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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays: The Game of Love

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  • "The Game of Love" by Jeanette Murray

    Book Teaser:
    Oh, this is war.
    Regretting the loss of her pasta for a nanosecond, she tossed the remainder of the contents in his face. Witnessing his wide-eyed shock the moment before the dish hit him with a splat was vastly more satisfying than eating the rest of the pasta. Of course, he wouldn’t take that one lying down.
    Food was thrown, insults without heat were yelled, and before long they were completely out of ammo but for what covered their face, hair and clothing. She smelled like Sunday brunch at Olive Garden. ~ within Chapter 13

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    1. HOT cover! Wow! I have not heard of this before! I will be checking it out.
      Thanks! Hope you will stop by and check out my TT.


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