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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Disappointmentville: Fall Into Me by Nikki Wild

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 6586 KB | Release Date: November 2, 2016 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon

"Fall Into Me" by Nikki Wild

Author's Book Description : The British rock hard in the bedroom...

I've always played by the rules. I'm the good girl. the over-achiever, the voice of reason. But all that gets thrown out the window the second I wake up in Julian Bastille's hotel room, married... and pregnant.

He's a British rock god. The sexiest man on the planet, even before he starts to sing. He's also the biggest prick on the planet, an alcoholic, and bad to the bone--and in this case, opposites don't attract.

Or do they? The fact is, the more I tell myself to stay away for my own good, that we're so obviously not meant to be... the more my heart betrays me. The more distance I try to put between us, the closer Julian tries to get, and the worst part is I'm starting to hope he catches me.

The question is, should I let him?

Fall Into Me is a full-length romance novel. This special ebook edition contains a few extra surprises for my loyal readers!

My Book Review : ** Book Disclaimer ** When I purchased "Fall Into Me" I believed it was a novel because of what Ms. Wild had at the end of the book description. It said this… “Fall Into Me is a full-length romance novel. This special ebook edition contains a few extra surprises for my loyal readers!”

In addition, in Amazon’s product details it stated "Fall Into Me" Print Length: 338 pages. SO … what was I supposed to think other than what the information was true. However, I was wrong as the last sentence in the product description held the most truth. In all actuality when I purchased "Fall Into Me" it was published all with SIX additional novellas … so instead of this being a FULL LENGTH novel this is actually an ANTHOLOGY.

These are the additional novellas that were included after "Fall Into Me" :
"Illicit Behavior" | "PROTECT AND SERVE" | "PLAYED" | "Stepbrother Fixation" | "Saved by the Bad Boy" | "Pride and Pregnancy"

For "Fall Into Me"…

2.5 out of 5 stars. After a wild night (that they both cannot completely recall) in Las Vegas, Elizabeth (Liz) and Julian find their world turned upside down. Julian’s manager (Tessa) has BIG plans on spinning all the publicity in “workable” ways but what no one expects is the attraction between Elizabeth and Julian to turn into something more. Yet, just when they were starting to build their lives together, someone in Julian’s lives sets their sights in tearing them apart at all costs.

While the beginning hooked me and I found the ending sweet, it was the middle that had me pissed off during one moment and wanting to bang my head against the wall the next. I just REALLY wish Julian got his head out of his ass sooner. I mean I KNOW Tessa was Julian’s only source of “friendship” or support system but to not even confirm what he heard/saw with Elizabeth REALLY irritated me. I mean COME ON and get a clue .... If you like someone that much, let alone have a CHILD with them, you DON’T just cut and run after the first accusation ... YOU FIND OUT THE TRUTH. Yet ... it is ONLY because of Julian and Elizabeth’s connection that I stuck with this novella from beginning to end. Though even how their relationship was laid out was kind of confusing (like when Elizabeth talked about adoption for about half of a chapter but then she never mentions it again).

Overall, I cannot recommend this novella. But if you are still willing to read this novella it is for those looking for a rockstar romance.

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Amazon (Kindle) USD : Fall Into Me

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Book Teaser(s) :
We all grow up having dreams of how your life will turn out, childlike fantasies of being a famous... whatever the hell people dream of being. Me? I wanted to be more than just a rock star. I wanted to be loved. ~ within Chapter 8 - titled 'Julian'

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