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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest Post :: Beautiful Inspiring Book Cover Art

Beautiful Inspiring Book Cover Art

This guest post was contributed by Love Reading

"American Nerd: The Story Of My People" by Benjamin Nugent
This book explores the word “nerd”, what it means, who it pertains to, where and how it began and where and what it means now. The cover has the words “American Nerd” and many items in picture frames that belong to nerds. It frames the “nerd” items like proud art and signifies that being a nerd is now a proud thing.

"Can They Do That?" by Lewis Maltby
This book is on how the average American workplace is run so that its workers actually have little to no rights. It is made to seem as if the workers have their own set of rights but through privacy invasion and other methods those rights are broken. This ties in well with the cover because it shows a man sliding along a wall avoiding a video camera.

"Clown Girl" by Monica Drake
This book is about a girl who lives in a town where meaningless things are weighed as currency. To get ahead in life she does some questionable things that almost leads to prostitution. These ties in with the cover because it has clown girl written across the front with a rubber chicken with its legs crossed behind the words. This links with the story because rubber chickens were one of the representations of currency in the book.

"Day In Day Out" by Terezia Mora
This story is about a man who was forced to leave his Balkan home over ten years ago and has mental issues. His disease has him living many different lives on a day to day basis. The cover of the book shows the bottom half of a man wearing a trench coat and walking down a path. This ties into the storyline because his signature look is a long trench coat, and the mental journeys and adventures he goes through.

"Death In The Andes" by Mario Vargas Llosa
This story deals with three missing men and how deputies from the Peruvian Army are assigned to investigate it. The title of the book ties into the story because it shows a swirl of leaves blowing in the wind. The deputies would tell stories of their past to make time go by and as they did the leaves would swirl around their heads signifying time passing by.

"The Error World" by Simon Garfield
This book is about a man who is obsessed with stamps that are misprints but worth lots of money. This later leads him to find out that this obsession stems from trust issues and a chaotic childhood. The cover shows a bridge that made up completely of misprinted stamps. The bridge signifies him finally piecing together his obsession with his real issues.

"Shutter Island" by Dennis Lehane
This book goes into the mind of a detective named Teddy Daniels, who investigates missing patients at Ashecliffe Hospital. All of his island investigations lead him to have to make a choice to believe that the island staff is out to get him to cover up murders or to believe that he is actually a mental patient at the hospital. The cover is great because it has a picture of shutter island and captures the dreary essence of it and above it is a picture of a confused detective Teddy Daniels in deep thought.

"Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold
This book is written from the point of a little girl who is lead astray by a misleading neighbour and is killed. It deals with how her holding on has a grieving effect on her family, and how she has to make a choice of whether to move on or not. The cover is a beautiful baby blue with a picture of her bracelet which the murderer saves as a keepsake and almost links him to her murder.

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