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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giveaway Winner of Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

Kelsey Summer from Kelsey Summer's Blog

Congratulations to Kelsey!! You just won an e-copy of "Wrong Bed, Right Guy" by Katee Robert!! You should be receiving an email from me and the publisher soon.

I would love to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway and checked out my review for "Wrong Bed, Right Guy!" ALSO -- be sure to check out my event calendar to keep up-to-date with the different blog tours, guest posts, and interviews happening here on From Me to You....

What are you all reading lately?? Me? Currently I'm reading "Return to Willow Lake" [Lakeshore Chronicles, Book 9] by Susan Wiggs! Be sure to keep an eye out for it's review and my interview with Susan coming out within the next few days!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Take care, Jess

Spreading the Word: Howl For It

"Howl For It" by Cynthia Eden & Shelly Laurenston

Imprint : Kensington Brava Books
Genre : Anthologies
Novel length : 288 pages
Format : Trade paperback and eBook
Publication Released Date : August 28, 2012

Authors' Book Cover :

"Wed or Dead" by Cynthia Eden

Cynthia's Book Description :
    Gage Ryder knew his human bride had a wild side. But spending their honeymoon night on the run from hunters out to finish him and his pack is sure not the kind of fun he was looking forward to. No problem–Gage will do whatever it takes to lay bare Kayla’s secrets and find the truth. If he can keep from being captured by his own seductive game.

"Like a Wolf with a Bone" [Pride Series, Book 0.5] by Shelly Laurenston

Shelly's Book Description :
    Quiet little Darla Lewis couldn’t be happier when the most-feared member of the South’s rowdiest pack kidnaps her. A girl gets real tired of being overprotected by her own shifter family, and there’s nothing like an oh-so-big bad wolf to start a pack feud, unleash her instincts—and have her surrender however and whenever she wants...

This book is available for pre-order on :

Amazon.com & Barnes & Noble

** Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads! **

My Previous Review(s) for Cynthia Eden : Eternal Hunter | Immortal Danger | Hotter After Midnight | Bound In Darkness | Bound In Sin

Find Cynthia Eden :

Find Shelly Laurenston :

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Waiting On" Wednesday: Tart

  • Today's "Waiting On" Wednesday by Jill - click here

  • "Tart" [The Delicious Series, Book 2] by Lauren Dane
    Expected Publication Released Date: November 6, 2012

    Author's Book Description:
      USA Today bestselling author Lauren Dane serves up a sweet, sensual, and hot-to-the-touch novel in which one woman’s most intimate desires are stirred by two very special ingredients

      Juliet Lamprey is having the time of her life running her successful bakery, TART, when Gideon Carter comes back into her life. Returning home to help his grandfather run the family on the farm, Gideon is back for good. When they meet again, the spark between them is immediate, and it isn’t long before the former childhood friends play catch up in bed.

      That’s not good news for local lawyer Cal Whaley. Though the sexually open but strictly monogamous Cal has loved Jules for a long time, he’s hardly ever taken it further than friendship. When he sees her start to fall for Gideon, he knows he has to make his move or risk losing her forever.

      Who would have anticipated that all three of them would connect on such an intimate level? The trio’s scalding liaisons take them places they’ve never dreamed. But such an intensely passionate and unusual relationship comes with equally as complicated emotions, and when Jules must suddenly leave town, she wonders if she’ll have a choice to make when she returns.

    Monday, August 27, 2012

    Cover Reveal: Naturals by Tiffany Truitt

    "Naturals" [The Lost Souls Trilogy, Book 2] by Tiffany Truitt

    Imprint : Entangled Teen
    Audience : Young Adult
    Novel length : 352 pages
    Format : Paperback
    Publication Released Date : April 2013

    Author's Book Cover :

    Author's Book Description :
      Tess is finally safe from the reach of the Council, now that she is living in the Middlelands with the rebel Isolationists. With James having returned to Templeton, she easily falls back into her friendship with Henry, though her newfound knowledge of Robert’s chosen one status still stings. Even surrounded by people, Tess has never felt more alone. So she’s thrilled when James returns to the settlement, demanding to see Tess — until she finds out that it’s because her sister, Louisa, has been recruited into Tess’s old position at Templeton, and that the dangerously sadistic chosen one George has taken an interest in her.

    About the Author :
      Tiffany Truitt was born in Peoria, Illinois. A self-proclaimed Navy brat, Tiffany spent most of her childhood living in Virginia, but don’t call her a Southerner. She also spent a few years living in Cuba. Since her time on the island of one McDonald's and Banana Rats (don't ask) she has been obsessed with traveling. Tiffany recently added China to her list of travels (hello inspiration for a new book).

      Besides traveling, Tiffany has always been an avid reader. The earliest books she remembers reading belong to The Little House on the Prairie Series. First book she read in one day? "Little Woman" (5th grade). First author she fell in love with? Jane Austen in middle school. Tiffany spent most of her high school and college career as a literary snob. She refused to read anything considered “low brow” or outside the “classics.”

      Tiffany began teaching middle school in 2006. Her students introduced her to the wide, wonderful world of Young Adult literature. Today, Tiffany embraces popular Young Adult literature and uses it in her classroom. She currently teaches the following novels: "The Outsiders," "Speak," "Night," Dystopian Literature Circles: "The Hunger Games," "The Giver," "The Uglies," and "Matched."

    This book is available for pre-order on :


    ** Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads! **

    Find Tiffany Truitt :

    Saturday, August 25, 2012

    Made the Grade: The Paradise Diaries Series, Book 1

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 345 KB | Expected Release Date: July 1, 2012 | Publisher: Lakehouse Press | Obtained: NetGalley

    "Dante's Girl" [The Paradise Diaries Series, Book 1] by Courtney Cole

    My Book Summary : While on her way to her annual summer trip to stay with her father in London, Reece runs into/meets Dante who’s on his way to London too. He's the handsome and sophisticated son of the Prime Minister of Caberra, an island near Greece. What neither of them expects is that while they are slowly getting to know each other on the plane a freak volcanic eruption would change their lives, and having Dante ask Reece to follow him back to Caberra with him...

    Now on Caberra, Reece feels like she sticks out like a sore thumb while staying at the Old Palace. Even though Dante makes sure she is entertained and sees the beautiful highlights of his wonderful paradise, it's hard to overcome the knowledge---at times---that Dante is such a big deal and comes from a different world than her, especially when he has paparazzi and a security detail following him almost everywhere. Nevertheless, with all of that Reece and Dante end up falling in love with each other. However, will love be enough to hold them together when it seems that Dante's complicated life keeps trying to tear them apart?

    My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is a cute novel. It's about two people that are instantly drawn to each other while going through quite a few trials and tribulations so they can prove themselves to each other. Dante and Reece are so sweet together that you just can help but root for them. In addition, I loved that Dante goes through this novel by trying to stay true to himself while sticking to his duty and his father's wishes as much as possible, as it's something that doesn't often happen in young adult novels.

    I can't help but wonder about what the next book in this series will bring, especially since it's all about Quinn and Mia.

    I recommend this novel and series to anyone who enjoys young adult contemporary romances.

    - On a side note -
    When I read this novel, it wasn't edited that well, so I hope your version will be a bit better.

    Author's Novel Extras : Dante’s Girl: Chapter One | Dream Cast for Dante’s Girl

    Author's Series Extras : Interview with Reece Ellis | Interview with Dante Giliberti | Interview with Mia Giannis | Interview with Elena Kontou | FAQ’s about Dante’s Girl: Answered!

