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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blog Tour - Made the Grade: Crimson Heart by Heather McCollum | Review & Novel/Gift Card Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Heather McCollum, with a review of her latest novel "Crimson Heart," which is the 3rd book in her Highland Hearts Series!!

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- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 300; Kindle Edition - File Size: 1354 KB | Release Date: June 24, 2014 | Publisher: Entangled Publishing : Edge | Obtained: Sizzling PR

"Crimson Heart" [The Highland Hearts Series, Book 3] by Heather McCollum

Author's Book Description : Elena has spent her entire life hiding her family name while walking the thin line between lady and servant in a Protestant household. She has kept the secret of her lineage for years, but with a new, fiercely Catholic queen on the throne, Elena's Protestant caretaker is being targeted. And when Bloody Mary discovers Elena's true identity, she must flee to Scotland to save her life.

Highland warrior, Searc Munro, has secrets of his own. In a family of healers, his dark, killing magic must never be known. When his father's life is threatened, Searc unleashes his lethal power to save him. With his clan's suspicious glances and whispers plaguing him, he sets off alone, only to find another use for his magic in saving a beautiful lass being attacked in the forest.

Teaming up as exiles, Elena and Searc head toward Edinburg to find refuge. Yet, with a series of ritual killings haunting the city and a traitor attempting to assassinate Scotland's regent, suspicion turns to Searc. As word of another British heir reaches the country, the two must learn to trust each other before it's too late.

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, this fictional non-fiction romance keeps you in suspense the whole way through!! Based in 1554 Scotland, during a time when Mary I of England (also known as “Bloody Mary”) was coming into her own as Queen and not long after Marie of Guise became the Regent of Scotland. This novel is based around and with some historical characters while still bringing you the “paranormal intrigue” and Highlander hotness for which I believe this series is known!

I liked this novel, with its fun lead characters, many twists, and multiple storylines. I fell in love with this series ever since I read "Captured Heart," book 1, so when I read the Author's Book Description I really wanted to read this novel too! Yet, I hate to say that I am a bit disappointed. Even though I liked this novel, the first half of it was hard for me to get through. I mostly felt that way because of how slow the buildup of the storylines were, so whenever I would end up pausing within the novel my mind would wander and have me interested in looking up these historical characters to find out their own back-stories, which made it very slow going.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the last half of the novel and its wrap up. It’ll be interesting to see where this series will take us next!

I recommend this series and novel to anyone who likes historical romances and doesn't mind a little paranormal qualities thrown in!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

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Author's Novel Extras : Crimson Heart - Overview

Author's Series Extras : Highland Heart - Overview | Captured Heart - Overview | Tangled Hearts - Overview | Untamed Hearts - Overview | The Day the Words Stopped | A Writer’s World | UNTAMED HEARTS novella Releases! | CRIMSON HEART Releases!

Book Teaser(s) :
“Searc?” came a whisper beyond the window bars and he pivoted, reining in the churning magic. “Are you there?” Elena.
In one stride he was at the window. Wack! A stone hit him in his forehead, making him grunt. “I’m here, lass.” He rubbed the spot where a knot would appear. “No more stones.”
“Sorry,” she whispered.
“What are ye doing here?”
“Breaking you out.” ~ within Chapter 3

~ within Chapter 16
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Heather, then please check out her website.

About the Author :

Heather McCollum is an award winning, historical paranormal and YA romance writer. She earned her B.A. in Biology, much to her English professor’s dismay. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood of 2009 Golden Heart finalists.

The ancient magic and lush beauty of Great Britain entrances Ms. McCollum’s heart and imagination every time she visits. The country’s history and landscape have been a backdrop for her writing ever since her first journey across the pond.

When she is not creating vibrant characters & magical adventures on the page, she is roaring her own battle cry in the war against ovarian cancer. Ms. McCollum recently slayed the cancer beast and resides with her very own Highland hero, rescued golden retriever & 3 kids in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast. For more information about Ms. McCollum, please visit

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spreading the Word: The Virgin Huntress

Today I'm turning my blog over to Breathless Press e-book publisher of "The Virgin Huntress!"

This post is a part of Breathless Press Book Blurb Blitz Tour, so be sure to comment on this post (or the main post) to be able to sign up for this tour's GIVEAWAY!! [Blog Tour will run from July 16 - 20, 2012]

"The Virgin Huntress" [The Devil DeVere Series, Book 2] by Victoria Vane

Publication Released Date : June 29, 2012

Author's Book Description :

    Desperate times call for devilish measures. When the object of one's passion has eyes for's time to take matters in hand!


    Lady Vesta Chambers is accustomed to getting what she wants...and what she wants is Captain Hewett DeVere...

    Coddled and pampered since her mother's death, Lady Vesta Chambers is beside herself when her father goes to London to prepare for her come-out and returns with a young bride of his own. With her world turned upside down, Vesta accompanies her godmother, Diana, to town where she is smitten the moment she lays eyes on a certain captain of the Seventeenth Light Dragoons.

    But when the object of her passion has eyes for another...

    Captain Hewett DeVere, younger brother and heir to Viscount Ludovic "The Devil" DeVere, has returned from the American war scarred, disillusioned, and looking forward to settling down to a quiet and respectable life. But when the handsome and straight-laced captain turns his eyes toward the widowed Diana, Vesta is prepared to take devilish measures to prove just how wrong he is.

    And the Devil DeVere looks after his own...

    Recruiting the aid of her godfather, Vesta vows to prove to Hew once and for all that she is no longer a little girl, but a woman with the passion of...a huntress.

Book Excerpt :

While Vesta tried her best to keep her mare in step with Hew and Diana, she had to keep circling her mount that jigged and frothed with nervous energy. Laughing and chatting about some race Hew had once rode on Diana's horse, they seemed to hardly take any heed of Vesta at all. How dare Aunt Di monopolize him like this!

"Are you aright wi' the mare, miss?" Pratt asked her with solicitude not forthcoming from any other quarter.

