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Monday, May 18, 2015

Made the Grade: Silver Creek Series, Novella 3 / Book 3.5

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"Unwrapped" [Silver Creek Series, Novella 3 / Book 3.5] by Maisey Yates

Author's Book Description : (Sarah's Book)

In USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates’s latest Silver Creek Romance, a naughty Christmas wish turns into something so much more...

Kindergarten teacher Sarah Larsen has spent her whole life being the good girl. But now, she’s ready to do something bad. So wearing the shortest, tightest black dress she owns, she marches over to the nearest bar to fulfill her Christmas fantasy: a wild night with a total stranger.

Walker Callahan moved to Silver Creek to start fresh. He doesn’t want to bring his baggage into a relationship, so an evening of fun with the sexiest welcoming committee ever is just what he needs.

They were both in it for one night with no strings attached.. But when Sarah discovers that Walker is the father of her new student, things turn deliciously complicated. Can the cold winter nights thaw two frozen hearts?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Sarah has been living a shadow of her own life. Now that her domineering Grandmother has passed away, she plans to live life to the fullest. Her first step is to pick up a guy at the bar and have sex for the first time. However, after it's all said and done with one handsome stranger named Walker; she finds that he won't be much of a stranger after all. Will they be able to deal with the close proximity or give into temptation ... in more ways than one?

Even though I knew this was a novella prior to reading it I felt that the plot just doesn't flow right. At times the plot felt too rushed while at other times too slow, which made it difficult for me to really enjoy. But what held me to sticking with this novella and liking, as much as I did was Sarah. She was fearless this whole story through, especially when it came to finding out what life has in store for her and to not let another moment slip by. In addition, I liked how forthright she was about her love for Walker and Kayla. Sarah shows that even if she's being turned down she can own her love for them no matter the cost.

I only recommend this novella to those who are fans of this series and/or Ms. Yates.

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UNWRAPPED by Maisey Yates, Romance Author -- Read my review here: #teaser #meme #contemporaryromance #books #romance
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