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Monday, March 31, 2014

Made the Grade: School Spirits Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Hardcover - Pages: 304; Paperback - Pages: 304; Kindle Edition - File Size: 393 KB; Audiobook - Unabridged | Expected Release Date: May 14, 2013 | Publisher: Disney Hyperion | Obtained: NetGalley

"School Spirits" [School Spirits Series, Book 1] by Rachel Hawkins

Author's Book Description : Fifteen-year-old Izzy Brannick was trained to fight monsters. For centuries, her family has hunted magical creatures. But when Izzy’s older sister vanishes without a trace while on a job, Izzy's mom decides they need to take a break.

Izzy and her mom move to a new town, but they soon discover it’s not as normal as it appears. A series of hauntings has been plaguing the local high school, and Izzy is determined to prove her worth and investigate. But assuming the guise of an average teenager is easier said than done. For a tough girl who's always been on her own, it’s strange to suddenly make friends and maybe even have a crush.

Can Izzy trust her new friends to help find the secret behind the hauntings before more people get hurt?

Rachel Hawkins' delightful spin-off brings the same wit and charm as the New York Times best-selling Hex Hall series. Get ready for more magic, mystery and romance!

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! It's a sweet humorous suspenseful novel that has spurts of romance thrown in, gets you all warmed up for what looks to be a intriguing spin-off series!! Izzy is a softhearted protagonist who is still getting her footing in what her role is supposed to be within her family's lifestyle. Just recently losing her older sister, she feels responsible for the loss and tries to show her mother what a good "worker" she is by taking a ghost "case" on her own. Yet, as she has to pretend to be a "normal" teenager for her mission she gets involved in a lot of firsts. First kiss. First crush. First friends. During that time she comes to terms what it means following in her family's footsteps, what she might have to give up, and see if she can change her future for the better...

I really liked Torin!! And even though I liked Dex and Izzy together, I have hopes that something between Torin and Izzy will happen! =0)

I recommend this novel for those who are fans of the Hex Hall series, fans of Ms. Hawkins, and/or those who like YA paranormal novels with romance thrown in!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Hex Hall


Book Teaser(s) :
That done, I tossed my phone on the bed and turned my attention to my closet.
"Whatever shall you wear?" Torin observed, propping his chin in his hand. "Let's see, there's the black T-shirt with black jeans. Or perhaps, it you're going for elegance over function, you could wear the black T-shirt with black jeans. Ooh!" He sat up, widening his eyes. "Do you know what would be particularly fetching? The black---"
"T-shirt with black jeans," I finished for him. "Hilarious."
But looking at my closet, he did have a point. Other than that pink hoodie, my closet was a sea of sameness. A sea of black. And I didn't have the faintest idea what girls wore to basketball games. ~ within Chapter 13
"So you were...dead."
"Romy," I warned, but she just shrugged and pulled the blanket tighter around her.
"Look, I get that he's traumatized, but hey, am I, too."
"We all are," Anderson muttered. ~ within Chapter 33
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Rachel, then please check out her website.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Feasted On: Southern Shifter Series & The Black Cougar Trilogy, Book 5

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 1393 KB | Expected Release Date: January 27, 2014 | Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books | Obtained: NetGalley

"Be Were" [Southern Shifter Series & The Black Cougar Trilogy, Book 5] by Eliza Gayle

Author's Book Description : Dean had a family once. Until tragedy and betrayal consumed them. Now he lives on his own terms keeping life simple and carefree. Then one night leads to one bite and he’s forced back into a dangerous world that reminds him he’s still as angry as ever and this time he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants. Niki.

Niki Harris has lived a life of secrets and solitude with no interest in making a change. But an easy one night stand turns complicated and she finds herself marked. Now she has to decide, tell the sexy shifter with a possessive streak a mile wide she’s pregnant and in danger or do what she’s always done–run.

"Be Were" is the continued story of Dean and Niki from the free story, "White Cougar Christmas." (If you have not read WCC, no worries. It is included as the first chapter of "Be Were")

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Finding your mate is like finding a needle in a haystack, so why is Niki trying to run away from hers? This intriguing fast-paced novel brings back all your favorite characters from "Bad Kitty," gets you involved with these hot new characters, while setting up the series for a bunch more twists and turns that will be interesting to see where it'll go!

Dean and Niki believe that they are complete opposites, which is why Niki runs away from him in the first place, yet they are more alike, then they know. Hot tempered. Feisty. And once they open their hearts and lives to each other, nothing can tear them apart not even Niki. =0)

I cannot wait to see where this series goes, especially since they Kitty & Rafe seem to stay in the immediate background and I really like them!