"I am fine, Mister Pratt. It's just that she has been deprived of her normal gallop since leaving Yorkshire over a sennight ago. She is accustomed to frequent and vigorous exercise and can be a handful when denied."

Vesta continued to fume. Although she could handle her mare just fine, she wondered how they all would feel if some horrible accident befell her. They would both be sorry then!

That's it! Vesta couldn't believe the answer was right before her eyes. It only wanted the proper timing and a distraction for Pratt. Determined to put her plan into action, Vesta held back, letting the others ride farther ahead. When Pratt's head was turned, she saw her chance.

Whispering a prayer of supplication to her mama, her ever-diligent guardian angel, Vesta plucked out her hat pin and tossed the riding cap to the ground. "Oh dear, Mister Pratt," she exclaimed. "I've lost my favorite hat!"

"Ne'er fret, my lady," the elder jockey said, dropping to the ground with surprising agility. In that precious, desperate moment when he knelt to retrieve the hat, Vesta dropped her reins and spurred her mare.

Artemis, who never needed strong incentive to begin with, took off down Rotten Row like a bolt of dappled-gray lightning. Vesta hung over her mare's neck, clutching the mane as if fearing for her very life, but all the while whispering sweet endearments to her most cooperative conspirator. She knew it would be a mistake to look back. Instead, she urged and cooed and waited for the sound of thunder, for her knight in that lovely, crimson crested helmet to come to her rescue and prayed fervently that her savior would not be the grizzled, little Pratt.

When she saw Captain Hew's big bay stallion gaining on the right, Vesta once more thanked her watchful mama. Knowing he would try to grab the bridle to bring her horse to a halt, Vesta nudged the mare, urging more speed, with the cue of her left heel concealed by her voluminous and billowing petticoats. Her hair had fallen in a wind-whipped tangle about her face and neck. She felt the flush in her cheeks and her blood roaring with excitement. It was the most gloriously wild ride she'd ever had, and it was all she could do not to laugh aloud!

"Can you reach the reins," Captain Hew cried, coming upon her.

"No. I'm afraid!" Vesta whimpered.

They approached the entrance to Kensington Gardens with its myriad hedgerows. "Hell and the devil!" he exclaimed, surging forth, but still unable to claim the bridle. "Trust me, Vesta," he commanded. "Let go of the horse!"

Trust him? He was a god among mortals. She would trust him if he said she could fly! And that's exactly what she felt when he swept her off her horse and onto his own. Throwing her arms about him, Vesta burrowed into his neck and simply breathed in the heavenly essence of Captain Hewett DeVere.

About the Publisher :

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.

Find Breathless Press :

Find Victoria Vane :

Author's Book Trailer :

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Made the Grade: Spiraling by Rachel Cross

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Kindle Edition - File Size: ??? KB | Expected Release Date: January 27, 2014 | Publisher: Crimson Romance | Obtained: NetGalley

"Spiraling" by Rachel Cross

Author's Book Description : Blue-blooded Amelia “Amy” Astor was a champion, America’s sweetheart, and on track to give the US Olympic medal glory before she gave it all up to join skating’s equivalent of the circus. Now she’s a professional princess, the lead in Enchanted Ice. But in an industry that values young, cheap, and healthy, her age, salary, and injuries are a liability.

So when she’s offered a job teaching Hollywood heartthrob Shane Marx to skate for a role in a hockey film, she leaps at the opportunity. Maybe with the right kind of exposure, she can survive one more season and put off decisions about her future a little longer. If she invites the wrong kind of exposure ...well, there’s that pesky morals clause waiting in the wings.

Shane Marx traded his boy band dance moves in TruAchord for acting lessons years ago. His blond, blue-eyed gorgeousness makes him the most sought after romantic comedy lead in the movie industry. But lately his clean-cut image has been tarnished by one sex scandal after another.

When America’s ice princess meets Hollywood’s hottest leading man, what could go wrong? Inside that sequined costume is a woman of steely determination who has conquered many of her demons. And beneath his sinfully attractive exterior, Shane Marx is a man still battling his.

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Two lost souls find each other and start up a relationship that grows into something neither expected, while dealing with their own personal issues. This novel was more of a "real" Hollywood love story then I think I was ready for, as I was hoping for something a little romantic then this was. Nevertheless, this fast paced novel keeps you on your toes and riveted while throwing twist after twist at you.

Why I said that this was more "real" is because of all of the issues Amy & Shane have that they need overcome. So many issues in fact, throughout this novel you keep waiting for the final shoe to drop, because of their issues, that'll ruin their relationship. Then when that final shoe does drop it's like a car wreak, it's so surprising and bad that you hoped things could have turned out better but you just can't stop yourself from looking away. Shane's issues, especially, were written in a way that it made me not really like him because of the antics that he did. I know that if I was Amy, I don't think I'd be able to forgive him in the end.

Therefore, I recommend this novel to those who like contemporary romances and only to those who have an open mind.

Purchase This Book Here :

Book Teaser(s) :
"A toast." Kyla handed her a glass of champagne. "To the newest, oldest princess with Enchanted Ice."
Amy stuck out her tongue and clinked his glass. "Cheers."
"Happy now?"
"So how go the lessons?" Kyle asked.
"He's doing really well."
Kyle grinned knowingly.
"No, really he is---he's determined and disciplined. The guy has serious focus," she admitted. "I admire his work ethic."
Amy heard her phone ring in the other room.
Kyle's eyes widened. "Oh my god, Amy, is that . . ."
Heat seared her neck and washed into her cheeks.
He burst out laughing. "Drive Me Crazy is your ringtone for him? And the TruAchord cover of it." ~ within Chapter 9
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Rachel, then please check out her website.

Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 100+ Reading Challenge

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2013 100+ Reading Challenge
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Alrighty ... here's my personal challenge .. or more of a record of how many books I have read in 2014. Anyway ... here we go:

    -- January 2014 --
  1. "Heart of Stone" [Gargoyles Series, Book 1] by Christine Warren
  2. "Love Songs for the Road" by Farrah Taylor
  3. "Tamed By The Fire" [The Academy Series, Book 4] by Maxine Mansfield
  4. "Night's Promise" [Children of The Night Series, Book 6] by Amanda Ashley (aka Madeline Baker)
  5. "Spiraling" by Rachel Cross
  6. "Planet Mail" [Valhalla/Mail Call Series, Book 1] by Kate Pearce (aka Catherine Lloyd)
  7. "When a Lord Needs a Lady" by Jane Goodger (aka Jane Blackwood)
  8. "Midnight's Surrender" [Dark Warriors Series, Book 8.5] by Donna Grant
  9. "The Headmistress of Rosemere" [Whispers on the Moors Series, Book 2] by Sarah E. Ladd
  10. "Rockstar Daddy" [Decoy Series, Book 1] by K. T. Fisher
  11. "Love at Stake" [Fated Match Series, Book 1] by Victoria Davies
  12. -- February 2014 --
  13. "No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It" [Grayslake Series, Book 1] by Celia Kyle
  14. "Nightmaster" [Nightsiders Series, Book 2] by Susan Krinard
  15. "A Kiss of Lies" [The Disgraced Lords Series, Book 1] by Bronwen Evans
  16. "In Bloom" [Brightside Series, Book 1] by Katie Delahanty
  17. "Croc and the Fox" [Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) Series, Book 3] by Eve Langlais
  18. "Safe in the Tycoon's Arms" by Jennifer Faye
  19. "The Summer I Found You" by Jolene Perry
  20. "Playing To Win" by Shelley Munro
  21. -- March 2014 --
  22. "Princess Ever After" [The Royal Wedding Series, Book 2] by Rachel Hauck
  23. "Catching Heat" [Feeling the Heat Series, Book 3] by Alison Packard
  24. "His Ring Is Not Enough" by Maisey Yates
  25. "More Than She Expected" [Jersey Boys Series, Book 2] by Karen Templeton
  26. "Unraveled" [The Woodlands Series, Book 3] by Jen Frederick
  27. "An Heir of Uncertainty" by Alyssa Everett
  28. "Kissing with Fangs" [Flirting with Fangs Trilogy, Book 3] by Ashlyn Chase
  29. "An Accidental Affair" by Heather Boyd
  30. "The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King: Weddings Bells Times Four" [The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King Series, Book 1] by Trinity Blacio (aka Maria MoonStar)
  31. "Hajar's Hidden Legacy" by Maisey Yates
  32. "Be Were" [Southern Shifter Series & The Black Cougar Trilogy, Book 5] by Eliza Gayle
  33. "The Prince's Cinderella Bride" by Christine Rimmer
  34. "School Spirits" [School Spirits Series, Book 1] by Rachel Hawkins
  35. -- April 2014 --
  36. "A Season for Sin" [The Sinful Scoundrels Series, Book 0.5] by Vicky Dreiling
  37. "That Thing Called Love" [Razor Bay Series, Book 1] by Susan Andersen
  38. "Dragons Don't Cry" [Fire Chronicles, Book 1] by D'Elen McClain
  39. "Lady's Destiny" [Destiny Series, Book 1] by A. R. Von
  40. "A Baby for Easter" [Willow Park Series, Book 2] by Noelle Adams
  41. "The Alpha’s Heart" [Wilde Creek Series, Book 2] by R. E. Butler
  42. "Tangled Innocence" [Dante’s Circle Series, Book 4] by Carrie Ann Ryan
  43. "Stolen Kiss From a Prince" by Teresa Carpenter
  44. "Tweethearts" by Nicole Haddow
  45. "Bearing Up In Wolf Rock" [Wolf Rock Shifters Series, Book 2] by Carina Wilder
  46. "Unmasking Juliet" by Teri Wilson
  47. "Charming The Duke" by Holly Bush
  48. "Royally Lost" by Angie Stanton
  49. -- May 2014 --
  50. "Forged" [The World of Nightwalkers Series, Book 4] by Jacquelyn Frank (aka Jax)
  51. "Covet" [Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance, Book 1] by Felicity Heaton
  52. "The Guardian" [TALES OF THE DJINN Series, Book 1] by Emma Holly
  53. "Three Ways to Wicked" by Melinda Barron (aka Maura McMann)
  54. "Not His Mate" by M. L. Briers
  55. "Baby, Oh Baby!" by Robin Wells
  56. "Kissed by a Dark Prince" [Eternal Mates Series, Book 1] by Felicity Heaton
  57. "Play" [Stage Dive Series, Book 2] by Kylie Scott
  58. "Matched to a Billionaire" [Happily Ever After, Inc. Series, Book 1] by Kat Cantrell
  59. "Music of the Heart" [Runaway Train Series, Book 1] by Katie Ashley
  60. "Last Second Chance" [Second Chance Series, Book 1] by Caisey Quinn
  61. "Night Games" by Collette West
  62. "Before He Was Famous" [HotFlush/Starstruck Series, Book 1] by Becky Wicks
  63. "Three Weeks With A Bull Rider" [Oklahoma Nights Series, Book 3] by Cat Johnson
  64. "More Than Music" [Chasing the Dream Series, Book 1] by Elizabeth Briggs
  65. "The Mean Girl Apologies" by Stephanie Monahan
  66. -- June 2014 --
  67. "A Season of Change" [Seasons of Pinecraft Series, Book 1] by Lynette Sowell
  68. "Ransom" [Ransom Brothers Series, Book 1] by Rachel Schurig
  69. "Three Nights with a Rock Star" [Half-Life Series, Book 1] by Amber Lin & Shari Slade
  70. "The Harvester" [Girls Night Out Series, Book 1] by Lynn Crain
  71. "Coulda Been A Cowboy" [Dundee, Idaho Series, Book 8] by Brenda Novak
  72. "Hunk for the Holidays" by Katie Lane
  73. "Picture This" [A Marsden Novel, Book 2] by Jayne Denker
  74. "Stone Embrace" [Entwined Realms Series, Book 1.1] by Danielle Monsch
  75. "Taming the Country Star" [Hometown Heroes Series, Book 1] by Margo Bond Collins
  76. "The Fae Ring" [Highland Secrets Trilogy, Book 2] by C. A. Szarek
  77. "Unintentional Virgin" by A. J. Bennett
  78. "The Amish Nanny" [Brides of Amish Country Series, Book 11] by Patricia Davids
