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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Idolizing In: One Night With Consequences Series, Book 23

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon: Paperback - Pages: 224; Kindle Edition - File Size: 1958 KB | Expected Release Date: September 1, 2016 | Publisher: Harlequin : Presents | Obtained: NetGalley

"The Sheikh's Baby Scandal" [One Night With Consequences Series, Book 23] by Carol Marinelli

Author's Book Description : Pregnant…by the playboy sheikh!

Playboy sheikh Kedah of Zazinia has loved every minute he's spent earning his outrageous reputation! But about to claim the throne, and with a list of prospective brides being prepared, Kedah knows he must soon accept his royal duty…

A scorching night with his poised assistant, Felicia Hamilton, seems the perfect distraction—and her cool beauty masks a desire Kedah is hungering to ignite! But even Kedah isn't prepared for the biggest scandal of all, when their one night together leaves Felicia pregnant with his baby!

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars! Ever since Kedah was a young boy, he has been aware of his family’s rigid standards and the precarious nature of him becoming the Crown Prince he is supposed to be. Over the years, he grew into a man who cares deeply for his country but turned into a self-made billionaire playboy to ensure he was in control of his future. Now with his grandfather finally passed, he is the official Crown Prince, and he knows that soon the Accession Council will probably meet to overthrow him to his younger brother. Therefore, he brings in Felicia (a renowned PR representative) to become his London PA. During their time together, they grow closer than they typically do to others and soon the lines are blurring between their personal lives and business relationship. Then just when the Accession Council decides to go forward with their plans to thwart Kedah, Felicia gets a curve ball of her own … will they be able to deal with all the issues being thrown their way and still manage a “working relationship” or will everything come to a head and ruin their best laid plans.

Endearing. Spicy. Erotic. With a whole lot of sass. It was easy to enjoy this fast-paced contemporary romance that entices its readers into wanting to find out about Kedah’s parentage as much as he does. Then with it throwing in the elusive Felicia, this novel gets a WHOLE lot hotter!

While both Kedah and Felicia are very domineering, I find it intriguing in the way their relationship grew from co-workers to lovers with the possibility of something more. I couldn’t get enough of them as a duo. The heat between them rises off its pages.

I HIGHLY recommend this novel to those looking for an erotic contemporary romance!

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Book Teaser(s) :
With a hand that somehow remained steady she used her own pen to sign her name and initial in all the right places and that was it---she was tied to him for a year.
Unfortunately not literally.
'Why are you laughing?' he asked, when she suddenly did.
'Just something I said in my head.' Felicia replied, and tried to right herself. ~ within Chapter 2
Oh, yes, if there was a scale of playboys then Kedah would definitely be at the extreme end. ~ within Chapter 3

Book Preview(s) :
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  1. I totally loved this book! I read it in about two days. Can't wait to see what Carol Marinelli comes up with for her next book

    1. I agree!! It was quite good and made my upcoming 2017 Best Book Couples List ... I hope you'll check it out when it goes live on February 14th 2017. =0) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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