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who like reading about alpha males in paranormal romances!!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

My Previous Review(s) for this Series : Book 4

My Previous Mention(s) of this Author's Books/Characters : Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Author's Novel Extras : Be Were - Overview, Excerpt, & Behind the Book with Eliza | Seriously Shifter Giveaway Hop

Author's Series Extras : Pinterest: The Shifters | Lucas - Overview, Excerpt, & Behind the Book with Eliza | Kane - Overview, Excerpt, & Behind the Book with Eliza | Malcolm - Overview, Excerpt, & Behind the Book with Eliza | A White Cougar Christmas - Overview | Bad Kitty - Overview, Excerpt, & Behind the Book with Eliza | FAQs | What’s Left For 2011 | Looking Ahead To 2012 | Shameless Giveaway Hop | Saturday Snippet – Character Sass

Book Teaser(s) :
"Relax," Kitty said. "I come bearing breakfast."
Niki couldn't see Dean's reaction but the smirks on both Rafe and Bhric's faces indicated he wasn't happy. Seems these idiot males took entirely too much pleasure when the females didn't behave as expected.
"We don't need--" Dean started.
"Whoa." Niki shoved him to the side. "Speak for yourself. I'm starving." She sniffed the box. "Blueberries?" she asked hopefully.
"Yeah, we stopped at Mia's bakery in the village and she had these blueberry muffins fresh made."
Niki lunged for the box and tore into it. Her stomach rumbled as she plucked the biggest one from the box and peeled the wrapper from the bottom. She and Dean had a lot more on their minds than food, so they hadn't thought about eating, until food came into view and then bam. Starved. She took a huge bite and savored the burst of fresh blueberries. "Oh my goddess," she moaned. "These are so fucking good."
Laughter burst out around her and she realized all eyes were on her and most of them quite amused.
"Hello. Pregnant." She took another bite and tuned them out. She might have to rethink her attitude toward the scarred feline. Bringing blueberries bought her a lot of goodwill as far as she was concerned.
"So are we going or what?" Niki asked. "Cause if we're not, I'm going back inside to find some milk."
"Depends on whether you're done having an orgasm over those damned muffins," Dane said.
Niki looked up with her mouth stuffed with the fruity treat. They were all still staring at her, their looks intense.
Uh oh.
"Yeah," he said. "Your little display is affecting everyone."
She focused on Dean and breathed deeply. He wanted her and damn it was strong. "Crap." She shoved the rest of her muffin back into the box. ~ within Chapter 10
Often times in hybrid-shifters either the human or the animal became dominant instead of being equal. In this case he'd guess the cougar was dominant for this woman or she would have reverted back already. Four long days in a mad scientist's lab brought about a lot of strange education. Maybe Simon wasn't mad, but he sure as hell wasn't normal. ~ within Chapter 17
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Eliza, then please check out her website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Teaser Tuesdays: Hajar's Hidden Legacy

• Today's Teaser Tuesdays by MizB - click here

"Hajar's Hidden Legacy" [Beasts of the Desert Series, Book 2] by Maisey Yates

Book Teaser:
“This is Lilah. You can ride her. She’s very gentle.”
“The sentiment is appreciated, but I don’t need gentle.”
That statement made a dark cascade of erotic thoughts spin through his mind, made him pause for a moment as he thought of all the hidden meanings her statement could possess.
“Noted,” he said, jaw clenched tight.
“And who’s your handsome gentleman there?” she asked.
He put his foot in the stirrup and swung his leg over his mount. “Nalah doesn’t appreciate being called a he.”
“Sorry. I assumed—” she pulled herself up onto Lilah “—that a big strong man like you would ride a stallion.”
“Oh, no, definitely not. Not a good idea to have two stallions together, you know?”
She laughed, a shocked burst of sound that echoed through the paddock. “Did you just call yourself a stallion?”
He felt a smile teasing the edges of his lips, such a foreign feeling, even more so the small bit of contentment that accompanied it. Such a strange thing to talk to another person like this. To find that barrier of fear and uncertainty absent. Pride grew in him, mingling with the surge of warmth that was trickling through his veins. He had made her smile, after she had looked so sad.
“I did,” he said.
“Mmm... quite the ego.” ~ within Chapter 7

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

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My Previous Mention(s) of this Author's Books/Characters : Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2013 | Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Made the Grade: The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 297; Kindle Edition - File Size: 462 KB | Release Date: December 22, 2013 | Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books | Obtained: NetGalley

"The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King: Weddings Bells Times Four" [The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King Series, Book 1] by Trinity Blacio (aka Maria MoonStar)

Author's Book Description : Best-selling paranormal romance author Trinity Blacio brings her characters from the beloved short story, "The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King" back in this riveting page-turner that culminates in not one, but four, supernatural Christmas marriages.

The ancient scrolls decreed that she was made for the Vampire King. But they failed to mentioned that she would also be mated to two werewolf brothers and a prehistoric vampire.