  79. "Rebel" [The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 10] by Cheryl Brooks (aka Samantha R. Michaels)
  80. "Forever Mine" [A Blood Ties Novel] by Kalalea George
  81. "The Amish Blacksmith" [The Men of Lancaster County Series, Book 2] by Mindy Starns Clark & Susan Meissner
  82. "Only with You" [The Best Mistake Series, Book 1] by Lauren Layne
  83. "The Mating Game" by Melissa Snark
  84. "Crimson Heart" [The Highland Hearts Series, Book 3] by Heather McCollum
  85. "Baby for Keeps" [Billionaires and Babies Series & The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen Series, Book 2] by Janice Maynard
  86. -- July 2014 --
  87. "Silver Wolf Clan" [Silver Wolf Clan Series, Book 1] by Tera Shanley
  88. "Going Down In Flames" [Going Down In Flames/Shape-Shifting Dragon Series, Book 1] by Chris Cannon
  89. "Payoff Pitch" [Philadelphia Patriots Series, Book 5] by V. K. Sykes (aka Vanessa Kelly & Randy Sykes)
  90. "How to Handle a Heartbreaker" [The McCauley Brothers Series, Book 2] by Marie Harte
  91. "The Healer's Touch" by Lori Copeland
  92. "Pleasing the Pirate" by Sharon Cullen
  93. "How to Marry a Cowboy" [Cowboys & Bride's Series, Book 4] by Carolyn Brown
  94. "Since You've Been Gone" by Anouska Knight
  95. "One Night with an Earl" [The House of Trent Series, Book 2.5 & The Donovan Sisters Series, Book 3.5] by Jennifer Haymore
  96. "Accidentally Married on Purpose" [Love & Games Series, Book 3] by Rachel Harris
  97. "Handled By Officer" [Women Behind the Badge Series, Book 1] by Kym Roberts
  98. "Resisting the Musician" [Head Over Heels Series, Book 1] by Ally Blake
  99. "So I Married a Werewolf" [Seattle Wolf Pack Series, Book 3] by Kristin Miller
  100. "Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride" by Kate Hardy
  101. "A Demon and His Witch" [Welcome to Hell Series, Book 1] by Eve Langlais
  102. "My Fake Summer Boyfriend" by Ann Herrick
  103. -- August 2014 --
  104. "Taming the Lion" [Lone Pine Pride Series, Book 2] by Vivi Andrews
  105. "Ravenous" [Lake City Stories Series, Prequel] by Annie Nicholas
  106. "Rock Addiction" [Rock Kiss Series, Book 1] by Nalini Singh
  107. "Ménage with the Muse" [Demon Rock Series, Book 3] by Nico Rosso
  108. "The Texan's Surprise Son" [Texas Rodeo Barons Series, Book 5] by Cathy McDavid
  109. "It Girl" by Nic Tatano
  110. "Wolf Slayer" [Order of the Wolf Series, Book 2] by Angela Addams
  111. "Better Than Perfect" [More Than A Game Series, Book 1] by Kristina Mathews
  112. "Homecoming" [Love Michaelson Series, Book 1] by Jackie Sexton
  113. "Born In Secret" [The Braddacks Series, Book 1] by Susan Kearney
  114. "The Texan's Christmas" [Texas Rodeo Barons Series, Book 6] by Tanya Michaels
  115. "Huckleberry Christmas" [The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill Series, Book 3] by Jennifer Beckstrand
  116. "The Duke of Snow and Apples" by Elizabeth Vail
  117. "A Mother for His Children" by Jan Drexler
  118. "The Sheikh's Son" [Arabian Heat Series & Billionaires and Babies Series, Book 3] by Kristi Gold
  119. "Must Love Breeches" [Must Love Series, Book 1] by Angela Quarles
  120. "Dirty Laundry" by Belle Chastain
  121. "Breaking the Tension" by Anna Love
  122. "Man of the House" by Anita Faulk
  123. -- September 2014 --
  124. "Home is Where the Heat Is" by Amelia James
  125. "Joyful" [Return to Sugarcreek Series, Book 3] by Shelley Shepard Gray
  126. "Pie Girls" by Lauren Clark
  127. "Cinderella & Prince Dom" [Once Upon A Dom Series, Book 1] by Sydney St. Claire (aka Susan Edwards)
  128. "Love Is..." by 40+ authors from the Romance Divas writing community
    1. "Picture Her Loved" [Bayou Bound Series, Book 2.5] by Sidney Bristol
    2. "Once Upon a SEAL" [Sugar Falls Series, Book 0.5] by S. M. Butler (aka Suzan Butler)
    3. "The Invention of Marriage" by Kat Cantrell
    4. "When Eva Gets Even" by Cass Curtis (aka Cassandra Curtis)
    5. "Her Unforgettable Romance" by Keri Ford
    6. "A Capella" [Dominant Cord Series, Book 1.5] by Sadie Haller
    7. "Hello Treasure" by Faye Hunter
    8. "Hidden Attraction" [Wilde Cove Series, Prequel] by Crystal Jordan
    9. "Gibran: Return of the Rebel Sheikh" [The Desert Kings Series, Book 2.5] by Jennifer Lewis
    10. "Falling Hard" [River Bend Series, Prequel to Book 4] by Molly McLain
    11. "First Date" by Mima
    12. "Her Royal Rendezvous" [Her Royal Romance Series, Book 2.5] by Natasha Moore
    13. "Thunder and Loving" by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
    14. "The Hollywood Gambit" [Hollywood to Olympus Series, Book 2.5] by Elle Rush
    15. "Shanghai Nights" by Jessica Stone
    16. "Love on Delivery" [Storafalt, Wyoming Series, Book 4] by Holley Trent
    17. "Compromising Positions" [Dangerous To Love Series, Book 1 or Prequel?] by A. J. Vale
    18. "Loving Serenity" [Bad Boys of River City Series, Book 3.5] by Elle Wylder (aka Loribelle Hunt)
    19. "A Taste of Love" [Spring River Valley Series, Book 12.5] by Clarice Wynter
    20. "Perfect No Matter What" [The Wardham Series] by Zoe York
    21. "Flickering Light" [Return to Avalore Series, Prequel] by Élianne Adams
    22. "Bridal Faire" [Wizards of Woodland Academy Series, Part of Book 1] by Melisse Aires
    23. "On Target" by Mahlee Ashwynne
    24. "Blind Briar" [The Briar Saga, Book 0.5] by Sophie Avett
    25. "The Pirate and the Earth Witch" by Jennifer Blackstream
    26. "A Wolf to Watch Over Me" by Sela Carsen
    27. "Tempted Heart" [The Blackbourne Legacy Series, Prequel] by Cate Dean
    28. "The Lightning God’s Wife" [Master of Crows Series] by Grace Draven
    29. "A Heart of Ice" [Araneae Nation Series, Book 0.5] by Hailey Edwards
