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Blog Tour - Sweet Southern Bad Boy by Michele Summers | Interview, Spreading the Word, & Novel Giveaway

Today I'm showing off Michele Summers' "Sweet Southern Bad Boy," which is her recently released novel, the THIRD novel in her Harmony Homecomings Series, and the novel I recently interviewed her about!

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My Q&A with Michele Summers :

Jess : What sparked the idea for "Sweet Southern Bad Boy?"

Michele : I think it first started with the kids, because I’d been dealing a lot with my own active kids and my sister’s five boys. And I thought it’d be funny to see how two people with no children handle the situation.

Jess : Which of your characters would you invite or not invite to dinner?

Michele : I’d most likely invite Bertie from "Find My Way Home" to dinner because we’re both interior designers and collector of great shoes; we’d have lots to talk about. And I like her eclectic style…reminds me a lot of me! 😉 And I’d probably not invite Lucy from "Not So New In Town" because she’d get me in tons of trouble eating junk food! I wouldn’t be able to resist Cheetos and M&M’s, some of her favorites.

Jess : Which comes first for me the character’s story or the idea for the novel?

Michele : Hmmm, I think character’s story comes first. Some wacky idea will hit me about a personality quirk or a “what if” scenario and I’ll run with it and build a story around that character.

Jess : Are there any differences and/or similarities between Vance from "Sweet Southern Bad Boy" and Brogan from "Not So New In Town?"

Michele : Both are very competitive and athletic. Both have strong personalities and both played high school football together and remained close friends. Brogan was a nicer more approachable guy in high school whereas Vance was a bit on the wild side. And Brogan figured out a way to make a living with his healthy lifestyle while Vance became a writer to right some wrongs from his past.

Jess : Favorite part to write in a novel...

Michele : Hands down: the dialogue. I love to write the banter between the Hero and the Heroine or even between the best friends. If it were up to me, my books would be nothing but running dialogue with no reference to setting, time or place.

Jess : Favorite secondary characters...

Michele : My top two favorite secondary characters are Dottie Duncan, the meddling wealthy owner of the Toot-N-Tell, because she’s always butting in everyone’s business with her no-nonsense approach. She tells it like it is. And then I’d have to say Clancy Perry, the redneck tree trimmer who’s always trying to horn in and steal the heroines out from under the heroes’ noses. He was just so darn fun to write.

Jess : How many books have you written?

Michele : I’ve written four books and have to say SSBB is my all-time favorite. I still think about Vance and Katie. I loved their chemistry and the situation of taking care of those kids. They tugged at my heartstrings and made me laugh at the same time.

Jess : And other projects in the works?

Michele : Yes, I’m working on a fun series set in Miami where I lived for over 20 years. It’s centered around three brothers, all athletes in different stages of their careers and how they find love in women who are basically their complete opposites.

Jess : Favorite aspect of the holidays:

Michele : My favorite part of the holidays is time off. I love the few days before and after when everything is already prepared…or not, where we all sit around and enjoy each other’s company. Time off from work and obligations. It’s the only time I actually slow down and rest.

Jess : Cartoon character that represents your personal philosophy?

Michele : Okay, I’m not sure if this counts, but I’d have to say Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because it’s my favorite Disney fairy tale and because she was smart and did the right thing. And she ended up with the prince in the end! Perfect.

Jess : If someone wrote a biography about me, what would the title be?

Michele : "Finding Humor…amongst the crazies!"

"Sweet Southern Bad Boy"
[Harmony Homecomings Series, Book 3] by Michele Summers

Author's Book Description :
    Katie McKnight loves her job. Not really. But Katie loves her dad and this job means everything to him. Which is why she's scouting for the perfect house to film a mini-series…and that house happens to be in Harmony, NC. Now if only Katie can convince the grouchy, disheveled but totally hunky owner his home is perfect for the next teen craze, she’ll be in business.

    Bestselling author, Vance Kerner has lost his mind along with his loafers and the notes to his next novel, under dirty dishes in his kitchen. Since babysitting his brother’s three kids, he hasn’t found a moments peace. So when California Katie knocks on his door, Vance doesn’t ask questions. He simply yanks her inside and puts her in charge.

    Katie agrees to babysit, if Vance allows the film crew access to his property. Vance agrees to keep an open mind as long as he gets the peace he needs to write.

    But having Katie underfoot is anything but peaceful. And Vance is finding less and less time to write and more and more time to watch Katie weave a lovely spell on all the Kerners...especially him.

    Can these two opposites find a common ground and the love they both deserve?

This book is available to order on :

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About the Author :

Michele Summers writes smart romances with spunky heroines, hunky heroes and wacky characters, with sigh-worthy emotion and a satisfying happily ever after. She never tires of creating fictional towns with lovable but flawed characters. When not writing, Michele loves her career as an interior designer and works with clients in NC and Miami where she lived for over 20 years. These days she stays busy herding her college freshman and high school sophomore and spends a lot of time watching them compete in tennis.

Presently she resides in NC where she grew up with her family, but still misses sunny South Florida, swaying palm trees and wearing open-toed shoes…everyday!

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