When the four of them join forces to protect her, love her, and drive her crazy, Beth knows she’s in trouble. Not to mention the fact that war is breaking out all around them and Beth has to plan for her wedding to not one man, but four.

Edward had always been a patient man, but after two kidnappings, a shooting and being cursed, he was ready to rip someone apart. However, he wasn’t the only one.

Dred and Rock Nester, werewolf twin brothers, were hired to guard the King’s woman. The only problem was she was also their mate as was the Vampire King himself.

Lucas, one of the original vampires, and mate to Beth Roman wakes up to a new world and a human witch standing before him. A war is brewing around them, but his only concern is her safety. Nothing or no one would harm their woman even if all of then have to coexist with the other men.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars!! You'll hit the ground running when you start this suspenseful paranormal/sci-fi (put them together and you get para-sci ... okay that sounds bad) romance!! =0) It's entertaining in the extreme with the sexual prowess of Beth's four alpha males, the comedy that gets randomly thrown into unexpected scenes, and the mystery behind just about everything/everyone as you follow Beth into a world she's not prepared for yet is trying to protect herself and the world in this intense battle of wills.

Edward, Dred, Rock, & Lucas--Beth's men--are smoldering enough to wish they could worship you! Their relationship with each other and Beth is very intense and grows throughout this novel. It grows so much so that you cannot help but root for them as they deal with the drastic changes that abruptly happen to them, especially considering the short time frame they dealt with.

As I said this novel throws you right into the action when you start reading it. Yet, for someone who hasn't read the short story prequel "The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King" to this novel--like me--then don't worry as you don't need to read it even if it'll probably make the start of this novel easier to understand.

The only thing I had a hard time enjoying was Beth when she was determined to be "Miss Independent" and had little regard to her own safety. She has a tendency to protect others first--which is good--while not taking into consideration that her men might be able to help her instead of doing to all on her own. While even though her guys did the same thing too at times once they realized their mistakes they found ways to make it up to her and tried to change for her, yet she doesn't seem to have the same consideration for them. Every annoying...

With that said, I still would recommend this novel and possibly the series (if it stays as good as it already is) to anyone who enjoys paranormal & sci-fi romances!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Book Teaser(s) :
The door slammed open and Dred stood there holding onto his balls, growling. "She kicked me and disappeared."
Laughing, his father slapped his back. "Yep, she's a wild one, your witch. I can't wait to see your children. Go find your woman, Edward."
The three of them left the chamber. "Do you have any idea where she is?" Dred asked, rubbing the inside of his leg.
"She's in the kitchen," Edward grinned. "It's a good thing she didn't aim a little bit higher."
Rock laughed and Dred glared at him. "She did, but I moved in time. Told me to bite her and kicked me."
He tried not to laugh, but couldn't help it. "I owe you an apology. I believe she's angry at me and took it out on you."
"Ya think?" Dred grumbled as he pushed open the kitchen door. ~ within Chapter 11
"There is no need to worry. If this Alton hurts her I'll eat him." Edward jerked his gaze to the creature and she smiled. ~ within Chapter 14
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Trinity, then please check out her website.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feasted On: An Heir of Uncertainty by Alyssa Everett

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 462 KB | Release Date: March 10, 2014 | Publisher: Carina Press | Obtained: NetGalley

"An Heir of Uncertainty" by Alyssa Everett

Author's Book Description : Yorkshire, 1820

Lina, Lady Radbourne, thought being a countess would rescue her from poverty. Unfortunately, her young groom failed to plan for the future, and his drunken accident left her widowed and pregnant. Now Colonel Winstead Vaughan—Win—will inherit her late husband’s fortune...unless she gives birth to a boy. Win is her natural enemy, so why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Win is stunned to learn he stands to inherit a vast fortune. He’s even more surprised to find himself falling for the beautiful, spirited Lady Radbourne, who is the one woman who stands in the way of a life he’d only imagined.

When someone tries to poison Lady Radbourne, suspicion falls on Win. There’s a clever killer in their midst, and if Win doesn’t solve the mystery fast, Lina may perish. He needs to win her trust, but how can he prove it’s she he wants, and not the fortune?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars, two strangers find themselves thrown together in this suspenseful historical romance! Lina & Win's romance was one that grows slowly but once they finally trust each other (and get over their pride) everything seems to work out for them. I enjoyed how these two work together to get through the allegations about them and to find who is out to kill them. It made for a suspenseful novel that was a little like "Whodunit?" because of how many twists that appear.

Yet even though the actual killer surprised me, and this novel kept my interest the whole way threw, I just wish that Lina and Win's romance had a little more spark or charm then it did. I mean I'm glad they got together and I understand their reasons for why they held back their feelings to each other when they did but it didn't flow well for me. Or I should say their relationship was very slow paced for a majority of the novel and then rushed threw it by the end, which made me kinda disappointed.