    30. "Hatter’s Treasure" [Kingdom Series] by Marie Hall
    31. "Lessons Learned" [HOOD Series, Book 0.5] by Dayna Hart
    32. "Two in Hand" [The Tlin Series, Book 1.5] by Elise Logan
    33. "A Pack to Call My Own" by Lyra Marlowe
    34. "Embracing Darkness" [Key Series, Book 1.5] by Yelena Casale & Tina Moss
    35. "Lirael’s Candle" by Cate Rowan
    36. "A Mistress by Design" by Sabrina Darby
    37. "The Eyes of a Soldier" by Bonnie Dee
    38. "A Highlander’s Seduction" [Highland Knights Series] by Jennifer Haymore
    39. "A Right And Proper Apology" by Kate Pearce
    40. "The Lady’s Wicked Proposition" [Wicked Liaisons Series, Book 1.5] by Vivienne Westlake
  129. "Nobody's Cowboy" [Big Sky Mavericks Series, Book 1] by Debra Salonen
  130. "Sunsinger" [Cy’ren Rising Series, Book 3] by Robyn Bachar
  131. "The Day He Kissed Her" [Bad Boys of Crystal Lake Series, Book 3] by Juliana Stone (aka Julie Bale)
  132. "Temptation in Shadows" by Gena Showalter
  133. "Prince Hafiz's Only Vice" [Royal and Ruthless Series, Book 8] by Susanna Carr
  134. "Witches' Waves" [Duals and Donovans: The Different Series, Book 4] by Teresa Noelle Roberts (aka Sophie Mouette)
  135. -- October 2014 --
  136. "No Weddings" [No Weddings Series, Book 1] by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion
  137. "When Lightning Strikes" [Whiskey Creek Series, Book 1] by Brenda Novak
  138. "When Summer Comes" [Whiskey Creek Series, Book 3] by Brenda Novak
  139. "A Little Christmas Jingle" by Michele Dunaway
  140. "Call Of The Dragon" [Return to Avalore Series, Book 1] by Elianne Adams
  141. "The Mistletoe Effect" by Melissa Cutler
  142. "The Prince Who Loved Me" [The Princes of Oxenburg Series, Book 1] by Karen Hawkins
  143. "Violca's Dragon" [The Dragon Ruby Series, Book 1] by Leilani Love
  144. "Mistletoe Magic" [Bar V5 Dude Ranch Series, Copper Mountain Series, A Copper Mountain Christmas Series, Book 3, & Montana Born Brides Series] by Melissa McClone
  145. "Kiss Me, Cowboy" [Bar V5 Dude Ranch Series, Copper Mountain Series, & Montana Born Rodeo Series, Book 3] by Melissa McClone
  146. "The Brickmaker’s Bride" [Refined by Love Series, Book 1] by Judith Miller
  147. "Mistletoe Wedding" [Bar V5 Dude Ranch Series, Copper Mountain Series, A Marietta Christmas Novel, & Montana Born Christmas Series, Book 2] by Melissa McClone
  148. "Love Me To Death" [The Underveil Series, Book 1] by Marissa Clarke (aka Mary Lindsey)
  149. "The Parchment Scroll" [Highland Secrets Trilogy, Book 3] by C. A. Szarek
  150. "The Heart of Christmas" [Whiskey Creek Series, Book 7] by Brenda Novak
  151. "Blame The Mistletoe" [A Marietta Christmas Novel & Montana Born Christmas Series, Book 1] by Dani Collins
  152. -- November 2014 --
  153. "A Rancher for Christmas" [Martin's Crossing Series, Book 1] by Brenda Minton
  154. "Loving The Prince" [The Jorda Series, Book 1] by Nicole Murphy (aka Elizabeth Dunk)
  155. "A Yorkshire Christmas" [Christmas Around the World Series, Book 2] by Kate Hewitt
  156. "Coming Home to Love" [Lakeside Porches Series, Book 2] by Katie O'Boyle
  157. "Christmas Brides" by Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins, Elizabeth Essex, & Valerie Bowman
    1. "One Hot Scot" [Scandalous Highlanders Series, Book 0.5] by Suzanne Enoch
    2. "Once Upon a Christmas Scandal" [Lords of Vice Series, Book 7.5] by Alexandra Hawkins
    3. "The Scandal Before Christmas" [The Reckless Brides Series, Book 3.5] by Elizabeth Essex
    4. "It Happened Under the Mistletoe" [The Secret Brides Series, Book 3.5] by Valerie Bowman
  158. "This Weakness for You" [Taming the Pack Series, Book 2] by Wendy Sparrow
  159. "Wolves' Bane" [The Order of the Wolf Series, Book 3] by Angela Addams
  160. "Flirting on Ice" [Atlantic City Hustlers Series, Novella 1] by Veronica Forand & Susan Scott Shelley
  161. "Touching Paradise" [Shark Shifter Series, Book 1] by Cleo Peitsche
  162. "Her Mistletoe Cowboy" [The Wildflower Ranch Series, Book 2] by Alissa Callen
  163. "All He Wants for Christmas" [Kismet, Michigan Series, Book 4] by Lisa Plumley
  164. "In Your Dreams" [The Blue Heron Series, Book 4] by Kristan Higgins
  165. "Tempting the Governess" by Vivienne Westlake
  166. "The Movie Star's Red Hot Holiday Fling" [Sweetbriar Springs Series, Book 2] by Christine Glover
  167. "Ivan" [Fang Chronicles Series, Book 6] by D’Elen McClain (aka Holly S. Roberts & Suzie Ivy)
  168. -- December 2014 --
  169. "New Year's Resolution: Romance!" by Christie Ridgway, Leslie Kelly, & Tanya Michaels
    1. "Say Yes" by Christie Ridgway
    2. "No More Bad Girls" by Leslie Kelly (aka Leslie A. Kelly)
    3. "Just a Fling" by Tanya Michaels
  170. "Kiss My Ash" by Reneé George
  171. "How to Beguile a Duke" by Ally Broadfield
  172. "Winter Fire" by Kathy Fischer-Brown
  173. "Bedroom Games" [Games Series, Book 4] by Jessica Clare
  174. "The Baby Arrangement" [Life, Love & Babies Series, Book 1] by Samantha Chase
  175. "Commanding the Tides" [Lords of the Abyss Series, Book 2] by Michelle M. Pillow (aka Madelyn Porter & Naomi Kalling)
  176. "Snowbound Surprise for the Billionaire" by Michelle Douglas
  177. "Delicate Freakn’ Flower" [Freakn’ Shifters Series, Book 1] by Eve Langlais
  178. "The Cowboy's Forever Family" [Cowboy Country Series, Book 2] by Deb Kastner
  179. "Royal Heirs Required" [Billionaires and Babies Series & Sherdana Royalty Series, Book 1] by Cat Schield
  180. "Dark Wolf Enterprises" [Dark Wolf Enterprises Series, Book 1] by A. M. Griffin
  181. "A Taste of Merlot" [The Napa Wine Heiresses Series, Book 2] by Heather Heyford

