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Monday, February 16, 2015

Side Note/Novel Discussion: Heart of Steel --CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILER(s)--

Okay this goes with my review for "Heart of Steel" by Elizabeth Einspanier that you can check out HERE (it'll be posted on February 17th 2015). So ...

Now I know that Alistair is a genius and by his own admission, he can create anything. Therefore, I don’t think what I am curious about and the question I am about to pose will be a huge issue for him. Nevertheless, in the middle of the BIG FIGHT SCENE Alistair states that he, “fully appreciated the advantage of not having external genitals.” Now if that is true for him then what does that mean for Julia and him if their relationship gets more involved? I mean I know he is new to the whole romance thing and by his omission I believe he is still a virgin, but I guess I'm a bit boggled by how it would all work out. *hahaa*

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