    Book Teaser(s) :
    "Here, try this," Dante instructs me, holding out a piece of crab dripping with melted butter on a small fork. I study it for a second and Dante rolls his eyes.
    "Just try it," he tells me. "It's not going to bite."
    I let him stick the fork in my mouth, expecting to taste a piece of Heaven, like I did when I tried the gelato.
    But no.
    This is most certainly not what I receive.
    This isn't Heaven.
    This tastes like a dead fish in my mouth, which is actually true.
    I try to resist spitting it out, instead concentrating on chewing up the hateful piece of meat. Dante looks at my face and then dies laughing.
    "Can I assume you don't like it?" he asks, his face lit up like a Christmas tree in his amusement. ~ within Chapter 9
    I had dinner alone in my room and I haven't spoken to Dante since, even though he texted me and asked if we could talk.
    I told him no.
    Then he said please.
    And then I considered it.
    But then I didn't have to answer because he was called away to meet his father at the Old Palace. So I was granted a reprieve. But it won't last forever.
    Why is being strong so freaking hard?
    I rest my head against the stone tiles behind me and add more water to the huge, deep tub. And then more bubbles. Because a sad girl deserves bubbles, dang it. And my bubbles keep popping. And isn't that a great analogy for life right now? My bubbles keep getting popped.
    Sigh. ~ within Chapter 20
    For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Courtney, then please check out her website.

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Blog Tour - Feasted On: Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert | Review & Giveaway

    Today I'm turning my blog over to Katee Robert, with a review of her latest novel "Wrong Bed, Right Guy," which is the 1st book in her Come Undone Series!!

    ALSO -- Be sure to check out Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to be able to sign up for this blog stop's GIVEAWAY!! [Blog Tour will run from August 24 - 29, 2012]

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 308 KB | Expected Release Date: July 2012 | Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Brazen | Obtained: Entangled Publishing

    "Wrong Bed, Right Guy" by Katee Robert

    My Book Summary : Elle is a sweet and straitlaced art gallery coordinator who is thinks she's found her Mr. Right. Her boss Nathan is the one, even though he doesn't make her completely hot and bothered they are the perfect match in every other way, if only he would ask her out. Yet even with her no-so-blatant hints, he still hasn't. So, when Nathan informs her that he's going to be creating a new art piece that day Elle knows he'll be spending the night in the loft above the gallery so she plans to seduce him that night!

    However, even with the best laid plans .... some things can always turn array. Especially when Elle finds that, the man she is seducing isn't Nathan at all but his bad boy brother!!!

    Gabe never expected to have a night visitor while staying in his brother's loft but he isn't complaining either. However, once Elle realizes that he's not Nathan and takes off, Gabe plans on doing everything in his power to prove to her that even though he's a "bad boy" he wants to be her hero too.

    Has the "country corn princess" finally met her perfect match or is this the beginning of another dating disaster?

    My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars, this is a steamy story about finding that Mr. Right and being able to trust with your whole heart! I LOVED GABE!!! He is a bad boy looking for his perfect match and when he unexpectedly gets her in the middle of the night, he does everything he can to keep her and win her heart! Elle and Gabe's chemistry and budding romance leaps off the pages of this novel! They make a great pair!!

    My only problem with this novel is that while I liked Elle when she was with Gabe. I really hated her when she was having problems with him. And NO, it's not because of my crush on Gabe. My issues with Elle were because of the way she handles the situations they get into together and how she always seems to blame him, or look down her nose at him, before thinking things through and making smart decisions about what is happening to her.

    With that being said, if the novel were changed then it wouldn't have been as good as it was. In addition, I do understand where Elle gets all of her insecurities. Therefore, I'm not really surprised that Elle did and said the things she did. I just wish she did things differently. Additionally, I LOVED the ending and I hope to see/read more about Elle & Gabe when book 2 of this series comes out!

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I would recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romances that have a little erotica in them.

    Author's Series Extras : In which I haz a newsletter and...well...NEWS!

    Book Teaser(s) :
    She might not be a porn star by night, or racy, or a wild child, but Elle had a lot going for her. Just because he didn’t see it didn’t mean someone else wouldn’t—someone like Nathan. Except she hadn’t seduced Nathan. She’d sneaked into bed with his brother.
    Maybe she should just give up on men and join a nunnery.
    “What is going on in that head of yours that’s putting a frown on your face?”
    “I’d make a terrible nun.”
    She hadn’t meant to say that out loud, darn it. ~ within Chapter 5
    “Let me help you.”
    “I’m fine.” Elle shoved past him and marched toward the store. “You’re acting insane.”
    “And you didn’t look for cars. What if you got hit?” Christ, he sounded like a mother hen.
    Apparently Elle thought the same thing. “Thanks, Mom, but I’m a grown-up. I have no intention of throwing myself in front of a car.” She hurried inside, but Gabe could have sworn he heard her mutter, “But I might if you don’t stop nagging me.” ~ within Chapter 10
    For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Katee, then please check out her website.

    About the Author :

    Katee Robert learned to tell stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back. Now living in Eastern Washington, she spends her time—in between ogling men’s goodies and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse—writing speculative romance novels.

    My Giveaway!! :
    • An e-book copy of "Wrong Bed, Right Guy"
    The Fine Print -- To Enter :
    1. This contest ends on August 29th 2012.
    2. This contest is International!!
    3. It's the author/publisher's responsibility to ensure that the winner gets the book, not mine.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    GOOD LUCK!! =0)

    Find Katee Robert :

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    Feasted On: The Booby Trap by Anne Browning Walker

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 257 | Expected Release Date: September 1, 2012 | Publisher: Pixel Entertainment | Obtained: NetGalley

    "The Booby Trap" by Anne Browning Walker

    My Book Summary : Bambi has always been a looker. It is hard not to be when you are blonde and built like a pin-up. However, now at the age of 27-years-old she's using her looks to her own advantage by working at The Booby Trap, a Hooters knockoff type of sports bar. Bambi plans to use the first-hand knowledge she gains at the bar and that of her co-workers to put together her dissertation for her Ph.D. she's getting through Harvard on woman's studies.

    Nevertheless, she doesn't expect the complication of Trip Whitley, the rich and handsome local celebrity, to come into her life...

    While at a bachelor party for his best friend at The Booby Trap, Trip meets Bambi. He is in a foul mood because he father has just informed him that more of his personal life is going to be taken over by the family business and he takes it out on Bambi. Therefore, their meeting was definitely NOT a love at first sight connection. Yet he soon believes Bambi would be the perfect person to play the role of his girlfriend, since he assumes her to be just a sexy airhead, as a way to get back at his father who put him in this position. With that decision made Trip proposes his idea to Bambi, offers to pay her to be his girlfriend, and she accepts but has plans of her own to twist the tables on Trip. However, once they get closer and get to know each other better will their feelings grow into something more or will Bambi still go through with her scheme? If Bambi follows through with her plans, will she be blowing a good thing or will she be performing a well deserved revenge?

    My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!!! Showing off a little more then you, want too might end up helping out in the long run. Join Trip and Bambi as they discover how a misconception of who you are can really change your life...sometimes all for the better!

    About the Characters:
    • Bambi: Hates her name. Not close to her mother. Is a Harvard Ph.D. candidate. Beautiful with a pin-up body. Very smart. Would like to complete her dissertation. Her main goal is to go to the Annual Women's Studies Conference located in London, England that year.

    • Trip: Perpetual bachelor who has had his heart stomped on before. Is informed that he needs to get into a committed relationship to improve the company's image. Chooses Bambi as the one to "help" his image, yet that decision backfires in more ways than one. Doesn't like Elizabeth.