With that being said, I did enjoy the plot, all of the characters, and the twists. Therefore, I'd recommend this novel to anyone who likes suspenseful historical romances and/or are fans of Ms. Everett.

Purchase This Book Here :

Author's Novel Extras : An Heir of Uncertainty - Excerpt

Book Teaser(s) :
Win was almost halfway to the abbey, striding in fuming silence alongside his brother, when Freddie broke the quiet. “Is something wrong?”
Win glanced sidelong at him. “Do you mean aside from my itching to throttle Lady Radbourne?”
“You’re itching to throttle Lady Radbourne?”
Win gestured with an emphatic jab of one hand in the direction of the dower house. “Well, wouldn’t you be angry if you were in my place?”
“I can’t say.” Freddie deliberated a moment, his forehead wrinkling. “What is it you’re angry about?”
“What is it I’m angry...?” Win sometimes had trouble believing Freddie inhabited the same world he did. “Didn’t you hear what Lady Radbourne said? She accused me of trying to poison her.”
Freddie’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “I thought she said she wasn’t accusing you.”
“Yes,” Win replied hotly, “and she also said I’m new to the neighborhood, I have the most to gain if any harm should come to her baby, and it’s only natural for my presence here to arouse suspicion.”
Freddie tilted his head to one side. “Isn’t all of that true?”
“What?” Win let out his breath in an angry huff. “Well...strictly speaking it may be accurate, but it’s not as if I go about menacing females. I’m not some cursed Bluebeard.”
“But you just said you were itching to throttle Lady Radbourne.”
Win rounded on his brother in exasperation. “For the love of God, Freddie, do you imagine I would really do such a thing? That was a figure of speech.”
“I did suspect you didn’t intend to follow through,” Freddie said, unfazed. “After all, you had an excellent opportunity to throttle her at the dower house just now, and you didn’t take it. You often say things you don’t mean. But then, you’re my brother, so I have a fair measure of confidence you’re no murderer.”
A fair measure. “Thank you. ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Alyssa, then please check out her website.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Tour - Feasted On: Unraveled by Jen Frederick | Review

Today I'm turning my blog over to Jen Frederick, with a review of her latest novel "Unraveled," which is the 3rd book in The Woodlands Series!! [Blog Tour will run from February 26 - March 16, 2013]

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 274; Kindle Edition - File Size: 4357 KB | Release Date: January 20, 2014 | Publisher: Pear Tree LLC | Obtained: Blog Tour

"Unraveled" [The Woodlands Series, Book 3] by Jen Frederick

Author's Book Description : Twenty-five-year-old Sgt. Gray Phillips is at a crossroads in his life: stay in the Marine Corps or get out and learn to be a civilian? He’s got forty-five days of leave to make up his mind but the people in his life aren’t making the decision any easier. His dad wants him to get out; his grandfather wants him to stay in. And his growing feelings for Sam Anderson are wreaking havoc with his heart…and his mind. He believes relationships get ruined when a Marine goes on deployment. So now he’s got an even harder decision to make: take a chance on Sam or leave love behind and give his all to the Marines.

Twenty-two year old Samantha Anderson lost her husband to an IED in Afghanistan just two months after their vows. Two years later, Sam is full of regrets—that she didn’t move with her husband to Alaska; that she allowed her friends to drift away; that she hasn’t taken many chances in life. Now, she’s met Gray and taking a risk on this Marine could be her one opportunity to feel alive and in love again. But how can she risk her heart on another military man who could share the same tragic fate as her husband?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! This is a sweetly erotic love story about fighting personal demons and grief while opening up your heart to something more/someone else.

When Gray falls into Sam's life it's suppose to be temporary. He's only visiting his friends. She's still getting over the loss of her best friend and husband. He's trying to decide if he wants to reenlist in the Marines or not. She's planning on using Gray as her "rebound guy" and while he has no problem with that, as he hasn't had a serious relationship ever since his ex hurt him badly, because he doesn't plan on doing more then relax, have fun, and decide on what his future involves. However, neither ever imagined finding in each other the one person who would understand them and make them feel complete.

When it came to the big twist in this novel, one I never saw coming, just made me want to scream, "MEN ARE IDIOTS!" I mean WOW. I am happy with how the twist played out because if Gray actually agreed to it then I would have given this novel an even lower rating (and it's because of this twist that it's not getting 5 stars). I understand why Ms. Frederick put it in here but it made me not like Gray for a bit and for that I just couldn't get over. Nevertheless, I liked how Gray redeems himself and because of the twist, how Sam finally wraps up her grief about her husband and moves on with her life. However, if given the chance I would kill that douche bag Drake. =0)

Overall, I would recommend this novel and series to anyone who likes contemporary romances with alpha male type heroes!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : Unraveled - Overview | Unraveled - Chapter One | Unraveled - Chapter Two

