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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guest Post :: Mysteries and More by Jenna Bennett | Small Business Saturday

In honor of Small Business Saturday (today--November 24th) I'm hosting guest posts by author's wanting to support a favorite local business of theirs! So, here is a post by Jenna Bennett, author of "Tall, Dark, and Divine," about her favorite local bookstore!!

Mysteries and More

Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Mary. A very lovely young thing, with soft blonde hair and a sweet smile and all that.

(No, this isn’t a romantic story. She was married. His name was Greg. He was dashing and handsome. They had a couple kids too, but that doesn’t figure into this, except peripherally.)

To continue:

Mary loved to read.

She loved it so much, she got a job in a bookstore, so she could be around books all day.

She read everything, the way people who love to read do, but what she particularly liked to read were mysteries.

Like Agatha Christie and Elizabeth Peters and Carolyn Hart.

Ah, yes. Carolyn Hart.

The Death on Demand series, about Annie and Max Darling, and their mystery bookstore – Death on Demand – in South Carolina.

You know a mystery reader who works in a bookstore is gonna lo-o-o-ove Death on Demand, don’t you?

Fast forward a few years, and that lovely girl and her dashing husband retired, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

And guess what they did?

Yup, they opened their very own Death on Demand!

Only it’s called Mysteries and More.

That’s right: I’m talking about Nashville’s only mysteries-only bookstore: Mysteries and More in Lenox Village, and its owners, Mary and Greg Bruss: that sweet young thing herself, and her dashing and handsome husband.

Ask any writer who’s ever been to visit, and they’ll tell you it’s the second most magical place on earth, right after Disneyland. And maybe the North Pole.

Like the name implies, there are mysteries... new ones and old ones, vintage ones and previously loved ones. Adult mysteries, young adult mysteries, kid mysteries.

All kinds of mysteries, by practically any author you can imagine. Certainly a lot I’ve never heard of.

But there aren’t only mysteries. There’s more.

See, Mary likes books, but Greg likes other stuff.

Much of it quite... interesting.

Remember those mystery role-playing parties we used to have back in the 80s?

No, me either, but you can buy the games there.

Fancy a copy of Clue! The Movie? They’ve got it.

And you can buy notepads with old Nancy Drew covers on the front.

And BandAids that look like crime scene tape.

Knife sharpeners that look like dead people. (No, I’m not kidding. I bought one.)

Mystery themed jewelry.

Christmas cards with the likeness of Edgar Allen Poe.

In fact, in honor of the season, I think someone deserves a box of Christmas cards with the likeness of Edgar Allen Poe. In a puffy parka. With a red scarf around his neck. And a raven holding a sign saying “The North Poe.”

Who wants it?

About the Business :

    If you’re ever in Nashville, don’t forget to stop in at Mysteries and More, on Sunnywood Drive in Lenox Village. Greg and Mary are never too busy to hang out and talk mysteries. But if you don’t have any plans to visit Nashville, you can find them and their store on the web, at

About the Author :

New York Times bestselling author Jennie Bentley/Jenna Bennett writes cozy mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime, romance for Entangled Publishing, and whatever she wants for self-publication. Among other things, “whatever she wants” includes the Amazon bestselling Cutthroat Business mysteries, as well as "Act of Redemption," first book in a series of romantic suspense novels about the FBI’s Art Crime Team, ACT. For more information about her books, whether traditionally or self-published, please visit her website,

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  1. OMG, I must have those Poe Christmas cards! Pick meeeeeeee!!!!!

    I loved The Death On Demand series. Max and Annie were so cute as a couple and had such an interesting life. I have always wanted to own a book store like theirs, too, although I could do without the dead bodies...

    1. Debi, thanks for commenting! I hope you win the cards... but if not, you can order your own box from Mysteries and More!

    2. *hahaa* Well ... good luck on the giveaway, you just never know. However we do have other giveaways too so be sure to sign up for them also --!! Thanks for stopping by to comment!!

  2. What a lovely post!

    Mary and Greg are wonderful, indeed, and so is their store. And I'll always be grateful to Mary for being the first person (other than my online critique partners) who ever read my work.

    She flashed that winning smile of hers and happily accepted my ARC the very first day I walked into Mysteries & More, after I finally worked up the courage to introduce myself as a budding writer.

    Not only was she encouraging, she and Greg introduced me to my the wonderful writing community in Music City USA, including my writing mentor (who happens to be the author of this post, by the way). They also encouraged me to attend the annual Killer Nashville Writer's conference, which later led me to my agent.

    Their passion for books is matched by their incredible support for authors, not to mention their commitment to their local community - that's the power of small business owners. There is nothing small about their impact.

    They'll always have my support, and my business!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dana! Love this: "Their passion for books is matched by their incredible support for authors, not to mention their commitment to their local community - that's the power of small business owners. There is nothing small about their impact." SO true! xoxo

    2. That's great!! Great comment! Be sure to sign up for the giveaway or the others -- -- when you get a chance!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I soooooo love the Poe Christmas Cards! I would love to have them. Confession- I have a Sherlock Holmes Finger puppet that I bought from Mysteries and More that sometimes I play with when I get stuck on my writing. (I don't have a Watson though. I have to use a Teddy Bear in Overalls puppet and or a dancing cat and its just not quite right.)

    I met these guys through Killer Nashville- so thrilled to have a mystery bookstore fairly close by.

    1. Thanks for commenting and joining our giveaway!! Good luck!!

  5. I never got the chance to check out this Bookstore when I visited Nashville recently ... but I'll definitely put it on my To Do List for next time! =0)


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