    • Trip's parents: Successful. Snobbish. Loves their son.

    • Elizabeth: From the company's marketing firm. Hopes to pull one over on Trip without hurting the company's image.

    • Connie: Trip's ex-girlfriend whom he dated in high school. Still has a thing for Trip.

    • Pat: Trip's best friend, who helps guide him throughout the novel.

    Together Trip and Bambi made an unstoppable duo that I could not get enough of!! I just wish there was more to the novel from where did they go from the ending to what happened with Trip's parents with Bambi and Connie?? Stupid little questions that never get answered, but in most ways they don't need too. This novel is a definite keeper!

    I recommend it to anyone who enjoys woman's romantic fiction!!

    Author's Novel Extras : Introducing The Booby Trap | Reading the Signs | Romance Every Day | Under the Cover(s)

    Book Teaser(s) :
    "How'd you know my name? And why don't I know yours?"
    "Why, of course I know you," the waitress batted her eyes. If Trip didn't know better, he'd think she was playing him. "You're Trip Whitley, from all those ads. And even cuter in person."
    "But what's your name?"
    "Silly, you must know what it is. It's been right here all night." She tapped her name tag. "Bambi."
    "Oh," Trip snorted. Now he knew he was being played. ~ within Chapter 2
    "It's going to be fine, right?" she asked once her friend picked up. "He's cooled down some, right?"
    "Some," Elizabeth didn't seem entirely convinced, which wreaked havoc on Bambi's nerves.
    "Oh God."
    "Don't worry." Bambi heard Elizabeth's tone change from one of worry to her typical confidence. "It will be great."
    Bambi heard the door buzz. "That's him. I gotta go. Wish me luck."
    "Good luck," Elizabeth said. ~ within Chapter 11
    For more information on this book and/or any other books by Anne, then please check out her website.

    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    What was I thinking?: Wicked Games Series, Book 2

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 576; Kindle Edition - File Size: 655 KB | Expected Release Date: September 3, 2012 | Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne | Obtained: NetGalley

    "Moon Kissed" [Wicked Games Series, Book 2] by Michele Hauf

    What was I thinking? : This novel was an additional novel included as a bonus read when I got "Forever Werewolf," and I thought I'd give it a try.

    Author's Book Description : A fine line between fear and desire...

    Escaping from bloodthirsty vampires, Belladonna Reynolds ran straight into the arms of a werewolf. As a man, Severo drew her in with his dark good looks; as a beast he astounded her with his insatiable sensual appetite. Whether afraid or aroused, Bella fled to his lair when threatened by an evil monster of the night....

    And between hatred and love...

    Severo tried to keep Bella—his mate—safe from the vampiress who held a malicious desire for revenge against him—but he alone wasn’t enough. How could he desire the very thing he’d spent his life destroying? And even if he did, what would the werewolf do to Bella on the next full moon?

    My Book Review : 1 out of 5 stars. Okay I'll admit I really didn't give this novel a fair chance but I just couldn't get into it, which is why I only read up to Chapter 5. I found Bella whiny and not willing to adapt that well, even though I'm hoping that she changes for the better throughout the book. The parts that I have read of this novel I couldn't get a good read on Severo. Basically, I found that the beginning and the parts I did read were very slow and it was hard to like.

    Sorry, I really can't say if I recommend it or not, yet I wouldn't read it again. Therefore, if you read it I hope you'll like it more than I did!!

    - On a side note -
    The edition of "Forever Werewolf" that I read included a full copy of "Moon Kissed." To read my review for "Forever Werewolf," click here.

    My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Monsters Don't Do Christmas | The Werewolf's Wife | Forever Werewolf

    Author's Novel Extras : Severo & Bella's Pinterest board | Okay, funny line for today. | Moon Kissed in stores today! | After The Kiss

    Author's Series Extras : The Beautiful Creatures World - Character List | The Beautiful Creatures World - Term List | Beautiful Creatures (Tumblr)

    Book Teaser(s) :
    So the man did have a soul. Maybe.
    She flat-out asked him. "Do you have a soul?"
    "That's an odd question."
    "No more off than your being a werewolf."
    "Perhaps it is you, a human, who is the odd one. Yes, I do have a soul." ~ within Chapter 4
    For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Michele, then please check out her website.

    Saturday, August 18, 2012

    Idolizing In: Forever Werewolf by Michele Hauf

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 576; Kindle Edition - File Size: 655 KB | Expected Release Date: September 3, 2012 | Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne | Obtained: NetGalley

    "Forever Werewolf" [A Part of the Beautiful Creatures World] by Michele Hauf

    My Book Summary : Growing up Alexis (Lexi) & Trystan (Tryst) both have felt left out from those around them based on who and what they were...

    Tryst grew up in a loving family but since he is a werewolf with a vampire mother and a half-vampire/half-werewolf father, most werewolves are very leery about having him around them. Yet Tryst has always wanted to be a part of a pack. And if any female werewolf would have him, he would love to settle down with a nice werewolf and make a pack of his own.

    Lexi grew up as a princess in her pack, since she is the principle's daughter. However, her life isn't perfect since she found out she is a "defective" werewolf, because when she reached puberty she never shifted then or since while everyone else from her pack did. Now because she's never shifted she knows that she'll probably never find or have a mate of her own.

    They meet when Tryst stops by Lexi's pack to drop off a package to the principle, who is dealing with an unknown illness, and sparks initially fly between them. Soon after Tryst arrives at the pack things are shaken up and Tryst tries to help out anyway he can. While Lexi and Tryst get closer, will they be able to overcome the secrets and be able to put their pasts behind them? Or will everything fall apart?

    My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!!! This is a fun & sexy novel about loving who you are and being true to it! I loved Lexi & Tryst together!! They played off each other soo well!! In addition, the plot was great, especially with all of the twists!

    With how many time Tryst mentioned his ice demon friend I really can't wait to find out what will happen to him! And I do hope things will work out between Lana and Liam, since Liam seems like such a good guy.

    I recommend this novel to anyone who is a fan of Ms. Hauf, and to those who enjoy paranormal (a bit erotic) romance!!

    - On a side note -
    The edition of "Forever Werewolf" that I read included a full copy of "Moon Kissed." To read my review for "Moon Kissed," click here.

    My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Monsters Don't Do Christmas | The Werewolf's Wife | Moon Kissed

    Author's Novel Extras : Trystan & Lexi's Pinterest board | Forever Wild (the beginning)

    Author's Series Extras : The Beautiful Creatures World - Character List | The Beautiful Creatures World - Term List | Beautiful Creatures (Tumblr)

    Book Teaser(s) :
    "Do you ever take those sunglasses off?"
    Too quick, that answer. Protective. And practiced. "It's cool. You've got the whole Matrix thing going on."
    Tryst twisted to face her. "The greatest movie ever made? You're kidding me, right?"
    "I don't see many movies. I'm too busy. And if I have free time, I'd rather read."
    "Serious? That is so wrong." ~ within Chapter 4
    "What the hell?" He groped for hold and his hands slid down the side of---a bathtub?
    Tryst sat upright in the freestanding old-fashioned bathtub. He still wore jeans, but someone had placed him here without his knowing or consent. Lexi poured another pitcher of warm water over him.
    "What are you doing?"
    "Cleaning you up. You're bleeding like a skinned cat, and you need to soak those bruised muscles to promote faster healing. If you slip out of your jeans, I'll run the tub."
    "Slip out of my--- Why don't you leave me to do that? Hell, woman, take charge much?"
    "Fine." ~ within Chapter 10
    For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Michele, then please check out her website.