Author's Series Extras : The Woodlands Series - Overview | Undeclared - Overview | Snow Kissed - Overview | Unspoken - Overview | Charlotte Chronicles - Overview & Chapters

Book Teaser(s) :
"I'm not going to hook you up with any of my friends if you’re dating someone!" she said disgustedly.
"I'm not seeing anyone," I assured her. "I'm just not into the bar hook up."
"Why's that?" This was a question from Adam, the one who'd popped the champagne cork. He had more tattoos than some of the guys I served with. I guess it went with his rock band lifestyle.
"Safety," I said.
"Too many chances of putting the stick in crazy?" another roommate asked. It was Finn this time, the guy who actually owned this house.
"No way. Crazy is awesome. Crazy in the head; crazy in the bed," Adam said.
I shook my head. "No. Disease. Pregnancy scares."
"Suit up, man." Adam tipped his head back and drained his beer. I waited until he was done to impart some much-needed sense. It was the same tip I gave to the new recruits.
"You can still get herpes on your ball sack."
Adam looked down at his lap and so did nearly every guy within listening distance. One by one, they all got up and left. Presumably to go look at their nuts. Bo gave me a nudge and high-fived me. Civilians, Marines—they were all the same in some ways.
Grace came wandering out and sat down next to us. "Where is everyone?"
"Checking out their balls," AnnMarie said. Her dry delivery made Bo and me crack up again while Noah looked on with a smirk. ~ within Chapter 1
"You aren't supposed to have feelings for the rebound guy, right?" I asked Eve the next morning.
"Right!" she exclaimed. "Tell me you aren't falling for soldier boy."
I didn't say anything.
"Are you there?" Eve asked.
"You told me not to tell you anything."
"Dammit, Sam." ~ within Chapter 12
“I should stab you with one of my needles.” ~ within EPILOGUE
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Jen, then please check out her website.

About the Author :

Bestselling author Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She's been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at jensfrederick@gmail.com.

Book Excerpt :

THIS WAS ONLY TEMPORARY, I reminded myself, as Samantha so sweetly kissed me back. I'm only here for a short time I reminded myself but as I felt her tongue stroke the side of my tongue, as she nipped her teeth against my lip, I wanted to just drown in the sensation. Her scent filled my head and the air around us shrank until all I knew was her small body sitting so close to mine. I moved my hand from her shoulder to cup her neck and angled her face for deeper penetration. I licked every inch inside of her mouth until the taste of her was all that I knew on my tongue.

And all that time I stared in to her green eyes and not once did she look like she was anywhere but right here with me. I saw my reflection there. Her heartbeat was made wild by my kisses.

And temporary was the farthest thing from my mind.

Find Jen Frederick :

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Made the Grade: Jersey Boys Series, Book 2

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 224; Kindle Edition - File Size: 351 KB | Release Date: April 1, 2014 | Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition | Obtained: NetGalley

"More Than She Expected" [Jersey Boys Series, Book 2] by Karen Templeton

Author's Book Description : Laurel Kent has learned the hard way that the only person she can trust – aside from her slightly crazy grandmother – is herself. So when Tyler Noble, her too-cute-for-his-own-good next door neighbor, starts hovering like a sheepdog when he finds out she’s pregnant, she doesn’t dare let herself get used to the attention. Especially since Tyler’s made it more than clear he is so not a family man. And Laurel would rather raise her son by herself than in something fake, like her parents had...even if she does see all the good in Tyler he doesn’t yet see himself...

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars! A woman who has been unlucky in love finds herself in a tough situation yet plans to make it on her own by any means necessary, that is until her neighbor brings her into his life and family offering her support, friendship, and a little something more. Yet, will she be willing to take what he's offering no matter the circumstances?

Laurel & Ty turn out to be great friends, who just happen to fall in love. I really enjoyed the plot and how these two get to know each other. I especially liked that Ty took it upon himself to fix some of the things in Laurel's life that she didn't know how to or didn't know how to ask for. They made quite a pair.

Yet, when it came to their personal issues, I thought they could have fessed up about their feelings a bit sooner. If they did open up sooner it would have made the story flow better, I think. Since I really enjoyed how everything was going until Laurel gives birth to her son (Jonny), because not long after Ty & her have a falling out that I feel was unnecessary and basically throws off the rest of the novel. Therefore, even though I liked how this novel ends I had a hard time liking the characters by then. Good thing they redeem themselves...

Overall, I recommend this novel to anyone who is fans of the series (as it keeps you updated with the characters from book 1), fans of Ms. Templeton, and/or those who enjoy contemporary romances!

