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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Made the Grade: Dark Series, Book 21

Format: Hardcover | Pages: 342 | Release Date: August 2010 | Publisher: Berkley

"Dark Peril" [Dark Series, Book 21] by Christine Feehan

My Book Summary : Dominic is a Dragonseeker, a powerful Carpathian warrior, who will do anything to protect his family and the Carpathian people. Even if it means ingesting parasitic infested vampire blood to get in behind enemy lines, find out what their plans are, and then go down fighting. However, he never expected to find his lifemate while in the mists of his plans.

Solange is one of the last of her kind -- part jaguar, part human and a 100% royal pureblood -- she will do anything in her power to save the woman of her species that are being beaten and abused by the hands of her father (the ruler of the jaguar people) and the men that follow him. Her plans also include finding a way to kill her father, a man who slaughtered her whole family, by any means possible.

For the past couple of months Dominic and Solange have been having dreams of one another, thinking that the other person wasn't real. However, they suddenly find out that isn't true when Solange runs into and aids Dominic while he is fighting some vampires while in South American jungle.

Will they decide to stay on their paths which might end up killing one or both of them? Or will they decide being together no matter what is better then being separated for good?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, not quite what I expected but I still enjoyed this latest novel in the Dark series. Basically what got me so into this book is that I usually like 'shifter' characters and I really liked how Solange was worked into the Carpathian world. I'm curious as to what the future will hold after Solange and Dominic's secret comes out (if it comes out) to the Carpathian community.

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"Should you need blood," Solange said, "call to us."
Dominic didn't protest, but he was never going to allow such a risk to her again. Fighting vampires was one thing, but walking into the very fangs of a Carpathian on the verge of turning was something altogether different. His heart was still pounding, the sound drumming in his veins. He looked at her, this woman who was such a miracle to him. ~ within Chapter 10
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