    Made the Grade: Chronicles of Arandal Series, Book 2

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 213 KB | Expected Release Date: August 20, 2012 | Publisher: Carina Press | Obtained: NetGalley

    "Shattered Magic" [Chronicles of Arandal Series, Book 2] by Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick)

    My Book Summary : In attempt to avoid an arranged marriage to an evil man, Rowan escapes her village just to find herself running for her life from a mean dragon.

    Prince Grantland (Grant) has left his kingdom and his cruel father so he can think about what he truly wants for his life. Be the Prince his was meant to be, even if his father (the King) treats him like a pawn, or try to find a new way of life for himself.

    Grant and Rowan meet while the dragon is attacking leaving them to both hide out and be trapped together in a cave. Even as Grant tries to fight the attraction, he feels for Rowan, undeniable sparks fly between them. Nevertheless, what will happen when their secrets are revealed and they realize that they are actually enemies? Will their pasts keep them enemies? Or will their budding love be able to help them to overcome it all?

    My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, this is a fast-paced paranormal romance. In some ways, I just could not believe what Rowan was doing during the beginning of the book when it came to her relationship to Grant. I thought Rowan to be naive, stubborn, manipulative, and determined, while I thought Grant to be honorable, determined, kind, and brave. Nevertheless, even though I didn't like Rowan, I think she and Grant worked well together as a couple. Especially since, once they got over their problems with their pasts they worked well in defeating their common goals.

    Therefore, I recommend this quick read to anyone who likes paranormal romances.

    Book Teaser(s) :
    But Rowan knew nothing of his exalted position back home. She only knew Grant, the man who wasn’t willing to talk about his background.
    He’d slipped and spoken of the castle, then waited with his heart pounding for her to ask what he was talking about. But she’d said nothing, which gave some credence to the notion that she was from an isolated area.
    But she was still hiding something from him. As he was from her. How could a real relationship be possible between them unless they both told the truth?
    And what about making love with her? There was no doubt that she had been a virgin. What obligation did he have to her on that count?
    He had never been in a position like this before. He had been careful about lovemaking. But so much was different here. He had hidden his identity. And he had taken a woman he had no business touching.
    As those thoughts swirled in his mind, he walked farther into the cave. ~ within Chapter 9
    For more information on this book and/or any other books by Rebecca, then please check out her website.

    Friday, August 17, 2012

    Blog Tour - Feasted On: Take It Like a Vamp by Candace Havens | Review

    Today I'm turning my blog over to Candace Havens, with a review of her latest novel "Take It Like a Vamp!!"

    ALSO -- Be sure to check out the "Take It Like a Vamp" Blog Tour Schedule to sign up for this tour's GIVEAWAYs on it's various blogs!! [Blog Tour will run from August 10 - 29, 2012]

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 355 KB | Expected Release Date: July 2012 | Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Covet | Obtained: Entangled Publishing

    "Take It Like a Vamp" by Candace Havens

    My Book Summary : Nine months ago, Casey moved into her Aunt's condo after her parents died. During those months of living there, she became best friends with a rich handsome successful entrepreneur and owner of the building she now lives in, Nick, who she has a huge crush on but believes she would never have a chance with. However, she would be VERY wrong! Since Nick wants her more than he wants any woman, he's ever been with since he first met her. The only thing stopping Nick from pursuing Casey is his friendship with her and because of who/what he is ..... a vampire.

    Nevertheless, soon the decision about getting closer to Casey will be taken out of Nick's hands when he crazy ex-girlfriend believes they should get back together at any costs .... even Casey's life. Can they make it work or will Casey be too scared about what she'll learn about Nick and take off like he fears?

    My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! This humorously exciting and sexy novel was too much fun to put down! I loved the characters! It's a fast-paced novel that I thoroughly enjoyed especially the funny and mischievous banter that passed between Casey and Nick.

    About the Characters:
    • Casey: A sweet and independent woman who has Nick, her best friend, wrapped around her little finger.

    • Nick: He's a vampire-mix and the leader of a supernatural creature Council. Soon he'll have to find/choose a wife/mate so he can keep his Council seat, and in a way to avoid it a little longer, he unintentionally becomes closer to Casey and brings her more into his world.

    • Bennett: Casey's best girl friend and personal assistant who keeps her on track.

    • Mason: Nick's human assistant who knows who and what Nick is and protects his secrets.

    • Lincoln: Nickname is Linc. A fashion designer who is straight. He has a crush on Casey. He's Nick's best friend.

    I hope the author will make a sequel to this novel since I really want to read a story about Linc and Bennett getting together! Especially since, as I said before, this novel was hilarious!!! Even though both Casey and Nick have issues believing each other's feelings, this novel moved so fast from one twist to the next that the annoying parts never lasted long. =0)

    I recommend this novel to anyone who adores reading paranormal romances! In addition, to those who are fans of Laurie London's Sweetblood Series, as "Take It Like a Vamp" seemed to have a similar governing setup to Ms. London's series, to me at least. I hope you'll enjoy!!

    Author's Novel Extras : Take It Like A Vamp News | The Secret is Out | What Do You Covet?"

    Author's Book Trailer :

    Book Teaser(s) :
    Teaser #1 ~ within Chapter 1
    “Thanks. My head is killing me, and I’m fairly certain these shoes you made me wear have bonded to my feet. I can’t feel my toes any more.”
    “Beauty requires pain,” Linc said as he guided her to the entrance.
    “Probably why I live in T-shirts, jeans and sweat pants,” she said.
    Her monkey pajamas would feel like heaven. The cool November air wisped around her face, but it didn’t help her grogginess.
    “Well, you’re lucky you look beautiful in everything.” He guided her into the back seat of a black limousine.
    She snorted. “I bet Nick paid you to be nice to me. You guys are quite a pair,” she said as he tucked her dress beneath her.
    “You aren’t fond of compliments are you?” ~ within Chapter 6
    “Thanks,” she said softly.
    “For what?” he said near to her ear.
    “For being here. I didn’t realize he’d be so—seems as though he’s between girlfriends at the moment. And, well, he sort of assumes that if you’re female, and sometimes if you’re male, you want to sleep with him.”
    “I believe that ego comes with the job. But just so you know, if he manhandles you again, he won’t have a throat to sing with.” The threat was real, but she didn’t take it that way.
    She giggled. He loved that sound. ~ within Chapter 10
    For more information on this book and/or any other books by Candace, then please check out her website.

    About the Author :

    Bestselling author Candace Havens has written six novels for Berkley including, "Charmed & Dangerous," "Charmed & Ready," "Charmed & Deadly," "Like A Charm," "The Demon King and I," and "Dragons Prefer Blondes." Her books for the Blaze line at Harlequin include "Take Me If You Dare," "She Who Dares, Wins," "Truth and Dare," and "The Model Marine." She is also in the anthology "Spirited," and the proceeds go to help literacy. In addition to "Take It Like A Vamp," she has the steampunk novels "Iron Demon" (Oct. 2012) and "Iron Blood" (April 2013) from the Maisy Clark series debuting with Entangled Publishing.

    Her books have received nominations for the RITA's, Holt Medallion and Write Touch Reader Awards. "Model Marine" is a National Readers Choice Finalist. She is the author of the biography "Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy" and a contributor to several anthologies. She is also one of the nation's leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more.

    Her entertainment columns can be read in more than 600 newspapers across the country. Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 2000 writers, and teaches comprehensive writing class. She does film reviews with the Dorsey Gang on New Country 96.3, and is the President of the Television Critics Association.

