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Thursday, April 1, 2010

This paranoia is distressing. But I spend most of my night guessing. Are we not, are we together? Will this make our lives much better?

Pages: 443 | Release Date: September 2007

"Divine By Blood" [Divine Series, Book 3] by P. C. Cast -- Morrigan’s life has been riddled with things around her that if she told her friends that might just think she was crazy; like the fact that she hears whimpers in the wind or how she is able to create a small spark in her hands. Since both her parents are dead, her grandparents, who have always believed in her and her uniqueness, raised her.

The day her friends and her decide to hangout together at the Oklahoma Alabaster Caves before they head off to college, Morrigan’s life abruptly changes. She realizes that she is more comfortable inside the caves then outside, when touching the rock wall or any of the stones she knows that they talk to her, and if she leaves her hands on them for a while she can even make the stones/wall glow! Once she goes home to her grandparents to explain what happened within the caves, they choose to finally tell her everything about her parents and who she really is (her mother is really a priestess from another world, who also made a lot of bad mistakes). Which leads to an argument between them and when Morrigan leaves the house, she finds herself drawn back to the caves. Once there again, she taps more into her new-found power, a cave-in happens, and suddenly she discovers she’s being sucked into the stone and ultimately the other world / her mother’s world.

Once there Morrigan tries to learn of the place around her and fit in, but that can be hard to do when she really has never seemed to fit in anywhere. Then there is the slight problem of her looking exactly like on of the High Priestess’s daughter who recently died. Or the fact that the whispers are growing stronger and if she listens to them it could be the destruction of those she loves around her, along with everything else.

3.5 out of 5 stars. It could be because this is the first book out of this series that I’ve read, even though Ms. Cast has stated that she’s made each novel from this series able to stand alone if need-be, but if I hadn’t liked the House of Night series so much I would have probably stopped this book without finishing it. I say that since the book is divided into parts and the prologue and the first part/section I had to force myself through it was so slow. But thankfully, the middle section I loved!! The ending made me cry but I like how it all got wrapped up, yet it was so good I now want more about the main characters (i.e. Morrigan & Kegan) – but since it was the last in this series it seems unlikely that I’ll get that wish.

For more information on this book, series, and/or any of P. C.'s other books, then please check out her website.

** Title is from the song Pumpkin Soup by Kate Nash **

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