* If you would like to know what I think about the books I didn't share my ratings or reviews with you about, than leave a comment about which one you want info on and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Blog Tour - Feasted On: For the Memory of Dragons by Julie Wetzel | Review & Clean Teen Mystery Box Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Julie Wetzel, with a review of her novel "For the Memory of Dragons," which happens to be the SECOND BOOK in The Dragons of Eternity Series!!

ALSO -- Be sure to check out Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to be able to sign up for this blog stop's GIVEAWAY(s)!! [Blog Tour & Giveaway will run on August 31 - September 11, 2015]

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 225; Kindle Edition - File Size: 4917 KB | Expected Release Date: August 31, 2015 | Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing | Obtained: Crimson Tree Publishing

"For the Memory of Dragons" [The Dragons of Eternity Series, Book 2] by Julie Wetzel

Author's Book Description : What do you do when a dragon crash-lands in your backyard?

That’s the question Terra’s faced with when one of these creatures plows down into her cornfield. Should she help out the hunk of a man the dragon turns into, or turn him over to the trigger-happy ‘authorities’ that have come looking for him? The deciding factor—he has no memory. Giving him up just doesn’t seem right… at least until she knows the truth of who he is.

Alex has forgotten a thing or two—his name being one of them—but he knows there is something important that he needs to remember, if he could just get his battered brain to work properly. A little rest might help, but there’s no time for that when the bullets start flying.

Now, he has to follow the few clues he has to discover who he is, and why people are trying to kill him. But that’s the easy part. The hard part will be keeping his hands off the lovely lady helping him.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Terra’s life changes the day a giant blue dragon falls out of the sky into her cornfield and transforms into an unconscious hunk of a man. Not long after he wakes up they find themselves on the run for their lives, trying to find out who he is since he lost his memory, and fighting the growing attraction between them. Yet, fate has plans for them both, neither are prepared but as they become close, they know they’ll protect one another by any means possible!

Expect the unexpected with this one! This unique modern day paranormal romance went in directions I wasn’t prepared for but found I was VERY happy with the result! Like Terra, I liked Alexander (Alex) a bit more when he didn’t have his memories, as he seemed more approachable. However, the attraction and growing chemistry between Alex and Terra was undeniable. Their story is fun and entertaining; I just could not get enough! Add in the shocking twists and it made me want to read more of their tale. Hopefully, these two will be in parts of the series as it continues. *crossing fingers*

I HIGHLY recommend this novel to those looking for a fun fast-paced paranormal romance! Also, just so you know, this novel can be read as a standalone. =0)

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here : IndieBound (Paperback) : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5) | IndieBound (Paperback) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | Kobo (e-Book) : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5) | Kobo (e-Book) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | (e-Book) : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5) | (Paperback) : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5) | (e-Book) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | (Paperback) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | Smashwords : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5) | Smashwords : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1)

IndieBound (Paperback) : For the Memory of Dragons (Book 2)

Kobo (e-Book) : For the Memory of Dragons (Book 2)

My Previous Interview(s) with this Author : August 2015

My Previous Review(s) for this Series : Book 0.5

Author's Novel Extras :
This whole month has been exciting for me... With Camp Nanowrimo in full swing. The third installment of the Dragons of...
Posted by Julie Wetzel Author on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FOR THE MEMORY OF DRAGONS by Julie Wetzel Author -- Read my #bookreview and #blogtour here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Author's Series Extras : The Dragons of Eternity Series - Overview

Book Teaser(s) :

FOR THE MEMORY OF DRAGONS by Julie Wetzel Author -- Read my #bookreview and #blogtour here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Sunday, September 6, 2015
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Julie, then please check out her website.