    To earn Candace’s undying affection, please visit, www.candacehavens.com.

    About the Publisher :

    Covet will cater to everything from Greek gods, to witches, to vampires, open door and closed door sex scenes, funny and dark. Voices like Erin McCarthy, Shelly Laurenston, Gena Showalter, and Nalini Singh are good examples of the kind of exciting, fast-paced voices that will appeal most to Covet readers.

    For more on Entangled Publishing, please visit, www.entangledpublishing.com.

    Check out the Giveaways!! :

    Here are the blogs that are hosting giveaways during this tour and are open now or will be open soon ::
    ALSO -- Be sure to follow the tour around the other blog sites!

    Find Candace Havens :

    Thursday, August 16, 2012

    Blog Tour - Summer Reads from Sheryl Browne | Spreading the Word & Giveaway

    Today I'm turning my blog over to Sheryl Browne author of "Somebody to Love" & "Warrant For Love!"

    ALSO -- Be sure to comment on this post to be able to sign up for this tour's GIVEAWAY (listed below)!! [Blog Tour will run from August 13 - 17, 2012]

    "Somebody to Love" by Sheryl Browne

    Author's Book Description :
      After a turbulent marriage to a man who walked off hand-in-offshoot with something resembling a twig, divorced mum, Donna O'Conner, doubts happy endings exist. She'd quite like to find herself an Adonis with... pecs ...and things. Alas, that's not likely, when her only interest outside of work is hopping her three-legged dog in the park, carrying a poop-scoop. In any case, Donna isn't sure she'd know what to do with an Adonis if she fell on one. When PC Mark Evans comes along, gloriously gift-wrapped in blue, however, she can't help wishing she did. Mark, a single father, is desperate for love. He doesn't hold out much hope, though, that there is a woman out there with a heart big enough to love him and his autistic son. Enter big-hearted Donna, plus three-legged dog. And now Mark has a dilemma. Pretending not to mind her house-bunny chewing his bootlaces, he's smitten with Donna on sight. Should he tell her his situation up-front? Announcing he has a child with autism spectrum disorder on a first date tends to ensure there isn't a second. Or should he skirt around the subject, which amounts to a lie? When one lie leads to another, can he ever win Donna's trust back? Admit that he didn't trust Donna enough to let her into his life? "Somebody to Love" has been made with love... love of animals. Sheryl Browne has done excellent research on assistance dogs for the handicapped, specifically their use with autistic individuals. With a focus on romance with police officers, appealing to all readers who love our boys in blue, the author's "teasing but not telling" style makes this read appropriate for anyone, including young adults and older teens.

    Book Excerpt from "Somebody to Love" :

    Donna glanced at Karl, trying to ignore the murmur of male voices behind them, for fear of losing his attention. ‘I think Starbuck might want to try some shoes on, Karl. Does Karl think he does?’

    Donna watched and waited.

    The furrow in Karl’s brow deepened. ‘I think Starbuck might want to try some shoes on,’ he eventually repeated.

    ‘Good boy, Starbuck.’ Donna breathed a sigh of relief, then moved around the dog, lifting each paw one by one and popping the paw-protectors on, whilst trying very hard to ignore Mark Evans staring at her from where he stood by the door.

    Mark kept staring.

    Utterly mesmerised.

    Quite unable to tear his disbelieving eyes away from her.

    Dr Lewis leaned towards him. ‘I think we landed on our feet with Donna, if you’ll forgive the pun.’

    Mark hardly dared to breathe, thinking if he did, he might wake up from whatever hangover-induced hallucination this might be.

    ‘She has a natural empathy,’ Dr Lewis went on in the same low voice he’d been addressing Mark with in the last few minutes, rather than distract Donna from her mission, and Karl from Donna.

    Mark nodded, at a loss for words that might describe how he felt about Donna just then. How could he have been such an idiot? She was smiling at his son. Talking to his son. Engaging with his son. Getting a reaction from him, and he’d been bloody fool enough to think she’d walk away at first knowledge of him.

    He kept watching, what should be a Eureka moment, feeling sick to the bottom of his soul.

    ‘All set,’ Donna said, straightening from her task, then cocking an ear in Starbuck’s direction. ‘What was that, Starbuck?’

    ‘Oh,’ she said.

    Mark’s mouth twitched into a smile.

    ‘Starbuck won’t go unless Karl wears his shoes.’ Donna sighed melodramatically. ‘He says Karl might hurt his feet. And then Karl might not be able to go walkies. And then Starbuck will be sad, because he doesn’t want to go walkies without his best friend.’

    Best friend? Jesus. That’s where it had come from. Mark reeled inwardly. Could almost feel a collective holding of breath, a palpable tension as Karl climbed from his chair, walked over to his shoes, picked them up, plonked himself on the floor and pulled them on.

    ‘Good God!’ Dr Lewis stared in awe. ‘I don’t...’ He looked from a shoed and ready to go Karl, to Donna, back to Mark, but Mark was gone, half out door.

    He couldn’t stay to watch anymore.


    ‘Mark?’ Donna stepped tentatively towards him.

    He stayed where he was, his back to her.

    ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

    ‘I, er...’ He ran his hand though his hair.

    Turned around after a while.

    Swallowed hard.

    Oh, Lord. He’d been crying.

    Donna searched his face. She had no clue what to say to him. Why he was so upset. Why he hadn’t mentioned he had a special son. Except...

    ‘Why didn’t you tell me, Mark?’ she asked again, because she had to. ‘Was it because you didn’t think I’d be in your life long enough for you to warrant mentioning him?’

    ‘What!?’ Mark looked at her, visibly shocked. ‘No. I...’ He swallowed again. ‘I have to go,’ he said, dropping his gaze. ‘Can I call you, Donna? Will you please let me talk to you?’

    "Warrant For Love" by Sheryl Browne

    Author's Book Description :
      Leanne Curtis has shared more than her heart and her home with her womanising man. She's shared her pin number. The scales are peeled painfully from her eyes when she spots female footprints on the inside windscreen of his car. Devastated, Leanne storms off into the night. He wasn't going to pay her back when he sold his flat, his bolthole, his shag-pad, probably, the absolute...! Shivering on a street corner, Leanne comes up with a survival plan. She's no choice. If she's to keep her son in PS3s, Leanne needs a lodger. Brought up in care, Police Constable Paul Davis doesn't communicate well. On duty, he's gloomily contemplating his impending divorce. His wife sleeping with his sergeant is not helping his morose mood. His sergeant has a history, and Paul needs to find somewhere decent to live in order to gain custody of his son, fast. And to keep his job. Wrongfully arresting Leanne Curtis for soliciting, he muses, whilst avoiding five-star-freezer looks from her friends, might not be the best way to do it. Could fate have brought them together, though? Leanne needs a respectable lodger. Paul needs a home. One thing leads to another, and Paul can't quite believe his luck. When a blackmail plot ~ cooked up by Leanne's friends ~ threatens their budding relationship, however, is Paul compelled to uphold the law? Or will he risk everything to make sure Leanne's abusive ex gets his comeuppance? "Warrant for Love" is not your typical rom-com where only one gal gets the guy — Sheryl Browne brings together three couples in a twisting story that resolves perfectly. With a focus on romance with police officers, Warrant for Love appeals to all readers who love our boys in blue. Complex yet everyday relationship problems makes this read appropriate for young adults and older teens.

    Book Excerpt from "Warrant for Love" :

    ‘I think I’d better keep an eye on you for a while.’ Paul seated Lee at her kitchen table, then handled the coffee percolator like a pro. ‘I’m good at cocking up, but I’m even better at coffee.’ He smiled, passed her a mug and seated himself opposite. ‘So, where’s the, er, fiancé?’

