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Monday, December 2, 2013

Made the Grade: One Tiny Miracle... by Carol Marinelli

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 241 KB | Release Date: April 1, 2013 | Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances | Obtained: | Originally Found Out About @ The Deals Spot ~ AMAZING eBook deals!

"One Tiny Miracle..." by Carol Marinelli

Author's Book Description : Dr. Ben Richardson is trying to make yet another new start, this time in the emergency department at a Melbourne hospital. It's been nearly four years since he lost his wife and unborn child—and he still hasn't let go. So it comes as quite a surprise to him when his eye is drawn to a beautiful pregnant woman on the beach.

When Ben realizes Celeste is a nurse at the hospital, he wants to keep his distance. She reminds him too much of all he's lost. But Celeste is clearly facing this challenging pregnancy alone, and Ben can't help coming to her rescue. Being with her to deliver her premature baby girl finally makes him realize there's a future for him right here after all—if he's prepared to risk enough to claim it....

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! This sweet world-win romance was one that enchants you with its depth and keeps you captivated with its charm. I enjoyed reading about Ben & Celeste's past struggles and how they slowly turn over a "new leaf" with each other. Their relationship is dynamic, surprising (in some ways), and charming in it's simplicity.

I especially enjoyed the epilogue!

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes fast-paced contemporary romances, especially ones based around babies & handsome doctors.

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Book Teaser(s) :
THEY IGNORED EACH other at work, of course.
Well, they didn’t mention their evenings by the television or walks on the beach and sometimes as she sat in the staffroom and listened as Deb rattled on about how sure she was that Ben was going to ask her out (when Ben had already told her that he was embarrassed by Deb’s constant flirting), or when the gorgeous Belinda started talking rather too warmly about him, though Celeste sat like a contended Buddha, inside she was fuming and could have cheerfully strangled them quiet.
She liked him.
Which was okay and everything. After all, half the department liked him in that way too, she was hardly in a minority— no, there was a slightly bigger problem than that.
Sometimes, sometimes she got that nervous fluttering feeling, which could only be generated by two.
Sometimes, sometimes she got this fleeting glimpse that Ben liked her too.
She told herself she was imagining it— as surely as Deb was. Because there was no way Ben could possibly be interested in her.
So why was he acting so strangely? ~ within Chapter 4
The whole place was to die for—every room in the house, even the master bathroom, was angled for water views!
‘There are no blinds,’ Celeste pointed out, and Ben smothered a smile, because when he’d first looked around the home, he’d said exactly the same thing, only the agent hadn’t ignored him! ‘How can you have floor-to-ceiling windows in a bathroom and no blinds?’ Celeste demanded.
‘The glass is treated,’ the agent hissed. ‘You can see out , but no one can see in.
‘Now, moving along, this is the master bedroom!’
‘Divine!’ Celeste breathed as she stepped in. A vast bed was in the centre, and there was a balcony set up with a little table and chairs...
‘Are the windows treated in here too?’ Celeste asked pointedly as the agent sucked in his breath.
She did make him smile.
And he did miss her.
She was writing on her little list again—just as if she was a serious bidder—and he could see the real-estate agent’s lips purse as she stepped out boldly onto the balcony instead of following the pack back along the hall. ‘Can you keep up, please?’ the agent snapped, and Ben felt his teeth grind together.
‘This room would make an ideal nursery...’ Despite her obvious condition the agent addressed a loving young couple and ignored Celeste when she asked a question. How she wished she’d won the lottery, and could pull out the winning bid just to wipe that superior smile off his smug face and make him squirm. Ben saw her face redden as the agent ignored her and then caught her eye and gave her a wink.
‘My partner asked a question,’ Ben said coolly, watching Celeste’s beam of delight as the agent practically gave himself whiplash, turning to face her. No, she hadn’t won loads of money, but watching that smug smile leave his face was almost as good. ~ within Chapter 6
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Carol, then please check out her on the Goodreads' website.

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