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

Author's Novel Extras : MORE THAN SHE EXPECTED - Overview & Excerpt

Author's Series Extras : THE REAL MR. RIGHT - Overview & Excerpt

Book Teaser(s) :
"You don't date? Go out?" She gave him another look, her mouth twitching at the corners. "Hey. You're the one who said there's no line. So I'm curious why you're always home. Since you seem really nice," he pushed on. Because he was an idiot, for one thing, and it wasn't like he ever intended to make a move on the woman, for another. "And you're okay looking---"
She laughed again. "So much for thinking you were one of those charmer types."
"And you've got a really nice laugh---"
"Dude. Awesome last-minute save."
"Not to mention a pretty decent sense of humor."
"Why, thank you."
"You're welcome." He paused. "You think I'm a charmer?"
"I've seen you with your lady friends. From time to time. So, yeah. You definitely know how to work it."
"You've been spying on me?"
"Says the man who wonders why I'm always home."
"Touché." ~ within Chapter 2
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Karen, then please check out her website.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Disappointmentville: His Ring Is Not Enough by Maisey Yates

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 304 KB | Release Date: September 1, 2013 | Publisher: Harlequin Presents | Obtained: Amazon.com | Originally Found Out About @ Maisey Yates' Facebook Page

"His Ring Is Not Enough" by Maisey Yates

Author's Book Description : After “I do...”

Ajax Kouros had a plan. Being jilted at the altar? Not part of it—especially when facing a thousand guests and one hundred reporters. His company’s future depends on marrying a Holt, and when his bride’s sister steps up to the…altar, can he say no?

Leah Holt grew up watching her beautiful socialite sister hang on Ajax’s arm. Now she has the chance to stand in the spotlight and save her family’s fortune. But saying “I do” is only the beginning, and Leah soon realizes that the man she married is far more complex and distracting than the boy of her childhood fantasies....

My Book Review : 2 out of 5 stars, this novel is about a lost soul getting married to his fiancĂ©e’s sister because of a snafu that happens right before the wedding and them coming to terms with their new life together...

I was optimistic for this novel because I liked the previous novels I've read by Ms. Yates. Therefore, I was disappointed to find that I had a hard time enjoying this novel because I didn't feel there was a good connection between Ajax & Leah. I mean, yes, if you follow through with this novel you'll see how there relationship grows, while coming to terms with Ajax's past life. Yet, their relationship always felt one-sided right up until the last chapter (and epilogue), which was hard for me to enjoy.

Even though I didn't enjoy it, as I'd have liked, I did think the storyline was well thought out and unique. I recommend it for those who are fans of Ms. Yates and/or like contemporary romances!

Purchase This Book Here :

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Author's Novel Extras : His Ring Is Not Enough - Overview & Excerpt | Year in Review, Next Year in Preview

Book Teaser(s) :
“Sorry, did you need something?”
“I forgot to mention that there is a charity event tonight Rachel and I planned on attending. Given the circumstances surrounding our marriage I’m certain the media will be there, and they will be waiting for the story.”
“You mean... we have to go to this?”
“Yes. If we miss it... if we miss it we’re inviting speculation. I will not give that to the public. I’ll not give it to Christofides.”
She put her hand on her forehead. “Oh, jeez.”
“Yes. Have you got a gown?”
“I have several. It’s a bad habit of mine, buying dresses that I don’t really have any reason to wear. Don’t judge. Everyone needs a hobby.”
“Well, in this case it seems it’s served us both well.”
“I suppose.”
He looked at her, and more specifically, at the way she wasn’t looking at him. Not really. Not the way she usually did. Usually when he looked at her, he saw the girl with sparkling eyes.
She looked different now. No glitter. Her face a bit more drawn, sculpted. And she seemed tired. He’d never seen her looking tired before. Leah was a woman of endless energy, at least she’d always seemed so to him. A constant sugar high that never seemed to end.
But it had ended sometime. She was so much harder now, but he hadn’t seen it till the past twenty-four hours.
“You will need to be ready by six.”
“Okay,” she said, not looking back up at him.
“And you will need to not look like you’re contemplating putting my head on a pike.”
“No guarantees, darling,” she said, her words carrying a razor-sharp edge.
“We’re supposed to be newlyweds.”
“We are newlyweds. Marriage is hard. First twelve hours is the hardest.” ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Maisey, then please check out her website.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Disappointmentville: Feeling the Heat Series, Book 3

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Kindle Edition - File Size: 852 KB; Audiobook - Unabridged | Release Date: February 10, 2014 | Publisher: Carina Press | Obtained: NetGalley

"Catching Heat" [Feeling the Heat Series, Book 3] by Alison Packard

Author's Book Description : Feeling the Heat #3 – Life has taught Angie DeMarco that all baseball players are womanizers, and her incredible one-night stand with sexy San Francisco Blaze back-up catcher J.T. Sawyer seemed to prove it. Determined not to give in to their sizzling chemistry a second time, she’s kept her distance ever since, focusing on her accounting job with the team. But now she’s laid off…and pregnant.