    ‘Manfriend,’ Lee corrected him. ‘He’s away. Working, supposedly.’ She shrugged indifferently, then eyed Paul over the rim of her mug. He’d cleared up, put the milk back in the fridge. No puddles left on working surfaces. A small plus in his favour.

    ‘So, why a flat?’ Lee asked. ‘A luxury flat at that, if you need a place for your son?’

    Who was how old, exactly? She’d heard men dashed out to buy footballs for their newborn sons, but computers? Lee couldn’t help noticing it parked on the backseat of his car.

    ‘Thought I’d start at the top and work down.’ Paul glanced away, distractedly swishing his coffee around his mug. ‘Actually, that’s bull,’ he said, meeting her gaze. ‘I do need a place for my son, preferably before the social services check out my circumstances. But... Well, it wasn’t just an unhappy coincidence, my choosing Davidson’s Estates. I remembered where you worked, not surprisingly when I’d just arrested you for...’


    ‘Yes.’ Paul shrugged, clearly embarrassed. ‘Sorry.’

    ‘You said that.’

    ‘Ahem. I know. Sorry.’

    Lee smiled.

    Paul smiled back. He had a nice smile. Better than Clooney’s, actually.

    ‘I wanted to try to explain, about... my circumstances. I was going to leave it, you know? Leave you thinking I was a complete screw up who screwed around. But...’ Paul faltered. ‘I attended an RTA a while back. A road traffic accident,’ he explained. ‘The guy died...’

    ‘How awful!’ Lee clamped a hand to her mouth.

    ‘Stuff happens. Drink-driving. We see it all the time. Thing is, I’d put a few away myself the night before, and I, er... I was over the limit when I went on duty.’

    Lee stared at him, shocked. ‘But you’re a...’

    ‘Policeman. I know. One who’s been drinking too much. Dwelling on his problems too much, which my partner wasn’t slow to point out. He’s washed his hands of me. Can’t say I blame him. The morning after’s no excuse, is it? The guy from the accident isn’t going to see another morning.’

    ‘I’m sorry,’ Lee said, feeling genuinely sorry for him.

    ‘Me too.’ Paul smiled sadly. ‘If I’ve ever wanted to go back... But you can’t, can you? You get one crack at life, and I want to start living mine right. Put my house in order, you know?’

    ‘Yes, I think I do.’ Lee nodded. She did understand, completely. What a horrible experience.

    Uh, oh, watch out Leanne. She couldn’t allow sentiment to stand in the way of common sense. He was just another man, after all, with a good line and a winning smile. She gave sympathy short shrift and steeled her resolve.

    ‘And, um, have you put your house in order vis-à-vis the tasty one at the station?’ she asked, her voice laden with curiosity.

    ‘The what?’

    ‘The baby.’ Lee enlightened him, when Paul continued to look baffled. ‘The one named after you. And presumably not the son you referred to?’

    ‘Oh, Christ... Stephanie...’ Paul was on his feet, searching pockets for his mobile.

    He raked his hand though his hair and looked totally panicked as Lee looked on, bewildered. ‘Can I use your phone?’ He checked his watch and headed fast for the hall. ‘I’m supposed to be at a bloody christening in an hour.’

    About the Author :

    Now residing in Worcestershire, Sheryl Browne grew up in Birmingham, UK, where she studied Art & Design. She wears many hats: a partner in her own business, a mother, and a foster parent to disabled dogs. Creative in spirit, Sheryl has always had a passion for writing. A member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, she has previously been published in the US and writes Romantic Comedy because, as she puts it, "life is just too short to be miserable."

    Sheryl's debut novel, "RECIPES FOR DISASTER" - combining deliciously different and fun recipes with sexilicious romantic comedy, is garnering some fabulous reviews! Sheryl has also been offered a further three-book contract under the Safkhet Publishing Soul imprint. "SOMEBODY TO LOVE," a romantic comedy centring around a single policeman father’s search for love, launches 1 July. The book, which also features an autistic little boy and his Autism Assistance Dog, has already been endorsed by Danemere Dog Rescue Centre and is currently being reviewed by Our Dog Publications with a view to future advertising. "WARRANT FOR LOVE," bringing together three couples in a twisting story that resolves perfectly, is released 1 August.

    Giveaway!! :
    • A $20 Amazon Gift Card to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour

    To Enter : Please leave a comment on this post, with a valid email address included at the end of it.

    Soo .... COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT on this post!! And you could WIN!! =0)

    ALSO -- Be sure to follow the tour around the other blog sites! Commenting on the other stops on the tour will also increase your chance of winning!

    Find Sheryl Browne :

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    Giveaway Winner of Tall, Dark, and Divine by Jenna Bennett

    June M. from June is...Reading by Kindle Light

    June, Congrats!! You just won an e-copy of "Tall, Dark, and Divine" [Bagging a Greek God Series, Book 1] by Jenna Bennett!! You should be receiving an email from me and/or the publisher soon.

    THANK YOU to everyone who participated and enjoyed checking out Jenna's interview!! ALSO -- be sure to check out my event calendar to keep up-to-date with the different blog tours, guest posts, and interviews being posted monthly.

    Have a good day!!

    Take care, Jess

    "Waiting On" Wednesday: Dark Storm

  • Today's "Waiting On" Wednesday by Jill - click here

  • "Dark Storm" [Dark Series, Book 23] by Christine Feehan
    Expected Publication Released Date: October 2, 2012

    Author's Book Description:

      Return to Christine Feehan's "steamy and dreamy" (Publishers Weekly) world of her New York Times bestselling Carpathian novels as roiling passions collide in a perfect storm of dangerous desire that only a precious few can hope to outrun...

      Awakening after all this time in a world of absolute darkness and oppressive heat, Dax wonders in how many ways the world above must have changed. But it is how he has changed that fills him with dread and loathing. Buried alive for hundreds of years in a volcano in South America, Dax fears that he has become the full-fledged abomination that every Carpathian male fears, a victim of the insidious evil that has crept relentlessly into his mind and body over the centuries.

      But there are some things that never change.

      His name is Mitro, the vampire Dax had hunted all these long centuries. Once at the side of the prince of the Carpathian people he is the epitome of everything malevolent, and perpetrator of one of the most shocking killing sprees known to man -- and beast. Even his friends and family weren't safe from Mitro's bloodlust. Neither was Mitro's lifemate, Arabejila, an extraordinary woman with extraordinary gifts.

      But now that Dax has re-emerged, so too has Mitro. The ultimate battle between good and evil has been re-engaged. Between Dax and Mitro, a violent game has begun -- one that has marked Riley Parker, the last descendent of Arabejila, as the reward.

    My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Dark Melody | Dark Legend | Burning Wild | Dark Slayer | Dark Peril

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Teaser Tuesdays: Take It Like A Vamp

  • Today's Teaser Tuesdays by MizB - click here

  • "Take It Like A Vamp" by Candace Havens

    Book Teaser:
    Holy hell. The small towel covered her breasts, and most of her belly, but the red sea had parted to show off her holy land. Her goodies had literally been on display while they had their conversation, and she’d bet a bigger towel that he hadn’t been looking at her legs.
    Oh sweet baby Jesus. You have got to collect yourself. ~ within Chapter 1

    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    Made the Grade: Fool’s Gold Series, Book 8

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Hardcover - Pages: 378; Paperback - Pages: 378; Kindle Edition - File Size: 527 KB; Audiobook - Unabridged | Expected Release Date: June 19, 2012 | Publisher: HQN Books | Obtained: NetGalley

    "Summer Nights" [Fool’s Gold Series, Book 8] by Susan Mallery

    My Book Summary : Shane has recently moved to Fool's Gold in hopes of settling his horses in his mother's barn and building his home and his own stables on the neighboring property. What he gets instead is a whole menagerie of his mother's rescued animals to take care of, a well-meaning town that change up his life in ways he never expected or originally wanted, and a small redheaded librarian who has the making of a bad girl that Shane could get lost in. Everything but Annabelle, the librarian, Shane believes he can deal with, but if it was his choice, he wouldn't get close to Annabelle at all, as she seems too much like his ex-wife.

