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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Made the Grade: Intertwined Series, Book 2

Format: Hardcover | Pages: 572 | Release Date: August 2010 | Publisher: Harlequin Books

"Unraveled" [Intertwined Series, Book 2] by Gena Showalter

My Book Summary : Haden (Aden) and his friends have been through a lot already. However, after learning more about Aden & Mary Ann's shared past, meeting the girl of his dreams, and other things that have been happening to him lately ... Now Aden has to deal with becoming the possible Vampire King (while still being human), a curse that will kill his friends if he doesn't meet with the witches, and a bunch of people planning and willing to kill him. There is also the little thing about having 3 souls living inside of him and him wanting to help them as he did Mary Ann's mother. In addition, knowing that he is going to die shortly and knowing there is no way of stopping it.

During this time Mary Ann has some problems of her own ... she feels like she's to blame for her mother's death. She is falling for Riley, but she doesn't know if he likes her for her or because of how she makes him feel. Then to top everything off she finds out that her powers are worse then she could ever imagine and if anyone finds out what she really can do she'll have everyone after her hoping to eliminate her. Plus, the death curse doesn't help at all either.

Will these friends be able to stick together and fight what is to come? And will they all be able to defeat everything before Aden's death prediction comes to reality?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, not what I expected but it kept me wrapped all the way through. I'm really curious as to what book 3, "Twisted", will reveal especially with the change that happened to Aden at the very end of the novel. I hope everything works out for Mary Ann since I loved reading things from her POV, as she's my fave character in this series, but I am saddened by what her powers turned out to be and I really don't want anything bad to happen to her. Also, I really like Mary Ann & Riley together ... but I depending on the relationship seeing Aden & Mary Ann together might not be bad either. =0)

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Book Teaser(s) :
On the way here, he'd punched a middle-aged man he'd never met, felt the guy's teeth cutting into his knuckles, and had laughed. Laughed. Because he'd liked inflicting pain.
I'm a monster.
The only time those kinds of urges left him was when he was with Mary Ann. ~ within Chapter 7
Dear God. Over her heart were two tiny swirling black and red tattoos his eyes could have traced forever.
Caleb fainted.
Elijah and Julian merely gasped.
"No. They're still there." Her voice was still layered. "Now, kiss me," she commanded, climbing over the console and sitting herself in his lap. ~ within Chapter 13
For more information on this book, series and/or any other books by Gena, then please check out her website.

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