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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Made the Grade: Dark Series, Book 20

Format: Hardcover | Pages: 361 | Release Date: September 2009 | Publisher: Berkley

"Dark Slayer" [Dark Series, Book 20] by Christine Feehan

My Book Summary : For centuries Ivory has been on her own. Ever since she was a young girl and the prince's eldest son bought her from her now worst enemy (Xavier), then when he realized she wouldn’t go with him willingly he got her chopped and ripped up into pieces of herself and left too die. To top that off she found out that once her five brothers found what happened to her instead of coming to her defense they choose to side with Xavier against the Carpathian people. However, during the years when she was repairing herself, Ivory befriended a wolf pack which she now admits is her only family and she is leery of anyone else. Soon though Ivory’s world is about to change on the night she runs across her lifemate.

Razvan is a Dragonseeker---one of the oldest of the Carpathian lineages---he is also a falsely accused criminal and is Ivory’s lifemate. Since the age of fourteen Razvan has been held hostage by Xavier (who is also Razvan’s grandfather), who has used him over the centuries taking bits of Razvan away from himself so Xavier could have more control, and so Razvan could protect the ones he love the only way he could. However, the reason everyone has branded Razvan a criminal is because his family (his sister and daughters) and the other Carpathian people weren’t aware of Xavier’s possession of him, controlling his body to do gruesome things from murdering to raping to inflicting pain to those he held most dear.

When Ivory finds Razvan he is weak from just escaping Xavier and hopes to “meet the sun” so he’ll be out of Xavier’s clutches once and for all. However, Ivory can’t let Razvan die before her, so she takes him home and tends to him. Once Razvan is better, Ivory helps him get Xavier’s claim off him, but when the Carpathian people find them together will they be forgiving? And will Ivory and Razvan be able to get their revenge on the one person/thing that has destroyed both of their lives?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! This is a sweet novel about two people who have been given the worst out of life but they come together (and fall in love) in hope to concur one of the greatest enemy's to themselves as well as the Carpathian people. I loved the fact of Ivory and her wolf pack!! Even if it was against the rules of their society, it is the best thing I have read in a long time!! I so wish I could have a wolf pack of my own! *hehee* Plus, I think I like this book out of the series all the more because of the "girl-power" aspect of it, where the other two (yes I know I haven't read them all) dealt more with woman who were kind of dependent on their lifemates, Razvan and Ivory were more equals then anything!!

So ... if you've read some of this series ... then I definitely recommend reading this one too! Especially since it includes a great secondary plots of people that you have read in the other books.

My hope is that when Ivory and Razvan have kids at least one of the will be a life mate to the current prince's kids. *hehee*

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Book Teaser(s) :
"Are you ready for this? They have been attended to by others, Vikirnoff and Nicolas, Natalya sometimes, but they will be ravenous for us. Feeding is part of the ritual of sealing the pack together. They're like my children."
Razvan knew she needed the distraction to feel in control again. Emotions were difficult for her. His heart fluttered in his chest and he found himself smiling at her. Happy. Just to be alive. Just to be with her on the crisp, cold evening, with the moon spilling light over her blue-black hair, framing her face so that she looked as angelic as she did sexy.
"I am certain they will be happy to be out of the ground after all these weeks," he agreed. "Let us do this and bring our family back together." ~ within Chapter 12
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Christine, then please check out her website.

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