    Annabelle will do whatever she can to prove him wrong and become his friend. However, will she loose her heart to the gruff cowboy in the process?

    My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, this novel is humorous while keeping up with all of the typical antics that run around Fool's Gold! Annabelle and Shane are both dealing with their pasts throughout this novel but along the way, they end up losing their hearts to each other too. I really liked reading about the build up to "All Summer Long" while getting to read more about the Stryker brothers!!

    I wish I could give this novel a higher ranking because of all of the humorous things that go on and because I enjoyed the characters. However, the plot was too drawn-out for me to thoroughly enjoy. Also, I wasn't happy with how redundant Shane was, when it came to his belief that Annabelle was just like his ex-wife, even though she wasn't anything like her.

    With that being said, I still recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys the Fool's Gold series!! It's always fun to catch up on the town! =0)

    My Previous Interview(s) with this Author : May 2012

    My Previous Guest Post(s) by this Author : The Appeal of Romance - June 2012

    My Previous Review(s) for this Series : Book 1 | Book 4 | Book 5 | Book 6 | E-novella 2 | Book 7

    My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Tempting | Accidentally Yours | Falling For Gracie | Having Her Boss's Baby | Barefoot Season

    Author's Series Extras : Fool's Gold Magazines | About Fool's Gold | Fool's Gold News | Meet the main characters from the Fool's Gold Series

    Author Book/Series Trailer :

    Book Teaser(s) :
    "That was a one-time thing," she said primly. "We won't be having sex again. We've come to an understanding. We're friends."
    "Keep saying it," Charlie told her. "One day it might be true."
    Annabelle glanced around to make sure no one was sitting too close, then leaned toward her friends and lowered her voice. "I have to admit, I do like him a lot. Maybe more than a lot. We want different things though and he doesn't trust me."
    "Why doesn't he trust you?" Charlie asked. "You didn't do anything wrong."
    "It's his ex," Heidi explained. "I never met her, but I heard stories from Rafe. Apparently she's a real byotch."
    Charlie snorted. "You did not just say that. Seriously?"
    "I'm hip," Heidi said with a sniff. "Is that the right word?"
    Annabelle grinned. ~ within Chapter 10
    "You're perfectly safe. You're not going to fall."
    "Easy for you to say," she told Shane. "You're standing on the ground. I know. We'll trade. You sit up here while Khatar stands on his back feet and I'll watch. Then I for sure won't fall."
    Shane turned away, but not before she saw him smile.
    "You think this is funny?" she demanded. "It's not. Nothing about you trying to kill me is funny." ~ within Chapter 12
    For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Susan, then please check out her website. To find out more about the town of Fools Gold then click here.

    Saturday, August 11, 2012

    Made the Grade: The Bastard / Honor Bound by Brenda Novak

    - This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 372; Kindle Edition - File Size: 501 KB | Expected Release Date: November 01, 2011 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: NetGalley

    "The Bastard" by Brenda Novak (Note: "Honor Bound" is another name for "The Bastard.")

    My Book Summary : Lieutenant Treynor was born the bastard son of the Marchioness of Bedford so her was given to a poor farmer to raise and was mistreated in there care. Therefore, once he was fourteen years old he set off to the navy where he has risen in the ranks, and has hopes of becoming a Captain soon. However, one French aristocrat might just ruin him and his career forever ....

    Jeannette Boucher is a young French aristocratic beauty whose family is now penniless since they escaped France during the war. Her family and she are now living as poor relations to their cousin Lord Darby, so for her family's welfare she gets married to a rich old gentleman, the Baron St. Ives, who just happens to be older then her father. However, for her family's happiness she is willing to marry him even if he grosses her out.

    Yet the one thing she isn't willing to do be compromised just so her impotent husband can have an heir. Therefore, she runs away on her wedding night with the plan of arriving in London and getting her marriage annulled. But when her plans on getting to London go array and she finds herself pretending to be a boy on a naval ship. Jeannette will have to do what it takes to keep herself alive and unharmed if she ever plans to accomplish her final goals.

    Will Jeannette be able to keep up with the men on the ship? Will she be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done for her to get to London in one piece or will she just loose her heart in the process?

    My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, this fast-paced historical romance keeps you on your toes! I really liked Jeannette and Treynor!! They are a very stubborn couple, who both make sure everyone around them is treated well. Jeannette was a unique character. Because in the beginning of this book she plays the role of high aristocrat perfectly but throughout the book, she develops into someone who, even if she can't keep up with the boys, she finds her own way to do the things she needs to do to survive in the naval world she through herself into.

    This book was not what I expected. Nevertheless, I liked reading it because it's new take on the "girl hides on a naval ship" theme. Especially since, it was so different from "Almost a Scandal" which I recently read. However, I did enjoy this novel even though it was so different.

    I recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical romance novels!!

    My Previous Review(s) for this Author : When We Touch

    Book Teaser(s) :
    An increase in activity, evidenced by the tramping of numerous feet and the hum of voices, sent fear prickling down Jeannette's spine. Treynor had to have told the captain about her by now. Were they searching for her? Would they postpone their departure on her account?
    Surely a runaway wife was insignificant when compared to the mission of a frigate, especially during war.
    But her husband was a very powerful man.... ~ within Chapter 9
    "Is this your surprise?"
    "It is."
    "Is it seawater?"
    "No. Sweet and fresh."
    She knew those caskets were inaccessible to most. "Whom did you bribe?"
    "Everyone," Treynor said simply.
    "I must say you were right. I would do anything for a bath."
    "Anything?" He cocked an eyebrow at her.
    "Almost anything."
    "Then a kiss should not be too much to ask. A kiss for first bathing rights."
    A kiss? Dared she accept? ~ within Chapter 13
    For more information on this book and/or any other books by Brenda, then please check out her website.

    Friday, August 10, 2012

    Blog Tour - Tall, Dark, and Divine by Jenna Bennett | Interview & Giveaway

    Today I'm turning my blog over to Jenna Bennett, who I interviewed about her latest novel "Tall, Dark, and Divine," which is the 1st book in her Bagging a Greek God Series!!

    ALSO -- Be sure to check out Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to be able to sign up for this blog stop's GIVEAWAY!! [Blog Tour will run from August 10 - 14, 2012]

    My Q&A with Jenna Bennett :

    Jess : Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    Jenna : I grew up in Norway, moved to New York while I was still in my teens, met Mr. Right and got married, and ended up moving to Nashville, because he wanted to be involved in the music industry. We’re still here. I’ve worked a lot of jobs, none of them longer than two years, before I became a stay-at-home mom thirteen years ago, when my first son was born. I finished my first manuscript – in English, which is my second language – in 2006, had a book contract in 2007, and published my first book in 2008.

    Jess : What books did you enjoy reading while growing up?

