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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feasted On: Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel by Samantha Grace

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 427; Kindle Edition - File Size: 676 KB | Expected Release Date: February 1, 2012 | Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca | Obtained: NetGalley

"Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel" by Samantha Grace

My Book Summary : Ever since Lana found out about the allegations about her former betrothed were true and dumped him, the men that have been trying to get her hand-in-marriage as of late have been one fortune hunter after another. Thankfully, she knows that she will not marry any man who is not already in love with her before they wed. Nonetheless, that doesn't stop the men from trying, which is why when she first meets Lord Andrew (Drew) she is dangling from a tree since she was trying to escape a man who was trying to compromise her.

Drew is a scoundrel and everyone knows it. However, he is in a better class then Lana's previous betrothed in a way that he doesn't deal with innocents for his liaisons. Nevertheless, after Lana and Drew's brief chance meeting they both find that they cannot seem to stop being able to think about each other in some way. Therefore, when Drew's sister-in-law invites Lana to their country home for an extended visit Drew becomes determined to get Lana out of his system once and for all. However, when Lana proves to be more extraordinary than the type of ladies he's used to things and plans for both of them change. Yet it seems even when things start looking up for them someone or just life itself seems to try to keep them apart. Will they be able to work everything out or will they go back to what they originally planned for their lives?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Miss Hillary might not be schooling a scoundrel but she certainly did tame one!! This novel was humorous, dynamic, spicy, sweet, and very adventurous--especially for a Regency type of novel! Dealing with the time period that this novel is in, I believe the characters acted wonderfully to what was expected of them and more. Most of the characters were heartwarming in a way that I wanted to become a part of the Forest family if I could, while others were very eccentric (Lana's mother for example), and the others were sweet but still a mystery since their stories haven't be told yet (like Gabby, Jake, and Amelia).

There were some parts of this novel that I wasn't so sure about because of some of the character's "wishy washy" ways. However, the author was very good about turning around the events on you very quickly so you could never really be sure what to expect. In addition, there was an underlining mystery involved within this novel that you can never completely understand until your right on top of it that was really intriguing too!

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who is a fan of historic romance novels!!

Author's Series Extras : Forest Family Tree | Hillary Family Tree

Book Teaser(s) :
Teaser #1
"I can't believe this. And you're supposed to be a connoisseur of women."
"Gabrielle Forest, where did you learn such language?"
She tossed her head. "You truly are an imbecile. I possess two ears, dear brother. I hear the scandalous things the ladies say about you. How can you be ignorant to the fact that when a lady kisses you, you are expected to kiss her back?"
Heat crept up his neck to the tips of his ears. Gabby knew of his liaisons? "I was trying to be a gentleman," he mumbled. ~ within Chapter 15
"Just because you didn't stay the night doesn't mean anything."
"Lana, you urged me to go after her. I only did as you bid and comforted her."
"B-but, I didn't want you to... to comfort her overmuch."
He chuckled again, his face brightening. "I should be angry with you for casting doubt on my honor, but you are adorable when you're jealous."
"I'm not jealous." ~ within Chapter 30
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Samantha, then please check out her website.

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  1. Jessica, thank you! What a lovely & well-written review. A delight to read aside from the praise. :)


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