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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sometimes i'm an angel, And sometimes i'm cruel, And when it comes to love ... I'm just another fool

Susan Elizabeth Phillips shines with her new novel "What I Did for Love"!! Basically you have two ex-co-star enemies ... one drunken night in Vegas ... a bunch of Hollywood gossip .... and you get a relationship that turns out for the better if only each can get over there own pasts .... and their friends and colleagues around them don't make it worse. Find out what Bram & Gracie do for love!

4 out of 5 stars!! This is one of my now faves of Susan's ... especially since she put so many of her characters from previous books into it! So ... if you've read her "Glitter Baby" and/or "Natural Born Charmer" then you'll get to read about some familiar characters again. =0) However, even though I am a fan of epilogues as I have mentioned in the past, the epilogue that she has is a little too lovey dovey to be realistic ... but oh wells I guess. =0P

For more information on this book and/or on any other books of Susan's then please check out her website.

** Title is from the song True Companion by Marc Cohn **

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