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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feasted On: The Wilder Books, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 519 KB; | Expected Release Date: June 1, 2010 | Publisher: Griffyn Ink | Obtained: NetGalley

"Kelsey's Song" [The Wilder Books, Book 1] by Lanie Kincaid

My Book Summary : JD has been living in Nashville for a while now trying his hand at his dream of being in a famous band. As of right now ... he's in a really good band but they are still nowhere close to famous. However, he just recently got a major shock of his life ... he is also a father of a 5-year-old little girl, Andie, who he's never met before but since her mother recently past away he is now the legal guardian of. To make matters worse ... for him ... she is a terror and wants nothing to do with him.

That is how Kelsey and her children, Daniel & Allie, meet JD & Andie with her throwing a huge tantrum at him while at Target. Kelsey decides to help out the situation, and actually does seem to help the situation a bit. Then they go their separate ways.

However, not long after arriving home JD realizes that Kelsey lives in the house behind his condo, and they start to grow a friendship between them and they try to help each other in the challenges that arise between them about their kids. Months pass, and their friendship only gets that much stronger.

Nevertheless, when both of their hearts gets thrown into the mix, making them each wish that there was more then friendship between them, but neither knowing how to take that next step without ruining what they have already .... causes more then one thing to go wrong. Will JD & Andie be able to prove that the only thing they need more then anything is Kelsey and her kids in their lives, before the miscommunication between them makes, them change their minds on what they want.

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! I've seen "Kelsey's Song" on my 'recommendations list' for a while now, and I am very happy I finally decided to read it!! This is a wonderful story about two people, JD & Kelsey, who are dealing with circumstances in their lives that they never planned and when they aren't sure how things could get any better they meet and teach each other just how to make their lives better for themselves!! JD & Kelsey were great main characters! I loved their relationship and easy friendship. Also, I really enjoyed reading about JD's band and everything that they go through to try to make it big.

However, Kelsey's personal back story is a little confusing, I mean I understand the major things but I think I'd rather have it laid out a bit more. Otherwise ... I really could not get enough of this story! Especially during the times when you just wanted to smack both of the main characters for their behavior, it never turned into a time where I got annoyed with them, since the story really flows, touches the issues/problems the characters are having and then moves on to the next thing.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes friendship turned romance stories!!

Book Teaser(s) :
Teaser #1
Cowboy hat? She didn’t think she’d ever seen any of them in a cowboy hat. She was on the verge of laughing until he was right beside her.
“Nice hat.”
He looked sideways at where she still leaned against the pole. “Our big debut, and all you can say is ‘nice hat’?”
She rolled her head to the side to see him under the brim. “You guys were awesome. That doesn’t surprise me. The crowd loved you. Expected. Brenda came by, seems to think you’re the next big thing. Of course. But the hat --- the hat is a shock.” ~ within Chapter 9
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Lanie, then please check out her on the Goodreads' website.

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