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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feasted On: An Heir of Uncertainty by Alyssa Everett

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 462 KB | Release Date: March 10, 2014 | Publisher: Carina Press | Obtained: NetGalley

"An Heir of Uncertainty" by Alyssa Everett

Author's Book Description : Yorkshire, 1820

Lina, Lady Radbourne, thought being a countess would rescue her from poverty. Unfortunately, her young groom failed to plan for the future, and his drunken accident left her widowed and pregnant. Now Colonel Winstead Vaughan—Win—will inherit her late husband’s fortune...unless she gives birth to a boy. Win is her natural enemy, so why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Win is stunned to learn he stands to inherit a vast fortune. He’s even more surprised to find himself falling for the beautiful, spirited Lady Radbourne, who is the one woman who stands in the way of a life he’d only imagined.

When someone tries to poison Lady Radbourne, suspicion falls on Win. There’s a clever killer in their midst, and if Win doesn’t solve the mystery fast, Lina may perish. He needs to win her trust, but how can he prove it’s she he wants, and not the fortune?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars, two strangers find themselves thrown together in this suspenseful historical romance! Lina & Win's romance was one that grows slowly but once they finally trust each other (and get over their pride) everything seems to work out for them. I enjoyed how these two work together to get through the allegations about them and to find who is out to kill them. It made for a suspenseful novel that was a little like "Whodunit?" because of how many twists that appear.

Yet even though the actual killer surprised me, and this novel kept my interest the whole way threw, I just wish that Lina and Win's romance had a little more spark or charm then it did. I mean I'm glad they got together and I understand their reasons for why they held back their feelings to each other when they did but it didn't flow well for me. Or I should say their relationship was very slow paced for a majority of the novel and then rushed threw it by the end, which made me kinda disappointed.

With that being said, I did enjoy the plot, all of the characters, and the twists. Therefore, I'd recommend this novel to anyone who likes suspenseful historical romances and/or are fans of Ms. Everett.

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Author's Novel Extras : An Heir of Uncertainty - Excerpt

Book Teaser(s) :
Win was almost halfway to the abbey, striding in fuming silence alongside his brother, when Freddie broke the quiet. “Is something wrong?”
Win glanced sidelong at him. “Do you mean aside from my itching to throttle Lady Radbourne?”
“You’re itching to throttle Lady Radbourne?”
Win gestured with an emphatic jab of one hand in the direction of the dower house. “Well, wouldn’t you be angry if you were in my place?”
“I can’t say.” Freddie deliberated a moment, his forehead wrinkling. “What is it you’re angry about?”
“What is it I’m angry...?” Win sometimes had trouble believing Freddie inhabited the same world he did. “Didn’t you hear what Lady Radbourne said? She accused me of trying to poison her.”
Freddie’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “I thought she said she wasn’t accusing you.”
“Yes,” Win replied hotly, “and she also said I’m new to the neighborhood, I have the most to gain if any harm should come to her baby, and it’s only natural for my presence here to arouse suspicion.”
Freddie tilted his head to one side. “Isn’t all of that true?”
“What?” Win let out his breath in an angry huff. “Well...strictly speaking it may be accurate, but it’s not as if I go about menacing females. I’m not some cursed Bluebeard.”
“But you just said you were itching to throttle Lady Radbourne.”
Win rounded on his brother in exasperation. “For the love of God, Freddie, do you imagine I would really do such a thing? That was a figure of speech.”
“I did suspect you didn’t intend to follow through,” Freddie said, unfazed. “After all, you had an excellent opportunity to throttle her at the dower house just now, and you didn’t take it. You often say things you don’t mean. But then, you’re my brother, so I have a fair measure of confidence you’re no murderer.”
A fair measure. “Thank you. ~ within Chapter 5
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