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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Idolizing In: The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club by J. C. Isabella

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 423 KB | Release Date: 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: / Carrie Ann Ryan's Giveaway

"The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club" by J. C. Isabella

My Book Summary : When Chloe was a little girl she had a crush on Zack, and with a few friends of hers who also liked Zack, they created 'The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club.' They would spy on him and follow him around. Somehow the girls' activities were done with Zack none the wiser. However, when Zack was a young man he would pull pranks on Chloe, and when Chloe was in fifth grade it was the last straw for her when he stole the pink streamers off her bike. Therefore, she vowed that she hated him from that point on and had nothing to do with the club. Yet when Chloe left the club her friend, Lana, took it over.

Now as a freshman in college, Lana has taken the club from high school to college and Chloe thinks it's high time to put an end to it. Especially since some of the things the girls in the club want to know is really an evasion of privacy. Another reason Chloe wants it to stop is because recently her mother decided to marry Zack's father so they'll be living together soon which will be hard enough without having the fear that he'll find out about the club any moment to worry about.

Even though Chloe and Zack both go to the same college, during spring break they finally have to deal with each other on a permanent basis since they help there parents move into their new house. Soon they find that they have more in common with each other then they ever thought, and become friends or at least they try to be for their parents' sake. Then they find out that their might be more behind their dislike for each other then they originally thought, more like they don't really dislike each other at all. They really like one another. However, with the new family relationships between them and the "hidden" club Chloe has to deal with, how can any romantic relationship between them ever work out for the best?

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! I LOVED the characters in this novel!!! Chloe and Zack are quite a pair about keeping false fronts about their feelings to each other for everyone else while their true feelings are quite different!! Plus, I loved the fact that they went, pretty much, their whole lives in love with each other and only now taping into those feelings. *sigh* It is a fun story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!! From them finding out the truth of one another, to getting used to their new living arrangements, to dealing with their new jealousies and old secrets .... I just could not get enough to this book or this pair!!

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys young romances in the YA genre!! Especially ones that deal with old crushes, quirky friends, and guys that want to play games in more ways then one.

Author's Novel Extras : Buy Your Own 'The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club' Pin | The Unofficial Zack Warren Interview (it has spoilers)

Book Teaser(s) :
Teaser #1
“Is it just me, or do things here seem a bit, uh, bizarre?” Chloe asked as I stopped the van to let a man and his goat cross. He was walking him on a leash like a dog, and he was the only sign of life. I didn’t see anyone else around.
“I was thinking more along the lines of the Twilight Zone.” I slid closer to her, keeping my foot firmly on the break. She glanced up, curious. I pushed down the lock on her door, and then resumed my position at the wheel with a good amount of space between us, but I left my arm draped behind her on the seat.
“Why did you do that?”
“It seemed like a good idea.” I laughed, maybe a little nervously at her questioning look. I hoped my actions weren’t so obvious.
“Am I hallucinating?” She pointed out the front window. ~ within Chapter 6
“Mind if I join you?”
“It’s your social life at stake if you do.”
“Nah, Lana can’t touch me. I made her queen, remember that.” He dug into a sub from the cafeteria, hunching over the grass so nothing landed on his crisp baseball uniform.
“Why are you so dressed up?”
“Lost a bet. Have to wear this for the next three days.” He sucked down half a coke before speaking again. “Listen, this thing with you and Lana, it creeps me out.”
I froze. “What thing?”
“Dude, I’m not in the dark anymore.”
“I’m not sure if I follow.”
“The club, Baker. I know.”
I’m so dead. “Excuse me, but, oh shit.” ~ within Chapter 17
For more information on this book and/or any other books by J. C., then please check out her website.

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