About the Author :

Julie Wetzel is a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, and what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling she's crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things.

Book Excerpt :

Letting out a long breath, Alex turned his thoughts back to his phone and the man who had blown it up. Maybe Sanders did have cause to worry, but did he have to disturb everyone in his search for Alex? Brigs had mentioned that the man had blown up everyone’s phones looking for his missing man. Alex held his finger over the call log, ready to return the worried man’s call, but a growl from his dragon stopped him from placing it. Sanders’ worry was way out of proportion for the situation. That didn’t sit right with Alex. Shifting his finger down, Alex called the number that appeared in the call log only once.
“Hello.” Daniel’s voice rolled out of the phone.
“I need to talk with you,” Alex said, getting straight to the point.
There was a long pause before Daniel answered him. “Is everything all right, Alex?”
“No,” Alex answered. “There is something seriously wrong, and I need to speak with you, alone, as soon as possible.”
Daniel let another pregnant pause hold the space between them. “All right. Will you be coming here?”
Alex thought about it for a moment as he listened to his dragon. “No,” he said softly. His dragon did not like the idea of going into the main office. Something about that idea raised the hackles on the back of his neck. It was also a fair distance, even by wing, and that would leave Terra unprotected for too long. He didn’t like leaving her at all, but he needed to get this taken care of. “Can you meet me at The Dragon’s Wing?”
“Give me thirty minutes,” Daniel answered and hung up.

Giveaways!! :

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Find Julie Wetzel :

When good things happen, you just need to sit back, have some good chocolate, and celebrate... Then get your but back to work and finish that book you need to write!
Posted by Julie Wetzel Author on Monday, August 31, 2015

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Blog Tour - Made the Grade: A Castle for Dragons by Julie Wetzel | Interview, Review, & Crimson Tree Mystery Box Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Julie Wetzel, who I interviewed about her novel "A Castle for Dragons," which is the The First Archive in The Dragons of Eternity Series!!

ALSO -- Be sure to check out Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to be able to sign up for this blog stop's GIVEAWAY(s)!! [Blog Tour will run from August 24 - September 4, 2015]

My Q&A with Julie Wetzel :

Jess : Which of your characters would you most & least like to invite to dinner, from which book and why?

Julie : Of the characters from my books that I could invite to dinner, I would want to have dinner with Darien. Could you imagine all of the things he could tell you? What a wealth of knowledge he could be!

I think Rupert would be the harder one to have a meal with. He seems a little rough around the edges and probably wouldn’t be very good dinner company.

Jess : Please describe "A Castle for Dragons" in in one to two sentences.

Julie : A brave hero takes on a dragon to protect a village full of troublesome maidens, but nothing is exactly what it seems.

Jess : Which usually comes first for you, the character(s) story or the idea for the novel?

Julie : Hard question. Usually what I get first is a single scene playing out in my head. From there the characters grow into a storyline.

Jess : It's Patrick vs Patrick -- Is there any differences and/or similarities between Patrick from your "A Castle for Dragons" novel and Patrick from your "Granting Wishes" novel?

Julie : I’m surprised I haven’t had this question sooner. About the only similarities are their names and the fact that they are redheads. "A Castle for Dragons" was written well before "Granting Wishes" was. When I went to find a name for a leprechaun, Patrick was the most obvious choice. I didn’t even think of the fact that I had another main character that was named Patrick. They were never meant to be reflections of each other, so any other similarities are just coincidence.

Jess : Out of all of the secondary characters within "A Castle for Dragons," do you have one or two favorites so far? If so, who are they and can you tell us why?

Julie : My favorite secondary character has to be Nana. She’s the old lady that Daniel and Patrick find in the castle when they first arrive. We only see her a few times in the story but she is the one that points out that dragons are still known to the world. That no matter how they try to hid, someone will remember them. And crazy old ladies are just fun characters.

Jess : What is the most funny thing one of your characters, from "A Castle for Dragons," said or did?

Julie : There are a lot of cute moments in the book, but my favorite act is where Patrick runs across the tables in the main hall trying to catch Kathryn after a misunderstanding. I always laugh when I think of the Lord of the castle jumping up on the table during dinner and jumping across through the crowd.

Jess : What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Julie : I liked writing the first encounter between Patrick and the dragon. It’s that moment that Kathryn goes form thinking the new lord is a total show off and worthless, to truly worrying about him and thinking he might not be all that bad. Plus the fight between Patrick and the Dragon was fun to think through.

Jess : How many books have you written? Which is your favorite and why?

Julie : Well, when the second in the Dragons of Eternity series is released, I’ll have eight books in print. I’ve also written two short stories for anthologies and I have several fanfictions out there. I also have two books I’ve completed, but haven’t found the proper place to publish them yet. Their day will come, but I’ve got enough on my plate for now.

As to my favorite. That’s like asking a mother which of her children is her favorite. There are times she hates every one of them, but she loves them all. Right now my golden child is my current work in progress, "For the Heart of Dragons." Simply because I’m spending so much time with it and it hasn’t started to piss me off yet. I’m sure by the time I get to editing I will hate it and be on to another love.

Jess : Do you have any other projects in the works? If so, can you share a little of your current work with us?

Julie : Oh the file of unfinished work on my computer would amaze you! I have a lot of irons in the fire, but the one that I’m working on at the moment is "For the Heart of Dragons." It’s the third novel in the Dragons of Eternity series. And I guess I can share a snippet with you.

"For the Heart of Dragons" –

Noah stared at the heart in awe. It was beautiful, but he didn’t know if it would remain so. How long could a dragon survive in this form? He pondered this for a moment, but Raven’s dying words echoed through his brain pushing him to act. Unwilling to take the chance of losing the dragon and he squeezed the gem, slicing the diamond points deep into his palm. Rolling his hand over he let his blood seep out on the heart. The power of the dragon raced up his arm, slamming into his brain. A mighty roar shook his world.