J.T. was hurt by Angie’s rejection, but with one more year with the Blaze, he has no time for love. He needs to spend the off season training hard so he can negotiate a better contract with a new team at the end of the year. But when Angie shows up on his doorstep, he‘s overwhelmed by wanting to not just do right by her but pursue a relationship with her. Hoping for a second chance, he proposes.

Angie agrees to marry J.T. on one condition: the marriage will be purely a business arrangement. But as Angie spends time with him and his family, and J.T. neglects his training to spend time with her, what begins as a union in name only slowly grows into something more—something that looks a whole lot like love and friendship.

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. Does love at first sight really happen? J. T. (James Taylor) & Angela (Angie) are going to prove the theory that it can happen, even if they don't originally believe in it.

Together this duo tries to come to terms with the curve ball they've been given and goes about dealing with it pretty badly. Angie has major issues with ballplayers, because of her father, and seems determined to take them out on J. T. Thankfully, after a while of them getting to know each other Angie's views/feelings change and she tries to make things work out between them.

Nevertheless, I felt that this novel dragged a lot. It especially dragged, for me, when it came to about the 50% mark (according to me kindle) and even though Angie finally agreed that J. T. is nothing like her dreadful father she still tries to not let things progress between them. Basically, it made me want to smack her and stop reading. Yet I force my way through and I'm glad I did, as I was intrigued with how Ms. Packard wrapped everything up between them.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this novel unless you're a fan of Ms. Packard and/or her series.

- On a side note -
• I really hated Angie's mother (Selena), it seems like she's an evil bitch. Even though she has her reasons to be that way.
• I'm also not that big of fan of J. T.'s older brother, Justin, even though he redeems himself at the end of the novel. It makes me curious as to what he'll decide to do about his career.

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

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Book Teaser(s) :
Matt squinted. “Is that flop sweat on your forehead?”
J.T. wiped his brow and found it dry. He scowled as Jake laughed and Matt shot him an amused grin. “Do you have the rings?” he asked Jake.
Jake’s eyes widened. “Rings?”
“I gave them to you the night you came over for dinner,” he said as Jake furiously patted his jacket pockets. “Please do not tell me you forgot them.”
“I don’t think he has them,” Matt chimed in as Jake looked up with a stricken expression on his face.
“Son of a bitch.” J.T. kept his voice low and ran a hand through his hair. This was not the way to start off his marriage. “You’re the best man. That means you’re in charge of the rings.”
“See. This is why I should have been the best man.” Matt smirked. “I’d never forget the rings.”
“I had them this morning.” Jake stuck a hand in his pants pocket, then grinned. “Here they are,” he said and triumphantly held up the dark blue felt bag that held the simple white gold bands J.T. and Angie had picked out the day they’d applied for their marriage license.
Over Matt’s shoulder, J.T. saw his mother enter the room with the minister following close behind her. “It’s time,” he said as his heart began to pound.
“Are you sure about this?” Matt asked in a low voice.
No. I’m not sure of anything right now, J.T. wanted to say. But instead he looked at Matt, swallowed hard and nodded.
Matt clapped J.T.’s back with a firm hand. “Then relax, man. After winning the World Series, getting married is a breeze.”
Easy for him to say ~ within Chapter 10
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Alison, then please check out her website.

A Must Read For All Bloggers

A must read for all bloggers who post pictures on their blog. You can get sued. Read what happened to one author. It’s not pretty.

You CAN Get Sued For Using Pictures on Your Blog by Roni Loren

Monday, March 3, 2014

Blog Tour - Feasted On: Princess Ever After by Rachel Hauck | Review & $200 “Princess” Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Rachel Hauck, with a review of "Princess Ever After!!"

ALSO -- Be sure to sign up for this tour's GIVEAWAYs (listed below)!! [Blog Tour will run from February 13 - March 6, 2014 | Giveaway ends on March 6, 2014 | Rachel's "Princess" Author Chat Party on Facebook is on March 6, 2014]

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Amazon.com: Paperback - Pages: 353; Kindle Edition - File Size: 1148 KB; Audiobook - Unabridged | Expected Release Date: February 4, 2014 | Publisher: Zondervan | Obtained: Litfuse Publicity Group

"Princess Ever After" [The Royal Wedding Series, Book 2] by Rachel Hauck

Author's Book Description : Regina Beswick never dreamed of faraway places. She’s happy with her life as a classic car mechanic and owner of a restoration shop.

But an unexpected visitor and the discovery of a fairytale, drawn by her great-grandma, causes Regina to wonder if she might be destined for something more.

Tanner Burkhardt, Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg, must convince the strong-willed Southerner, Miss Beswick, that she is his country’s long-lost princess. Failure could destroy his reputation and change his nation forever.

As Regina and Tanner face the challenges before them, neither are prepared for love to invade their hearts and change every thing they believe about themselves.

