguing with his dragon. Also, I'm curious as to how Cannibal & Alex's relationship will go from this point on. As even though they've mated their lifespans are still going to be different, right? It'll be interesting...

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here : IndieBound (Paperback) : Human Interaction (Book 1) | IndieBound (Paperback) : Species Interaction (Book 2) | Smashwords (e-Book) : Human Interaction (Book 1) | Smashwords (e-Book) : Species Interaction (Book 2) | Smashwords (e-Book) : Entangled Interaction (Book 3) | Smashwords (e-Book) : Interaction with a Dragon (Book 4)

Author's Novel Extras : So, what am I working on now? | New cover art to share. This is for Interaction with a Dragon (Human Interaction book 4) coming April 2nd. He's definitely lickable and one of my favorite characters of all time! | My Tuesday Teaser from Interaction with a Dragon | Tuesday Teaser from Interaction with a Dragon | Interaction with a Dragon releases tomorrow! I can't wait!

Book Teaser(s) :
“What did you do this time to upset my mate?” So filled with challenge, this man’s tone definitely deterred anyone from arguing.
“Nothing.” The ogre didn’t back down an inch. His firm answer easily drew a line in the sand.
“Then why is she crying?”
“She’s got to pee and can’t find her feet.” The reply sound a bit droller and less furious. ~ within Chapter 1
“Your brother needs more clothes. Maybe you should give him an early birthday present or something.”
Cannibal arched an eyebrow. “Why do you say that?”
“Because he’s running around naked all the time. This afternoon, I stumbled into his room again. He was standing there in the nude. Just like last time, though this time he didn’t just climb from the shower. Either he has to wait for clothes to wash and dry or he’s a closet nudist.”
He rubbed his forehead and grumbled under his breath. I got the impression he was praying. For salvation from seeing his brother in the buff, for patience, for a better gopher, I wasn’t sure. ~ within Chapter 12

Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Wednesday, April 8, 2015
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Cheyenne, then please check out her website.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Feasted On: The Chosen Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 958 KB | Expected Release Date: April 13, 2015 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Secret Cravings Publishing

"NiKoh’s Chosen: Family Matters" [The Chosen Series, Book 2] by Kenzie Michaels (aka Molly Daniels)

Authors' Book Description : Still mourning the tragic death of his beautiful mate, could another Chosen one already be waiting for NiKoh SiLah? To avoid what he’s not ready to accept, he throws himself into his work at Planet Security.

Leaving the Academy behind to follow her dream of working with animals, GiNae SoJae returns home. Preoccupied with work and not ready to take a mate, she’s horrified when her body enters Maturity. GiNae fights the changes occurring within her. But during nightly dreams she cannot control, an unknown man teaches her the secrets of her body.

Will NiKoh and GiNae succumb to the paths they think have been chosen for them or will they discover the true Chosen life that awaits them?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars. Two people who are going through major life changes believe that fate is pushing them together, but is what they believe true?

Okay. I knew that this was part of a series when I picked it to read and I had never read "Heart’s Last Chance" (book 1 from this series) previously. Therefore, with nothing to base this novel off of before starting it, I will say I found myself confused by some of the secondary storylines as they tie into plots that happen throughout the series that I was not familiar with. Nevertheless, because I stuck with this novel, I know it deserves the four star rating I’m giving it since the ending pleasantly surprised me!! The twist that I was HOPING for HAPPENED!

Unintentionally, everyone that lives under NiKoh’s roof, which includes GiNae and her mother ViShe who is Nikoh’s housekeeper, are like family. Even when ViShe tries to stick to propriety, they all have lived at the same location for sixteen years so it’s hard not think of one another after the changes around them begin. In addition, I really liked OkVei (NiKoh’s son) and GiNae’s friendship. It gave this novel another dynamic viewpoint that you had to admire.

I recommend this novel to those who are fans of Ms. Michaels and/or this series!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here : Smashwords (e-Book) : Heart’s Last Chance (Book 1)

Author's Novel Extras : Happy Anniversary SCP! | I Have Cover Art!!!!

Author's Series Extras : The Chosen Series - Overview | Ready For Sexy Aliens? | New Cover! | Release Date Revealed! | Sound The Trumpets! There's An Alien On Earth:) | Stuff Your Kindle Blog Hop

Book Teaser(s) :
What is it with me, that I am drawn to spirited women? BeSai was determined to start a conservatory in the Council of Elders, and to humor her, RiKar persuaded the rest of the council. GiNae is determined to rescue every animal on the planet, large or small, and I’ve even allowed one in the house. What have I done? ~ within Chapter 4
“I’ve created a monster.” OkVei slapped his hands over his face in mock horror.
GiNae laughed, then leaned forward to pry his hands away. “Not quite.” ~ within Chapter 7
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Kenzie, then please check out her website.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Feasted On: Mystic Wolves Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 890 KB | Expected Release Date: April 14, 2015 | Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing | Obtained: Secret Cravings Publishing

"His Perfect Wolf" [Mystic Wolves Series, Book 2] by Elle Boon

Authors' Book Description : Niall Malik is alpha of the Mystic Wolves. His life revolved around protecting his pack and son. He planned to do this alone until finding an injured woman who stirred more than just his lust.

When Alaina Strop woke in the tattooed arms of a strange wolf shifter, all she could think of was getting closer. Having no memory was a small thing compared to the feelings she had for the growling man. Before she could give her mind and body to him, she needed to find out who she was, and be sure she didn’t belong to another. Though deep in her soul, she knew she was Nialls.

Danger came to Mystic as Alaina’s memory returned and her father came to claim her for another wolf. But Niall, the big bad alpha, had found his perfect wolf, and wasn’t about to let her go, no matter the cost.

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! Lately Niall has been thinking that he should find a new wife/mate for himself, someone who could be a good mother to his seven-year-old son too. However, he never expected to find another truemate after his wife died years ago, so when he comes across Alaina (a mysterious woman who lost her memory) he has hope for his future. Yet when people from Alaina’s past hunt her down, will Niall be ready to lay everything (his future and his pack) on the line for a woman he barely knows?

This fast-paced paranormal romance reels you in and keeps you entertained the whole way through! The intimacy between Niall and Alaina is magnetic, while for such a short novel its plot is very well thought out. I really liked it. Plus, this novel written in a way that if you haven’t read Accidentally Wolf (Book 1) you won’t feel left out.

I recommend this novel to those who are interested in a quick paranormal romance!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here : Smashwords (e-Book) : Accidentally Wolf (Book 1) | Kobo (e-Book) : Accidentally Wolf (Book 1)

Author's Novel Extras : His Perfect Wolf - Overview & Excerpt

Author's Series Extras : Accidentally Wolf - Overview & Excerpt

Book Teaser(s) :
“Easy, babe, I’m not going to hurt you. Let me help you back onto the bed. Will you let me help you?”
His deep baritone voice sent a delicious shiver down her spine. Good God, almighty, she was not going to get excited by his voice. Wolves could scent that shit. Think of anything other than how good he smells.
Already at eye level, she couldn’t miss the sparkle in his gaze, nor the way his lips tilted up in a grin. Totally busted macking on the hot wolf, who didn’t know she knew he was a wolf. Oh the something web we weave. ~ within Chapter 18
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Elle, then please check out her website.
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