Mine!” the dragon roared as it claimed its new home.

Noah fought for control over the beast, but the dragon’s rage gave it an unnatural strength. The desire to destroy everything that had hurt Raven coursed thought him. “No!” he cried out. Dropping the blood covered heart, he wrapped his arms around Raven’s body trying to hold onto himself, but the dragon was too strong. It ripped its way out of Noah’s body taking Noah for a ride. The leather collar around his neck forced the dragon into a size smaller then it was used to, but this size was more than enough to do what it wanted for the moment. Noah’s consciousness dropped away as the creature pounced on the body of the man that had killed Raven and started ripping it to shreds.

Jess : If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Julie : Well, my husband thinks it should be "Grievous Bodily Harm: The Misadventures of an Accidental Author." I kicked him for that one before agreeing that it was probably the best title anyone could come up with. I do tend to be slightly accident prone and it is true that I had never planned to be an author. So, it does kind of fit.

About the Author :

Julie Wetzel is a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, and what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling she's crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things.

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 208; Kindle Edition - File Size: 3553 KB | Expected Release Date: July 9, 2015 | Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing | Obtained: Crimson Tree Publishing

"A Castle for Dragons" [The Dragons of Eternity Series, The First Archive/Book 0.5] by Julie Wetzel

Author's Book Description : With a dragon ravaging the countryside, the Prince of Dragons sends out his best man, Patrick Mylan. His orders—to secure an abandoned castle and stop the foul beast from stealing more maidens. This shouldn’t be an issue for an Elite of Eternity

But there is more going on than there seems. When other dragons are sighted in the area, the town sends their maidens to their new lord for protection… and Patrick’s life becomes a lot more complicated. With the dragon he’s hunting acting odd and a castle filled with women distracting him, how is he supposed to do the job he was sent for? And what are the ladies going to do when they find out he’s the other dragon in the area?

This story is a historical fiction set in the world of Eternity.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, at the orders of his Prince (and adopted brother) Patrick, with is contingent of warriors, comes into town to take care of its rogue dragon problem and become their new Lord of the Castle. Things don’t go as smoothly as he would hope but with the towns “support” behind him, he’ll try his best to protect them with everything he has. Now if he can only find a way to let the town know that he and his men are the things they fear the most too... dragons.

With a “historical” feel, this is one fantasy romance that sets its readers up for an unexpected adventure based around fascinating characters! This wasn’t exactly what I expected but I don’t think I would have changed anything about it. One thing I especially enjoyed was reading about Patrick’s “dragon world” and how everything worked in it. Then when it came to Patrick and his relationship with Kathryn, I found their banter to be amusing while their growing relationship very gratifying! Kathryn definitely kept Patrick on his toes and it made watching her fall in love him all that much sweeter.

I cannot wait to see where this series will take us next. I recommend this novel to those looking for a unique dragon-shifter fantasy romance!

Purchase This Book and/or the ones from its Connected Series Here : IndieBound (Paperback) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | Kobo (e-Book) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | Kobo (e-Book) : For the Memory of Dragons (Book 2) | (e-Book) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | (Paperback) : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | (e-Book) : For the Memory of Dragons (Book 2) | (Paperback) : For the Memory of Dragons (Book 2) | Smashwords : On the Accidental Wings of Dragons (Book 1) | Smashwords : For the Memory of Dragons (Book 2)

IndieBound (Paperback) : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5)

Kobo (e-Book) : A Castle for Dragons (Book 0.5)

Author's Novel Extras :
~~~~~~Wonderful News!~~~~~~A Castle for Dragons is being released early!It's now available for preorder on Amazon at...
Posted by Julie Wetzel Author on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Author's Series Extras : The Dragons of Eternity Series - Overview

Book Teaser(s) :

A CASTLE FOR DRAGONS by Julie Wetzel Author -- Read my #bookreview, #authorinterview and #blogtour here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Thursday, August 27, 2015
“So what do I do about her?” He was more than willing to give in, but it was convincing the girl that was turning into an issue.
“That, my friend, is the biggest mystery of all.” Daniel grinned. “Figure out the mind of a woman, and you could be the wealthiest man in the world.” ~ within Chapter 6
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Julie, then please check out her website.

Book Excerpt :

“I am Patrick Mylan,” he restated. “I have been sent by the king to see to your dragon.”
This sent another murmur through the gathering crowd.
“I claim Dunham Castle as my payment.”
Silence flowed across the crowd.
Patrick went on. “She is in need of much repair. I will require a tithing from the town.”
A roar of objection went up.
After a moment, the crowd quieted enough for Patrick to continue. “In return for your support, I will rid you of your dragon and offer you the protection of a lord.”
Outrage swept through the villagers.
“How do you expect us to pay a tithing? The dragon has razed all of our crops and killed most of our men.” The sweet voice of the woman cut through the din.
Patrick turned back to her. “I understand that times are hard, and I have coin enough to pay for the supplies I need for now. The tithing I ask is for repairs to the castle after I’ve vanquished the dragon.” He looked around at the now-silent faces. “It’s no more than any lord would ask of his people.”
“We are not your people,” the woman snapped at him.
Oh yes, she was feisty, but so was he. Patrick smiled back at her. “Then I will leave you to your dragon, fair maiden.” Pulling on the reins of his horse, he turned back towards the castle.
“Wait.” Eustace held up his hand to stop Patrick from leaving. “Can you really slay this dragon?”
“My men and I are well versed in the ways of dragons.” Patrick bowed his head. “We can stop this beast.”
“And what happens when you fail?” the feisty woman yelled at his back.
Patrick turned in his saddle to look back at her. “Then you will be left with a fat dragon and be free of the tithing,” he sassed before turning his attention back to Eustace.

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Find Julie Wetzel :

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