    Jenna : I grew up in Norway, so some of the offerings were different, but I read a lot of Enid Blyton, as well as Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Mysteries, in other words. Since I was an early reader, and worked my way through the children’s section of the library in short order, I started reading adult books fairly early. I remember reading "Gone With the Wind" at nine. I read a lot of P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie in my teens, as well as my mother’s romance novels. Violet Winspear was a favorite, as was Barbara Cartland.

    Jess : Which of your characters would you most & least like to invite to dinner, from which book and why?

    Jenna : Tough question! I’d be happy to have almost any of my male characters visit; they’re all quite dishy and fun to hang with. Perhaps Dionysus, from "Tall, Dark and Divine?" He’s the kind of guy who’d liven up any party. And least? Maybe Hera, who’s a real ball-buster... although putting them together to see the sparks fly might be entertaining. :)

    Jess : Please describe "Tall, Dark, and Divine" in 50 words or less.

    Jenna : A paranormal romantic comedy in which Eros is determined never to get involved with a mortal again, since they’re nothing but trouble. But when sweet Annie Landon picks him up for a one-night-stand, will the Greek god of love stick to his guns, or will Annie get her man?

    Jess : What sparked the idea for "Tall, Dark, and Divine?"

    Jenna : Believe it or not, I was reading Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series – and enjoying it, but wishing it was a little less dark. I don’t really enjoy dark, to be honest. Sometimes I’ll veer off that way, both in reading and in writing, but it doesn’t usually last long. And suddenly the idea was there: a paranormal series based in Greek mythology, but light and humorous instead of dark. It started off with the vision of Eros, Greek god of love, and his matchmaking agency, and went from there. I chose the setting of Astoria, Queens, New York, because that’s where my husband lived when we first met, and where the two of us lived for the first five or six years after we were married. It’s a heavily Greek neighborhood, and seemed a good place to drop a bunch of ancient Greek gods and goddesses to see how they’d handle modern life.

    Jess : Which usually comes first for you, the character(s) story or the idea for the novel?

    Jenna : The idea, usually. I’ve written a lot of mysteries, and there, it’s often the setting spurring the idea and the plot. Many of them are based in real places and around real, historical events. In the romances, it’s still the idea, and then the characters. Sometimes the title comes first, and the whole book grows from there.

    Jess : What is the most romantic thing one of your characters, from "Tall, Dark, and Divine," said or did?

    Jenna :
    I couldn’t let you say yes to Harry. Eternity is too long to live with a broken heart. ~ within Chapter 24
    Jess : If "Tall, Dark, and Divine" were to be made into a film, who do you see playing the main characters and why?

    Jenna : Gosh, I have no idea. The people in my mind don’t really look like anyone out there, so it’s hard for me to choose. Annie is 28, sweet-faced and a little plump, with shortish brown hair and blue eyes, while Eros is around six feet tall, with dark eyes and black curly hair. He’s a god. That isn’t easy to find. But I’d be happy to take suggestions. And hold auditions. I’d be very happy to hold auditions.

    Jess : In regards to "Tall, Dark, and Divine," if you could write it all over again, would you change anything about it?

    Jenna : Nope. I like it just the way it is!

    Jess : What appeals to you when writing a romance novel?

    Jenna : I enjoy writing dialogue, so there’s usually a bit of sexy banter. The more double-talk and sexual innuendo I can fit into the conversation, the happier I am. I don’t mind writing the love scenes – some turn out better than others – but I’d so much rather write the hero and heroine talking than getting it on. That’s where the falling in love happens, you know?

    Jess : How many books have you written? Which is your favorite and why?

    Jenna : Sixteen and a half. And I don’t have a favorite. That’d be like picking a favorite child. You just can’t.

    Jess : Do you have any other projects in the works? If so, can you share a little of your current work with us?

    Jenna : The 6th installment in my Do It Yourself Home Renovation mystery series, "Wall to Wall Dead," will be released September 4th. A category length contemporary romance called "Friends With Benefits" is coming the middle of October, and on November 13th, the first in my series of science fiction romances will arrive in stores. It’s called "Fortune’s Hero," and I’m SO excited about it. I’m currently working on the second in the series, called "Fortune’s Honor."

    Here’s a tidbit:
    For the first second or two, everything was silent. Holden pressed himself against the wall beside the door and endeavored not to breathe as he strained his ears to listen for sounds.
    He couldn’t hear any. Not from outside.
    After a moment, however, he became aware of sounds inside the room.
    There was breathing. And rustling. Fabric sliding. Like—
    A soft light turned on, and Holden gulped.
    Not a hotel, you nitwit. A brothel.
    He was in a bedroom. With a woman.
    A beautiful woman, with the sheets clutched to what looked like her naked body, and with long, black hair tangled across her face and flowing over her shoulders.
    And then she reached up to push the black tresses out of her face, and the world tilted, and all he could think was, “Ah, fuck...!
    Jess : Have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backwards, or your slippers on, and when realizing it, just said screw it?

    Jenna : Don’t recall going out in slippers, at least not accidentally, but sure, I’ve gone out with my shirt inside out and such-like. Why worry about it? It could be a whole new fashion statement!

    Jess : If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

    Jenna : "Tall, Dark and Divine?"

    Jess : List 3 books you just recently read and would recommend?

    Jenna : I’ve been reading some of Stephanie Bond’s rereleases, and really enjoyed "Kill the Competition," which is a light and funny romantic mystery. My fellow Covet author, Misa Ramirez’s "Deceiving the Witch Next Door" was a fun, sweet and steamy little read. And I really enjoyed Diane Alberts’s novella, "Try Me." Short, but very sweet. It came out a couple months ago, and it has stayed with me. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    About the Author :

    Jennie Bentley is the author of the New York Times bestselling Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime, while Jenna Bennett writes the Cutthroat Business mysteries for her own gratification. Jenna is also the author of the upcoming Soldiers of Fortune series of futuristic romances from Entangled Publishing. The first book in the series, "Fortune's Hero," will debut in November 2012. In addition to futuristic romance, Jenna also has the first books in a contemporary romantic suspense series and a paranormal series coming from Entaqngled Publishing in fall 2012.

    A former Realtor® and renovator and current full-time author, Jenna/Jennie lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with a husband, two kids, two frogs, two goldfish, a killer parakeet, and a hyper-active dog. Originally from Norway, she has spent more than twenty years in the US and still hasn’t been able to kick her native accent.

    She's a member of Sisters in Crime (SinC), Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Music City Romance Writers (MCRW), the International Thriller Writers (ITW), Women's National Book Association (WNBA), the Author's Guild, and two different PTOs.

    "Tall, Dark, and Divine" [Bagging a Greek God Series, Book 1] by Jenna Bennett (aka Jennie Bentley)

    My Book Summary :
      Even though it's been a long time since Eros' (Ross), the god of love, ex-wife left him for another man he's still dwelling on it. Therefore, Ross' friend and employee, Ariadne (Ari) the minor Cretan goddess of the labyrinth, tells him it's finally time to get out in the world again and get over his ex. Reluctantly Ross agrees to hang out at their friend's bar for the night but he has no intention to hook-up with anyone, let alone a mortal. However, no matter how much Ross would like to deny it Annie, the owner/baker of the dog bakery that is across the street from his matchmaking business, catches his wrapped interest. Especially in her HOT outfit he finds her wearing at the bar that same night.

      Yet after a blunder of miscommunication, old worries, and a determined man/god who thinks he's always doing the right thing ... Ross and Annie's lives go through more trials then they would have expected in a very short timeframe. Will they be able to stick together through it all? Or will Ross end up pushing them apart after all?? [Click HERE to read my review of this novel!]

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