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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Idolizing In: The Phoenix Pack Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 772 KB | Release Date: March 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained:

"Feral Sins" [The Phoenix Pack Series, Book 1] by Suzanne Wright

My Book Summary : Taryn has a problem. She is being forced into a mating that she wants no part of. However, even though she is an Alpha female she is also a latent, meaning that even though she has the feels her wolf inside her and has wolf instincts she doesn't have the ability to shift into her wolf form, which makes everyone think they have the right to attack and pick on her. So, when she finds herself inside another packs territory with a proposal to get out of the forced mating she's surprised and a little intrigued in the proposal. The biggest problem with the proposal is it would mean a temporary mating with the Alpha of the Phoenix Pack, Trey, who has known to turn feral sometimes. However, even with that knowledge Taryn's wolf can't seem to get enough of him and feels safe around him, so she agrees, with the hope that the three months of this mating will fly by. In return, she's supposed to help him gain alliances so Trey can better protect his pack to an upcoming fight that he has against him.

Will the agreement between Taryn and Trey work out in their favors? Will they find that their wolves like each other more then they originally knew? Could thing actually work out between them and possibly grow into something more?

Or will everything fall apart when they find out that there is a traitor inside Trey's pack targeting Taryn, even before the fight already planned to head Trey's way?

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! This novel has a really good plot along with being spicy enough, with its erotic scenes, to get you all hot and bothered by the time this book is over! Trey is a possessive and domineering werewolf who isn't always in control of his wolf side. Taryn is a sarcastic, smart, feisty, and even though she's on the small side, she knows how to protect herself. Together they are an unstoppable duo that are perfect for each other and fun to read about!

I truly loved this plot (and subplots), the erotic scenes, and all of the characters ... well at least the ones in Trey's pack and Nick. =0) I can't wait to see where the author will take us next with this series!

I recommend this book and series to everyone who enjoys a suspenseful erotic-packed paranormal romance novel!

Book Teaser(s) :
She rolled her eyes. "Easy there, Flinstone."
"If you're Alpha of a place like this, you're Fred Flinstone. I have no intention of hiding from you. You're mistaking me for one of your submissive Jane's. That's not to say there won't be some struggling involved if you expect to get in that bed with me."
"I'll be following you there in about twenty-minutes. We'll let the struggling commence then. But, what with your wolf riding you so hard to complete the mating, I can't see you struggling that much."
"Ah, so you're a resident of La La Land. I bet you're Sultan there too." The sound of Dante's throaty laugh followed her out of the kitchen. ~ within Chapter 4
"I'm heading to bed. Can't stay awake any longer. Goodnight." She had only taken two steps toward the door when Dominic called her name. She turned and raised a brow questioningly. He motioned with one finger for her to go to where he was on the end of the chaise. Rolling her eyes, she walked over and sighed.
He smiled. "I just made you come with one finger. Imagine what I could do with my whole hand." Everyone groaned. "What? That was a good one." ~ within Chapter 14
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Suzanne, then please check her out on the Goodreads' website.

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