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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Made the Grade: Bar V5 Dude Ranch Series, Copper Mountain Series, & Montana Born Rodeo Series, Book 3

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: 316 | Expected Release Date: September 7, 2014 | Publisher: Tule Publishing : Montana Born Books | Obtained: Goddess Fish Promotions/Melissa McClone

"Kiss Me, Cowboy" [Bar V5 Dude Ranch Series, Copper Mountain Series, & Montana Born Rodeo Series, Book 3] by Melissa McClone

Author's Book Description : She didn’t mean to kiss him...

When dude ranch wrangler Charlotte – aka Charlie – Randall kisses Zack Harris in an act of empathy, she falls hat over spurs for the handsome military veteran turned cowboy. Zack has too many demons, however, and refuses to get involved. A year later, he’s still stonewalling, and Charlie needs to move on with her life so she can find a fulfilling relationship, not frustrating unrequited love. Putting distance between them seems the best way to get Zack out of her head and heart…but that means quitting the job she loves and accepting a position in Colorado.

He didn’t mean to kiss her back...

Growing up, Zack longed for a real family, and had one with his squad while deployed in Afghanistan. Now, he’s back in the States and doesn’t want anything messing up his new ranch family, no matter how much he’s attracted to the sexy, hard-working Charlie. She could break his heart and ruin the comfortable working relationship they and the other wranglers enjoy. Besides, her friends claim she’s looking for the perfect guy, and perfect he’s not.

A kiss is just a kiss...or is it?

When Zack learns Charlie’s thinking about leaving the ranch, he decides to find her a boyfriend — someone so good, so perfect, she has a reason to stay in Montana. Until he realizes too late that the only cowboy he wants her kissing is him. Can he commit to love and convince Charlie not to leave? Or has she made up her mind to put the past, and the kiss that started it all, behind her and move on without him?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars!! Past experiences come back to haunt two friends/co-workers. One who has chosen to get over her heartache if only she can find a way to forget about her seemingly unrequited crush. While the other uses his past as a guide of "what not to do" and in doing to he stifles his options for his future. Will they finally be able to be honest with each other in hopes that everything will work out between them the way it's suppose to be or will new options for them come to light instead?

A sweet romance that reels you in and doesn't let go! Charlotte and Zack are so alike that it’s hard not to see them together as a couple. I liked how these two played out their love interests in a way that they both have to find the truth of what they truly wanted for themselves.

Not completely, what I expected. Yet, I liked how the plot plays out while getting fun updates of the previous characters in this series. Can't wait to see where this series will take us next!

I recommend this novel and series to those who like contemporary romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
"I'm supposed to be looking for a guy. I can't do that if we're"—Charlie pointed to him, then herself—"dancing."
Leaving off the kissing seemed to be best.
He flashed a cocky grin. "I'm a guy."
Her breath caught in her throat, and her pulse skittered. "Does that mean you've thrown your no dating people you work with rule out the window?"
Please tell me you have. Please, oh, please. She crossed her fingers behind her back.
"I haven't." A muscle twitched at his jaw. "I'm sorry. You're right. This was—"
"If you say this was a mistake and apologize, I will hurt you bad."
Amusement gleamed in his eyes, along with something else. A challenge, perhaps. "Think you could?"
She raised her chin. "I'd give it my best shot."
"I'd like to see that, sweetheart, but I wasn't going to say either of those things."
"Oh." Had he just called her sweetheart? Or maybe she was hearing things. ~ within Chapter 6
"Ready?" he asked.
"As I'll ever be." She looked up at him. "Kiss me, cowboy."
"You can kiss me, cowgirl."
Charlie lifted her chin. "Your idea."
Fine. She wasn't going to have to twist his arm. He would kiss her. Gladly.
For Arrow.
Better not forget that key point.
Zack lowered his mouth to hers, touching her lips gently.
Soft, warm, sweet.
The words described Charlie's lips, her kiss, the woman. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer, but the jacket she wore—more life vest than piece of clothing—and his kept them more separated then he'd like.
Still no complaints. ~ within Chapter 7
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Melissa, then please check out her website.

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