However, when a royal opponent nearly destroys Regina’s future, she must lean into God and trust He has sovereignly brought her to her true and final destiny.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Regina (Reggie) thought she had it all and was on the life path/career path that she was supposed to be on, that is until dashing Tanner comes into her life throwing her a curve ball that she is a princess. Now she needs to visit her great grandmothers home country in hopes of learning about this place that her Gram had to run away from and see if she can turn it around for the better. That is, if she finally decides to commit to being the Princess that everyone expects her to be....

Together, Reggie and Tanner make a great team! Tanner deals with Reggie's hesitation about her "new life" very calmly and helps guide her through all the new rough patches with ease. Plus, because of Reggie's determination, once she agrees to fulfill this part of her new path she really steps up to the plate! Add the fact that their attraction to each other is immediate and ignites very quickly into love, this is one story that wraps you up in it's fairytale and doesn't let go!

In addition, I also liked how Tanner's "big secret" was played out. It makes you like him as a character even more. Especially with the way, it's revealed to the reader and then how it's handled afterwards. Yet, it did make me really dislike his ex. =0/

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who likes Christian romantic fairytales!! =0)

Purchase This Book and/or The Other Books From It's Series Here :

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Author's Series Extras : Pinterest: Once Upon a Prince | Pinterest: A March Bride | Once Upon a Prince - Overview | Once Upon a Prince - Discussion Guide | Once Upon a Prince - Sample Chapter | A March Bride - Overview | Diary of a Writer: New Season! | ACK! How many days since my last post... | Diary of a Writer: Deadline | Once Upon A Prince! | The Next Big Thing Blog Hop | Diary of a Writer: Break Off Disappointment! You Are Appointed. | Diary of a Writer: Whine, Whine, And Oh, By The Way, Here’s A Starred Review | Lori Twichell of Radiant Lit | Once Upon A Prince Release Day! | You’re Invited To My Book Launch Party! Y’all Come!

Author Book/Series Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
But the last boyfriend? A narcissistic zombie. Truly. ~ within Chapter 4
Reggie loved Mondays. They were like mini New Years four times a month. A chance for a fresh start, a do-over from last week's failures. Or even success. Monday was the day to renew personal pledges, reset goals, and charge at them wholeheartedly. ~ within Chapter 10
"Open the door." Tanner bent over the door, looking for the lock button.
Reggie inched the car forward. She'd waited too long to get out of here. "Tanner, back up, because I'm going."
"Open the door, you insane girl."
"Insane girl! Is that how you speak to your princess?" She powered forward, scattering the last lingering, daredevil photographers.
"Yes, when she acts like she's lost her last marble." Panic infused his words. "Open the door, Regina."
"I need to think." She gunned the car forward, laying on the horn again. A photographer with a death wish had stepped in front of her. "Maybe I have lost my last marble."
"I'm coming with you. We can search for the lost marble together." ~ within Chapter 16
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Rachel, then please check out her website.

About the Author :

Rachel Hauck is an award-winning, best selling author of critically acclaimed novels such as RITA nominated "The Wedding Dress" and RITA nominated "Love Starts with Elle," part of the Lowcountry series, the Nashvegas series and the Songbird Novels penned with multi-platinum recording artist, Sara Evans. Their novel "Softly and Tenderly," was one of Booklists 2011 Top Ten Inspirationals.

A graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism, she worked in the corporate software world before planting her backside in an uncomfortable chair to write full time in 2004.

Rachel serves on the Executive Board for American Christian Fiction Writers and leads worship at their annual conference. She is a mentor and book therapist at My Book Therapy, and conference speaker.

Rachel writes from her two-story tower in an exceedingly more comfy chair. She is a huge Buckeyes football fan.

Giveaways!! :

Don't miss Rachel Hauck is celebrating the release of her latest "swoon"-worthy romance, "Princess Ever After," with a fun $200 "Princess" prize package giveaway and a Facebook "Princess" party on March 6th. Grab your tiaras and RSVP today!


One winner will receive :

  • A $200 Visa cash card (buy your very own "princess ever after" gown or tanks of gas for your "royal" ride)
  • Copies of "Princess Ever After," "Once Upon a Prince," and "The Wedding Dress" by Rachel Hauck

To Enter : Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on March 6th. Winner will be announced at the Rachel's "Princess" Facebook Party on March 6th. Connect with Rachel for an evening of "royal" book chat, princess-themed trivia, laughter, prizes, and an exclusive look at the next book in the Royal Wedding series!

So grab your copy of "Princess Ever After" and join Rachel and friends on the evening of March 6th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book, don't let that stop you from coming!)

Enter via Facebook Enter via Email

Don't miss a moment of the fun; RSVP TODAY. Tell your friends via FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 6th!

ALSO -- Be sure to check out Litfuse's other Blog Tour Reviews for this novel!!

Find Rachel Hauck :
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